12 Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers for AWESOME Ride Music in 2022

Pick out the Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers that Music-Lovers will ENJOY while riding their motorcycles. Get the BEST deal when you buy this model: the...

Do you need a way to communicate with people while wearing a motorcycle helmet? One of the most convenient options is Bluetooth helmet speakers. This can be used for a wireless intercom system that allows you to listen and talk to people while riding your on/off-road motorcycle.

The biggest benefit of these speakers is they offer wireless technology so you won’t have to worry about a bird’s nest of wires, for example. When cycling wires are the last thing, you’ll want to deal with. You can also get excellent audio quality when using Bluetooth speakers so any audio input you receive will be loud and clear. Yet another plus of these helmet speakers is you won’t have to spend lots of time installing them, which can be a hassle.

When selecting wireless helmet speakers, there are several issues to consider. In terms of style, you can pick free-standing and attached helmet speakers. You should pick free-standing units if you want to use the speakers for non-helmet applications. Then you have several features to consider like the speakers’ size, sound quality, and price.

Think about your wants and needs so you can select the best model of Bluetooth helmet speakers.


Our #12 Top Picks for Bluetooth Helmet Speakers


The Sena SMH5D-01 includes a 2-way intercom so you can stay connected to a riding companion for communicating /music-sharing. This will make your road trips more interactive and enjoyable.

It also contains a Jog Dial/big button that provides an intuitive user interface (UI) that’s also easy to control while riding. Pressing one button makes it easy to cycle through the device’s functions. This Jog Dial provides more convenience and makes your riding safer. You have to deal with a complex set of buttons and knobs while on the road, which is critical.

The system’s headset and microphone include Advanced Noise Control tech to reduce background noise for incoming/outgoing audio. This allows you to focus on communicating with your riding partner. The Universal Intercom protocol offers intercom compatibility across brands. This allows you to communicate with your riding companion even if they don’t own Sena equipment.

Bluetooth 3.0 tech provides the ability to make calls hands-free and participate in 1:1 intercom conversations up to 400m away. You’ll also get other features like listening/sharing music, GPS directions, etc. Bluetooth music playback includes functions like play/pause/track forward/back. You can also adjust each audio source’s volume level.

The battery life is 8 hrs. on a full charge. This is generally enough juice for a full day of riding. SMH5 offers a super-clear sound that boosts automatically in loud environments.

Meanwhile, Advanced Noise Control tech cuts background noise for incoming/outgoing audio. Voice prompts are in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. This lets you easily navigate around the Bluetooth device in some of the world’s most popular languages.

  • Pre-synced intercoms.
  • Mics are easy to position.
  • The sound is loud/clear.
  • Very easy installation.
  • Easy to send a text message via Siri.
  • Good for long-term riding trips.
  • Volume could be improved.
  • The earphones aren’t loud enough.
  • The sound quality is not outstanding.


The SMH5D-01 is a good option for road trips and functions well with iPhones and Siri voice commands. The speakers stick to nearly any fabric inside the helmet. The Intercoms work and sound good, and the mics are very easy to position.


This unit wireless delivers Hi-Fi sounds into a motorcycle helmet via the 40mm drivers and built-in mic. Chips include a minimal/durable design that can fit into nearly any helmet that’s compatible with audio drop-ins. It’s water/sweat-resistant and works at -4-degrees F/-20-degrees C. The system is also dustproof and shockproof, which provides extra protection.

There’s an in-house 2-button control system so you can play/pause music, change tracks, tweak the volume, and answer calls from outside the helmet. You can do all of these tasks without removing your motorcycle gloves. Since this is a wireless system, you won’t have to deal with a bird’s nest of wires inside your jacket. That can be a hassle when riding since there’s lots of other gear to deal with.

Due to switchable output, the system can also charge nearly any gadget that’s USB-compatible like tablets. It’s also light/compact yet durable, so it’s very easy to travel with Chips. The system’s lithium-ion battery is rechargeable for a maximum of 10 hrs. of playtime as well as 280 hrs. of standby.

Chips is also budget-friendly and the system’s original version. This gives you the ability to save some money vs. version 2.0 that’s also available on Amazon. Chips are bundled with a backup audio line-in cable, USB charging cable, and carry pouch. You also get an instruction manual to get you started. With the Bluetooth helmet speakers.

