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What did Rippin-kitten do?

At the start, I was hesitant to become a “blogger” because there are so many blogs to choose from out there. But in the process, I discovered that it’s something I quite like to do. I was not a paid blogger, so if I mention products in my entries that’s because I actually used them. I was more than happy to review products if samples are sent to me (for example Kawasaki gave me the opportunity to test ride and review a 2007 Vulcan Custom in the summer of 2007, which I did happily!).

While I try to post as often as possible, sometimes I just can’t help jumping on my bike and hitting the road. After all, isn’t that why we’re here? I enjoy traveling and taking pictures, going to rallies, and meeting all kinds of people.

What does The Allbikingstuff do?

Allbikingstuff is the best source for bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, mobility, mopeds, tricycles, segways, and more. This is perfect for bike fans to help you decide which bike to buy or scooter to buy, helping you with their expert eyes. We are obsessive about testing a vehicle and reviewing all its features. We only recommend what they believe is a good product to buy, and if a product is not something we would buy ourselves, we would not hesitate to disapprove it and report it to you.

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