Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

Some people are born to seek danger, and some of them ride dirt bikes. 

Dirt bikes, which are often compared to and is sometimes considered to be a type of a motorcycle, operates on a different level. Instead of flat surfaces, it is meant to tackle the rough terrains… rocks, mud, what have you. The rugged tires, the high jumps, the grips, are all part of the fun. It is definitely meant to get the adrenaline pumping. But is it for everyone? No, it is not.

Since you’re here, we are going to assume that you want to be in on the fun.

a photo of dirt bikes

Thrill seekers who get their fix through the bike have been a thing since the last century, and earlier than what you probably think. Although initially made for transportation, it became a tool to be used for seeking fun and enjoying the great outdoors.

As such, the technology has gone a long way, and has now become more accessible for more people. And we here at All Biking Stuff are more than happy to share the knowledge and the joy of riding with you.

Are you built to ride the dirt bike? The first part of knowing is the research, and we have everything on here to get you started. We’ll guide you through how to choose the best mini dirt bike for your money (and even for your kid!), bikes available for under $100 that would not have you end up with regret, and some know-how if you’re starting off fresh.

man driving a dirt bike

Need some convincing? There are many benefits to your health, although that might not be obvious from the get-go… and we will justify buying a dirt bike for you even if fitness is not your primary focus. 

We’ll even brief you on how it differs from other wheeled motor vehicles, like trikes or quads. And then there are those aimed for more advanced riders, like reviews on branded dirt bikes and other accessories. Are you for motocross, recreational use or trail bikes?

We have all that covered all on here, so feel welcome to absorb everything on this page.