  • 2-button operation
  • Can be used while wearing gloves.
  • Phone function works well.
  • Turns off automatically to save power.
  • Might have humming sound in earphone.
  • The movement might affect Bluetooth.
  • Not very durable.


Chips is a good option if you’re looking for a basic intercom/music system for your helmet. You can also reply to texts via Siri and answer calls without removing your gloves. The unit also turns off automatically to save battery power.


The V6 BT has an intercom with a 1200m range. The Bluetooth interphone kids can be used for motorcycle/ATV/snowmobile helmets. You can pair rider-2-rider or rider-2-pillion. You can also pair 6 inter-phones at one time and switch to 2 of them since just 2 riders’ intercoms at one time.
The unit offers high waterproof levels. The plastic/rubber button offers better stability and improved waterproof performance. This makes the system 100% weather protected. The system also provides hands-free communication through an auto-receiving mobile call. This allows you to talk with people while driving safely. When you’re not riding a dirt bike, you can still use the system as a wireless music Headset and Bluetooth headset.

  • Bluetooth communication for a low price.
  • Music/phone makes riding more enjoyable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good audio quality.
  • The battery charge lasts all day.
  • Good audio quality.
  • Buttons take a while to learn.
  • Instructions are hard to understand.
  • Sound cuts in/out.


This is a budget-friendly Bluetooth intercom system that lets you take calls and listen to music. It provides good wind cancellation, so conversations are clear regardless of the speed the driver is moving at.


The motorcycle helmet head/intercom is designed for full-face helmets and those that cover the wearer’s ears. It allows you to talk with other riders or play music, but you can’t do both activities at the same time. The intercom system can be used for various applications. They include trips, riding, off-road, cruising, skiing, snowmobile, and climbing. This adds value since you can use the same system for several applications.

This Shenzhen headset/intercom system supports 6 motorcycle riders including one host and 5 auxiliaries. Only two people can talk at one time, and the host can choose to talk with any of the 5 auxiliaries. The unit is small yet powerful. You can link the system to your smartphone to play music, answer calls, or have audio navigation. The process makes interacting with other riders safe and easy. It is also a positive point when you’re trying to make your dirt bike legal for the streets, as it promotes safety on the road. The system works on all devices with Bluetooth compatibility.

Noise suppression tech offers top sound quality for incoming/outgoing sound. This makes your conversations clearer by reducing noise caused by traffic, wind, etc. The operating range of the system is 500m. The helmet communication system includes 8 hrs. talk time and 150 hrs. stand-by time on a full charge.

The product is covered by a one-year warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions about what it does and doesn’t cover.

  • Compatible with most modern helmets.
  • Good for trail riding.
  • The sound is clear.
  • Good customer service.
  • Charges very fast.
  • Might stop working soon.
  • Passenger to passenger hard to hear.
  • Plastic might break quickly.


The headset/intercom is very clear and can be installed in most helmets. After pairing the headphones, they are very clear and sound excellent


The 20S-01 offers Bluetooth 4.1 wireless communication with a universal intercom. This allows you to talk with people up to 1.2 miles (2km) away from you. You can communicate with up to 8 people in clear HD audio. The 20S uses the intercom protocol that’s universal. This allows you to use the system with Sena as well as non-Sena Bluetooth headphones on the market.

In fact, the user interface (UI) makes it easy to set up/pair the 20S easily due to the company’s motion sensor tech. You can pair Bluetooth devices by shaking the 20S. The Sena Smartphone app for iPhone and Android lets you do tasks like set Intercom groups, configure device settings, and access the quick-start guide. You can also pair the system with 2 mobile phones for hands-free calls.

Intuitive control offers hands-free voice commands. This allows you to use the best Bluetooth helmet speakers without fiddling with several buttons. The Handlebar Remote control offers more command/control flexibility although this is optional.

You can then focus on the task at hand, which is riding. This allows you to navigate through the intercom, phone, and music features. Audio Multitasking tech lets you listen to music, GPS, or FM radio while you’re having an intercom conversation. This feature is critical since many systems don’t allow you to communicate and listen to music at the same time.

You won’t have to worry about the different audio features interrupting the others since they’ll overlay. This provides a smooth listening experience. Sena’s Advanced Noise Control offers clear HD audio. This blocks ambient noise so you can clearly communicate with other riders around you.

