Best [3 wheel] street legal Electric Scooter

Mobility is a fundamental human right. Without the ability to move around freely, our life is severely hampered, preventing us from living life to the fullest. Therefore, let’s look at the best three wheels street legal scooter you can buy right now in 2020 and what you require to know before purchasing.

Three-wheeler electric scooters are a great option and way more comfortable and safer to ride than a two-wheel electric bike. This safety aspect is essential, particularly if you have issues with balance or mobility, or haven’t ridden a two-wheeler in a long time. Having three wheels makes for a much more stable platform compared to just two wheels. And you don’t need to put your feet down when you come to a stop. All good things to help boost your confidence out on the road. 
And three-wheel electric scooters are far superior, too, in practicality. It is much easier to carry shopping, a passenger or your dog, on a three-wheeler. Some models also come fitted with baskets at the front or rear for transporting goods. Some even have lockable storage compartments for when you wish to stow away valuables or other goods securely.

The EW-19 Sporty is an affordable high-speed, long-range scooter, capable of reaching speeds up to 15mph and traveling up to 21 miles on a single charge. It features a two-tone (red/black) body color, a stylish LED front light, and a large comfortable seat that is perfect for all-sized riders.

The EW-19 is fitted with an extra-large covered storage basket, and with 3 different speed settings. For easy transport, the EW-19 has a folding handlebar and a removable seat. It also shipped fully assembled and ride ready.

The EW36 Mobility Scooter is a really good fit for medical patients and seniors for a couple of reasons:
– Its range is 45 miles after fully charged. It is one of a kind of heavy-duty scooter with similar features and prices being sold on the market. 

– It comes with cruise control in the twist throttle which can be set up between 1mph to 18mph.
– It also comes with a space under the seat for storage. And an anti-theft alarm and a storage basket can be used.
– This scooter has the highest standards to be safe and reliable.

The ES30 has a very good balancing ability, is lightweight, sturdy, small,  and with a very easy system to fold and carry. It is a lot cheaper than those heavy-duty electric scooters used for mobility.  
Who is it for?  
– It is recommended for people with a max height of 70.87inch and under 80.  
– It is straightforward to drive, but basic balancing capabilities may be needed.
– It is suitable for people with mobility issues who need to travel to work.


Adjustable Three Speed: The first gear, turning mode, speed up to 6km/h (3.7 mile/h); the second gear, standard mode, speeds up to 12km/h (7.4 mile/h), requires basic balance ability; the third gear, high-speed mode, speed up to 22km/h (13.7mile/h)

Lightweight: Mini street legal electric scooter, the total weight is only 30.9lb, can be folded, you can lift the scooter with a hand. 

Portable: It can be easily taken to your office, elevator, trunk, bus, train, or any place you imagine. 

Cali Drift Swagtron is a very popular recently released 3-wheel scooter that is grabbing the attention of the audience.
Its most remarkable feature is its swiveling capability to carve up to 8 degrees which imitates a  longboard.
Swagtron is well known for its creativity in building new designs in the outdoor industry across e-scooters, skates, electric bikes, and trikes.
It can go to a max speed of 15.5 MPH with its 250-watt motor. 

Its range is 9.4-miles with a single charge of its battery.
It can be used for commuting to your office, going shipping, or having fun with your friends.

The Vive mobility scooter comes with a control panel which is very easy to use. You can switch the variable speed and the direction to forward or back. You can turn on the light and a warning sound to warn others when you are in danger. 

It comes with 3 flat-free wheels which are anti-tipping and are excellent to ride on even surfaces. 
Its mass speed is 3.7mph and its range is 12. miles per charge which is pretty good for basic riding within your town.

It can be folded for portability when you want to travel by bus or train.
Its seat is wide with a size of 16.9-inch and cushioned.
It is really comfortable, and it is even good to eat without having to get off the scooter.
The customer reviews stated that the customer service is really good and they answer your questions or complaints fast.  

3 Wheel Scooters Guide 

You will find a three-wheel street legal scooter a lot easier to handle on the road than an ordinary electric bike. Combine this with the three-wheeler’s ability to run on clean energy. You have a winning package for you, your wallet, and the planet.

So what do you require to know before buying a three-wheeler? Check out our handy buyer’s guide to three-wheeler electric scooters to find out.

First off, is it street legal? You will be well advised to check the regulations in your location. Laws and by-laws can vary dramatically from state to state in the United States and other countries.