  • No sound issues even at high speeds.
  • Easy to use different functions.
  • Easy to install in an open-face helmet.
  • Many features are out of the box.
  • Good design/quality.
  • Software update sometimes doesn’t help.
  • Not much better than the 10 series.
  • Not waterproof and might have issues in the rain


The unit is well-designed and includes several features. The box includes everything including speakers, microphone, mounting hardware, and USB cable/charger. The company provides hardware for various installation options.


The BT offers Bluetooth connectivity to cell phones at a range of up to 33 ft/10m, and a bike-to-bike intercom for up to 30 miles/500m. There’s also the Bluetooth music receiver/speaker to stream music from devices like cellphones via A2DP.

The Bluetooth system allows three riders to communicate together. Riders using the system can also get audio navigation messages from Bluetooth-enabled GPS. Excelvan BT offers several applications like mp3 and GPS. You can also use the system for any kind of motorcycle helmet, so the system is very flexible. That includes full/half/open-face helmets.

Since the system is wireless, it offers hands-free functionality that lets you drive your motorcycle safely. The button panel includes a stable/water-proof design for better performance. This allows you to use the intercom system in different weather conditions.

Noise suppression tech and DSP echo cancellation provide super-clear voice quality even if you’re riding at a high speed. The Excelvan BT offers a 1-year warranty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hassle-free returns are guaranteed by the company so you won’t have any issues returning a unit if you’re not 100% satisfied.

  • Good customer service.
  • Good for an open-face helmet.
  • Might break within weeks.
  • The sound isn’t as pro as other speakers of the same price range, according to customers’ opinions.
  • Issues with on/off switch.


If you can’t afford a high-end headset/intercom then this is a good option. It provides excellent value for the price


The Yideng BT-S2 offers Bluetooth 3.0 Full-Duplex Can communicate through Bluetooth intercom function w/ 2-3 other riders within 800 to 100m. Two riders can intercom at one time. The unit also supports wireless communication at high speeds. This is one of the features that reveal the unit is motorcycle-specific. The unit works with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

The BT-S2 offers powerful functionality. When you’re riding, you can talk with friends, listen to music, or dial/answer calls. You can also freely toggle between Bluetooth hands-free/wireless streaming music (A2DP). This will help to keep your rides more interesting and prevent boredom during long road trips.

Audio is clearer with DSP noise suppression/echo cancellation tech. This offers clear HD audio for conversations and music listening. Even if you’re wearing gloves, you can operate the push button easily.

You can pick among different features like:

  • Auto receive call
  • Redial last number
  • Play/Paul/forward/Backward tracks
  • Answer/reject an incoming call

The BT-S2 is water-proof, so you won’t have to worry about riding in rainy weather since you can operate the unit safely and effectively. The unit’s auxiliary audio-in connection through a 2.5mm jack supports incoming/outgoing audio. This allows you to listen to your favorite playlists while cruising down the road. You can also listen to News/Traffic reports, FM Radio, and GPS instructions.

In the box you’ll get:

  • Bluetooth headset
  • Stereo headphones/microphone
  • Travel Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Wrench
  • 2.5mm audio jack cable
  • Headset Clip
  • User Manual

This Yideng system is covered by a 1-year warranty. Make sure to read the terms & conditions, so you’ll know what it doesn’t and doesn’t cover.

  • The sound is loud/clear.
  • Battery lasts 7+ hours on a single charge.
  • The mic doesn’t pick upwind.
  • Good distance.
  • A good alternative to Sena systems
  • Doesn’t connect to Bluetooth devices besides phones.
  • Overall quality isn’t excellent.
  • Instructions are a little difficult to understand.


The value is good for the price range. That includes sound quality, distance, microphone, and battery. If you’re looking for budget intercom/speakers for motorcycle helmets, this is a good option.


The Cardo SRPT0102 is from the company that was founded in 2004. The unit offers game-changing group-riding with Dynamic Meshwork Communication (DMC) tech. This allows you to communicate with other riders without needing to maintain a position.

In fact, the DMC system connects groups ranging from 2 to 15 riders for a range up to 5 miles/8km. The self-adapting mesh network handles interruption better than traditional Bluetooth tech. The reason is it’s not based on a daisy-chain/linear group paring for intercom groups. The problem with this system is if one group member leaves or is out of range the group intercom collapses.

Each group member can join/leave/reconnect with the group in less than a second. The process is very convenient since doesn’t require pressing any buttons. The intuitive user interface (UI) offers ease of use. This makes it easier to make/receive mobile calls, listen to music, and get GPS navigation info.

Parallel Audio Streaming lets you do intercom conversations and listen to GPS/radio/music simultaneously. This is different from other systems that require you to toggle between different applications. The SRPT0102 is dustproof and waterproof so very durable. You also get boom/corded mic options, self-adjusting volume, and 13 hrs. of talk time.

The universal pairing lets you link the Cardo system with non-Cardo headsets, which offers more flexibility when riding in a group. Meanwhile, the Cardo Connect app provides easy setup and remote control.

  • Good noise-cancellation.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Works well with Android phones.
  • No weather-related issues.
  • User-friendly button controls.
  • Factory support isn’t very good.
  • The owner’s manual was not very helpful.
  • The app could be more intuitive.


The system has a sleek design, is easy to install, and has a good design. Speakers sound good and work well with Bluetooth GPS.


This BE Headwear unit includes BE-LINK System, DCV helmet Velcro mounts, and a micro USB charge cord. This is everything you’ll need to start using the Bluetooth headset with your motorcycle helmet.

The Universal Bluetooth Headset can be used for a wide range of helmets. That includes full-face, off-road, snowmobile, etc. The speaker lets you take/make calls, listen to music, etc. You can make hands-free calling with the G3 Tech Bluetooth 4.0 w/a built-in microphone. This frees up your hands so you can focus on riding. Another related feature is Voice Prompts, which provide a truly hands-free experience.

The system includes a slim/durable design and ultra-loud speakers w/ 30mm speaker drivers. These are some of the key features that add value to the unit. You get 9 hours of battery life on a single charge. This is typically enough for a full day of riding if you want to use the headset a full day. The unit is protected by a lifetime warranty. This protects the unit for as long as you own it, which is a more comprehensive warranty than what is usually offered.

  • Very loud headset.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Message when turning the headset on/off.
  • Good battery life.
  • The sound quality is very good.
  • Sometimes difficult to use the on/off button.
  • Sometimes the connection isn’t reliable.
  • Buttons are very small and hard to push.


The headphones produce good sound for the price range. They also work all day on a full charge and are loud enough that ambient noise doesn’t affect them. Installation of the headset to a helmet is also fast and easy.


FreedConn’s goal is to offer Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle riders. The company focuses on providing quality products and services to its customers. The products offer high-end safety/comfort and hands-free functionality for communication, GPS, and music.

The key feature of FreedConn’s products is group talk among riders for convenient communication with teammates. The TCOM-SC can be used for most helmets available today. The bundled clips can fit on a wide range of helmets. The design is durable, and the button panel is sun/water-proof. This makes it ideal for various weather conditions.

This FreedConn headset/intercom system features Bluetooth compatibility. They conclude hands-free operation, 2-3 rider pairing, 800m range, and LCD screen. Bluetooth 3.0 keeps the user connected to their phone for playing music, communicating, and GPS. The Hi=Fi speakers offer clear voice/music from devices like phones via Bluetooth A2DP. You can use the FM radio function to listen to the news, traffic info, and music.

After the system is connected wirelessly, the user can take actions like making hands-free calls or listening to GPS voice prompts. You can also listen to music via playback or FM Radio. The LCD screen shows a wide range of info, which makes the system’s operation more convenient. This makes driving more fun when combined with music and communication.

The system supports speeds up to 75 mph/120 km/hr and a maximum distance of 875 yards/800m for the 3 riders. Two riders can use the intercom at the same time for efficient/convenient communication.
Noise-suppression tech provides clear voice quality even at high speeds. You can also listen to music while answering a call or having an intercom conversation.

Other functions include last number dialing and auto-receiving calls. The rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of talk time for iPhone devices and up to 7 hours for Intercom.

  • FM radio is good for music lovers.
  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Battery life can last for the whole day.
  • Easy to answer incoming calls.
  • Very easy setup.
  • Starting a conversation takes a while.
  • Sometimes battery won’t hold a charge.
  • Audio quality could be improved with more bass power.


The overall value is good for the price range. The system is loaded with features like FM radio, phone calls, streaming music, and intercom. The unit is easy to set up, mounting is easy, and FM radio offers more flexibility.


The Lexin LX-B4FM offers hands-free communication during riding. You can use Apple’s Siri, and Samsung’s S Voice commands to make/receive calls, listen to FM radio or GPS directions through wireless Bluetooth 3.0 protocols.

This allows you to send and receive information effectively and safely. You can handle all these tasks hands-free so you can focus on operating the motorcycle. The LX-B4FM allows you to connect to Bluetooth-friendly phones, GPS devices, and music players. It’s all wireless so you also won’t have to deal with a bird’s nest of wires, which is certainly a plus over wired systems.

The universal pairing feature allows you to use most Bluetooth headsets/earphones on the market. This eliminates the need to ditch your existed headset since they’ll likely work with the Lexin headset/intercom
You can also use the intercom to communicate with a maximum of 4 riders and talk simultaneously within a 1600m range and a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

The intercom/headset includes interchangeable microphones that include a boom mic for open/flip-face helmets, or a button mic for full-face helmets. The big button is easy to feel. This makes it easier to find and operate so you can use the headset/intercom more effectively.

The lithium-ion battery includes 8 hrs. of talk time, 15 hrs. of music streaming, and 120 hrs. standby time. It uses A2DP Bluetooth for wireless music/GPS directions and an HFP profile for voice commands/phone calls.

The waterproof design lets you use the system in different weather conditions. You can also use the headset/intercom for most full-face, flip-face, and open-face helmets. Make sure to research whether or not this system works with your current helmet. The product is bundled with a bracket/spring clip. So you can easily mount the headset to different types of helmets. This adds more versatility since there’s less chance you’ll need to buy a new unit.

  • Good sound and aesthetics.
  • Many applications like cycling, snowboarding, etc.
  • Good remote control and volume.
  • Good value for the price range.
  • Effective helmet-2-helmet intercom.
  • Might have issues with music or GPS.
  • Might not connect to other headsets.
  • Doesn’t have a high durability


The overall value is good for the price range. That includes functionality and aesthetics. The quality of made/received calls is good vs. other units on the market. The range is also good for riders traveling in a group.


The Sena SMH10-10 is a Bluetooth headset/intercom for motorcycle helmets. It provides for long-range intercom and music-sharing for motorcyclists up to 980 yrs. (900m). The ability to make hands-free calls and focus on your driving.
There’s a Jog Dial user interface (UI) that makes it much easier to control the system while you’re riding. This allows you to cycle through the various functions easily like the volume control. The end result is you’ll have a safer ride, which is always a plus.

The music playback control includes:  

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Track Forward
  • TrackBack

The intercom protocol is universal and works with different intercom brands. This adds more versatility when using the Sena SMH10-10. You can use Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to listen to/share music, make calls w/ speed dialing, and join in the 4-way conversation via intercom. These are all features that will make your riding more fun and less tedious.
The SMH10-10’s Advanced Noise Control tech reduces background noise for incoming/outgoing audio. This allows you to exchange info when using the intercom/headset. The battery provides 12 hrs. of talk time and 10 days standby time on one charge. This allows you to use the unit all day if you’re on a cross-country trek, for example.
Built-in voice prompts are available in languages including English, Spanish, and French. This makes it easier to navigate around the device. The SMH10-10 is bundled with Boom Microphone and Helmet Clamp Kit. These items add value since they make it easier to install and operate the unit.

  • Clear sound.
  • Phone conversations/music are easy to hear at a high volume.
  • The blue blinking light on the helmet.
  • Excellent wireless connection.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Issues with mic installation.
  • Bad customer service.
  • Issues reported updating software.


The SMH10-10 offers several benefits. The sound is good even at high speeds and with high volumes. The system produces an eye-catching blue blinking light on the helmet. The unit uses a micro USB port to charge. The price point is also good for the value the headset/intercom provides.

Key Features of Bluetooth Helmet Speaker

How can you find the best Bluetooth helmet speakers? It’s a growing market so it can be tough to sort through all the brands, products, and features to choose wisely. While there is a wide range of features to take up here are some of the main ones:


That old saying “You get what you pay for” generally applies. If you buy a Bluetooth helmet speaker in the under-$20 price range, you shouldn’t expect a ton of bells & whistles. That said, it’s still important to think about the total value you’ll be getting. This is more important than the price point to make sure you’re getting more bang for your buck.

You should certainly set a budget. Make sure to stick to it since it’s just as important otherwise it sort of nullifies the whole concept of setting a budget, to begin with. Make sure to focus on how much you can afford to spend rather than how much you want to spend.

It’s also important to consider how a particular unit’s features will affect the price. What’s the maximum number of riders you’ll want in an intercom group? Do you want to multi-task by making phone calls and listening to music at the same time? Do you want the speakers to support Bluetooth 5.0?

These are some of the various factors that will affect the price point of the helmet speakers. You can also save money by shopping around, finding sales/discounts, and finding perks like free shipping through Amazon Prime. The bottom line is it’s better to focus on value rather than price. If you find Bluetooth speakers you want at a price you can afford, then it’s certainly a good situation to be in.

User Interface

This is always important when picking a Bluetooth system, but it’s especially critical when using a Bluetooth headset/intercom system. When you’re riding your bike, it’s critical to cycle through the options as easy as possible.

The best option is one that includes a system of voice commands. This provides a hands-free way to make calls, play songs, and chat with riders. You can even find some units that let you interact with Apple’s personal assistant Siri after linking the Bluetooth speaker to your phone or tablet.

The next best option is one-button controls. This is also a simple yet effective way to cycle through the different options like Play/Pause/Track Forward/TrackBack, and so on. This system is 100% easier than dealing with a  different button for each function, which isn’t practical when you’re riding.

An X-factor is the size of the button(s). One of the biggest complaints of some headset/intercom systems is the buttons are too small. When you’re cruising down a highway or country road, you won’t want to fiddle with small buttons.  


If you pick a system over basic headphones/speakers, then this will include an intercom system. It allows you to communicate with people in your riding group that can range from 2 to over a dozen. Usually, only two people at a time can talk over the intercom system although there are some exceptions based on the tech used.

Another important factor related to the intercom is the maximum range for communicating with others in the riding group. This is a key issue especially during road trips when it’s common for riding group members to get spaced out due to various factors like traffic patterns.


It’s highly advisable to look for a Bluetooth helmet speaker that includes a warranty. Sometimes you can find comprehensive lifetime warranties, but it’s quite rare. Even if you get a limited warranty, it will add value to your purchase.

Make sure to read the terms & conditions to find out what is and isn’t included by the warranty. Usually, a limited warranty covers defects due to materials or manufacturing although it really depends on the company’s offering.

Then check how long the warranty is valid until the date of purchase. The most common durations are 1 or 2 years although you can also find longer warranties. Again, make sure to find out not only how long the warranty is valid but also what it covers.

Bluetooth speakers also are sometimes covered by a satisfaction guarantee. This usually allows you to get a refund within 30/60/90 days of the purchase although sometimes you can only exchange the unit for a new one.

A money-back guarantee usually shows a company wants to provide top-notch customer service.


Sena and UCLEAR are among the best-known brands in the niche of Bluetooth helmet speakers. The formal Bluetooth specs were released about two decades ago in 1998, so it’s a relatively new technology. However, sales of wireless speakers including Bluetooth units have been spiking in recent years. This is due to various factors including improving tech and consumers not wanting to deal with a bird’s nest of wires.

Since Bluetooth speakers for helmets are less common than other Bluetooth speakers, it’s advisable to do some research about different brands you see at online retailers like Amazon. Make sure to research issues like the company’s history, social presence, customer reviews, etc. This will give you a general sense of whether the brand is one you should consider or avoid like the plague.  

You should definitely watch out for generic, off, and “fake” brands. If you buy speakers from these brands, you can save tons of money, but you’ll likely have to deal with other issues. That includes ones like product quality and customer service.

Saving some money on cheap helmet speakers isn’t really worth it if it means you could end up with a world of problems. For example, if the speakers break quickly, you might have problems returning the units or even contacting the manufacturer. The end result would be money down the drain.

Universal Gear

More specifically, does the particular system you’re considering have it? This is important because it could cause issues if others in your riding group own Bluetooth speaker gear that’s incompatible with yours. Make sure to consider options like Sena since they use a universal intercom protocol. While you technically could ask people in your riding group to buy new intercom gear for your next road trip they might not be too keen to do that. It’s better to go with a universal protocol.

Digital Music

You can use helmet speakers to enjoy your favorite tunes in different ways. You can play favorite playlists on a media player. Another option is to connect your speakers to your phone and then stream music through Spotify​​​, Pandora, etc. You can even share music with other riders through the intercom system. Music is easily one of the best ways to make your road trips less humdrum. Tech advancements in areas like music streaming have made it easier than ever to take your favorite playlist with you on the road.

Noise Control

Many companies offer this feature, but the technologies and quality can vary a lot. Highways and byways can be loud places, so it’s important for you to hear as clearly as possible when you make/take a phone call or chat with another rider. Look for intuitive systems that automatically make tweaks for incoming/outgoing audio. How do you know if a noise control system actually works? There’s no way to be 100% sure until you actually test it.

So it’s a good idea to read some reviews based on Amazon’s Verified Purchase. This will usually give you some honest feedback about issues like the effectiveness of noise control systems. High-end systems will have steeper price tags so make sure to factor that in when doing price comparisons.  

Battery Life

Lithium-ion batteries are often used for Bluetooth speakers based on the various benefits they provide. When picking a particular speaker unit, you should research the quality/capacity of the battery. As always make sure you bring at least one spare with you since “stuff” happens in life and especially with batteries.

Then you should also check the battery’s specs. How long does it take to juice up fully? How many hours of talk time, music playback, and standby time will you get on a single charge? These figures differ from unit to unit but can be a major factor when you’ll be motorcycling all day.

Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth was developed in the mid-80s but has only been commercially available since 1998. The latest version is Bluetooth 5.0, which was launched in late 2016. As with other tech upgrades you can find solid Bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmets that don’t support the latest version. Yes, in one sense Bluetooth 5.0 has the clearest audio versus past versions.

That said, there are other factors that affect the audio quality of Bluetooth speakers. They include materials, design, and craftsmanship. Even the amount of interference blocking a Bluetooth signal can affect how clearly you can stream music or chat with your buddy.

Is water resistance an important feature?

It’s quite critical when picking helmet speakers due to the environment they’ll be in. Today’s technology has improved greatly and today’s helmets use complex systems to circulate air and reduce moisture inside the helmet. You should still go with a headset that’s water/sweat-resistant. This will help to extend the lifespan of the unit since it will be better protected from perspiration that forms inside the helmet when you’re riding. Yes, this feature will boost the cost but is arguably worthwhile in terms of durability.

Can the headset’s volume affect its durability?

Yes, so it’s important not to overdo it with the volume. This is also better for your ears since overloading volume can cause temporary or even permanent damage to your hearing. Make sure to listen to calls/music/GPS etc. at a volume, so the input is clear yet comfortable. Solid Noise Control tech can help in this area. The better your helmet speakers can filter out ambient noise the lower you can listen to the units. That, in turn, will help to protect your ears and extend the headset’s lifespan.

What range is usually needed?

It depends on factors like where you’ll be riding. Ranges can range from 400m to 2km. There are various factors like whether you’re riding in an open area or through a city/woodland, weather conditions like rain/snow, etc. If you stay within the above-mentioned range, you shouldn’t have any problems using your Bluetooth helmet headset. You should also consider higher-end units since they’ll have higher ranges.

What range is usually needed?

Make sure to have the headset inspected from time to time and check for damage. Note that since the headphones are often built into the helmet, the process will be tougher. So it’s a good idea to consult a professional to do the inspection for you.
It’s one of the main reasons you should consider standalone headphones instead of built-in units. In fact, it will also be easier to remove the unit and inspect it yourself versus helmet/speaker combos. Plus you can still use the headset for non-riding applications, so there’s also that.

Can Bluetooth waves be harmful?

In a word: no. The waves are actually weaker than for an average cellphone. Another factor is headsets are located outside the helmet, which creates a buffer between your ears and the sound waves. You might have heard that Excellent wireless connection. Bluetooth waves are dangerous in smartphones. That’s simply an untruth myth. The Bluetooth waves are safe and cause no harmful rays, radiation, etc. That’s also true when using the wireless tech to listen to music, take calls, or get GPs info while riding with your best Bluetooth helmet speakers.

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