Federal law defines electric scooters as two or three-wheeled vehicles that have fully operational pedals. It goes on to specify that the electric vehicle’s top speed should be less than 20 mph, and the motor should produce under 750 watts.

Therefore, an electric scooter that meets these criteria is ‘street legal’ and allows riders to drive without holding any special license, registering the scooter, or displaying license plates.

However, as stated earlier, by-laws and local laws differ, so be sure to check this out to gain an overview of the limitations you may encounter in your neck of the woods.

For example, if you live in the Big Apple, you are now in luck as the ban on electric scooters has now been lifted. Despite his recent veto in December 2019, State Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently relented and withdrawn his opposition to electric scooters and e-bikes being legal in the state subject to certain conditions. Local authorities, though, have the power to introduce their additional restrictions.

Other states such as Florida, California, and Texas, for example, are relaxed with street-legal three-wheelers but have differing details regarding their operation. Wherever you live, be sure to check with the local DMV to get the picture in your area.

Once you have figured out the legal standpoint, the next thing to do is figure out the best three-wheeled street legal electric scooter for you. Like most things in life, this can be distilled to your particular needs, circumstances, and budget.

The starting point is, what do you intend to use your electric scooter for in reality? Is it to beat the traffic in a daily commute to work? Or for going to the local store to get groceries? Please have a good ponder on this question as it feeds into the range you will need. It’s worthwhile factoring in that you may end up doing more miles than you initially plan. This extra mileage is because you have the three-wheeler ready to go exploring.

Once you have figured that out, consider whether you need a seat. If you are relatively active and only intend to make short journeys here and there, then a stand-up model would be excellent.

However, you will appreciate being able to sit in a comfy seat as you potter along on longer journeys. Consider the possibility that your four-legged friend or a passenger may wish to tag along. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a little company on their journey? And at their final destination regardless if it is the 7/11 or a doggie play date down at the park. Talking of parks, you may wish to check this out too, as some parks have by-laws concerning the use of electric scooters.

The next significant consideration is budget. The bigger your ambitions, the bigger the price tag is an excellent general rule of thumb. For instance, a two-seater with a top speed of 15 mph and a range of forty miles off a single charge is going to cost serious money. And also be a massive machine.

The EWheels EW-66 2-Passenger Heavy-Duty Scooter, for instance, can carry a colossal 600 lbs of passenger weight but comes with a matching price tag north of $3000. Though expensive, this three-wheeled scooter is a serious piece of kit and has obtained a loyal customer base.

However, this particular model is not exactly portable and will require significant parking and storage space, so bear this in mind.

If you don’t intend to carry human passengers, you may be happy with a single-seater three-wheeled scooter. If so, you can easily find a suitable top-range machine for around $2,000 or even less.

The less bulky the three-wheeler is, the more portable it is. Some three-wheeler scooter lithium-ion batteries are airline-approved to take these models on a range of public transport from planes to trains, buses, and cruise ships. Again, it is advisable to give public transport operators a heads up about your plans. This forewarning will help to ensure there are no problems or hold-ups when you turn up in your chariot.

The less bulky three-wheelers can often be folded up and fit in the trunk of a car capable of accommodating a small suitcase. The trade-off of these portable street-legal three-wheelers is a lack of bodywork and whistles and bells. So the choice of the best street-legal three-wheeler for you comes down to your circumstances and planned use of your electric scooter. It’s not merely a question of money. That comes into it obviously, but the overriding factor is how you will use your electric scooter in your daily life. And remember that an electric scooter will open up a plethora of possibilities you may not yet have considered.

In short, it is a balancing act of planned use and budget. If you need a big scooter and its smorgasbord of features, including passenger-carrying, long-range capability, speed, headlights, seat belts, luggage compartments, cup holders, remote keyfob, etc., you will have to dig a little bit deeper into your bank account.

If you need portability over range and gadgets, you can save substantial sums by going for one of the less feature-laden electric scooters currently on the market.

The range is determined by several external factors, but also the physical dimensions of the battery itself. Heavy-duty three-wheel electric scooters will consequently have bigger batteries and be able to return a greater range, up to 40 miles in some instances. Smaller battery cells will only be able to support a lower range, maybe as modest as 15 miles on a single charge. Inevitably, it is down to your planned use, popping down to the store as opposed to a daily commute into work, for example.

Check, too, that your intended electric scooter comes with a battery charger (some batteries may need to be removed for charging). And find out, also how long it takes to charge. Typically, this could be as little as three hours or up to six to eight hours.

An often overlooked consideration is the wheels and tires. Bigger wheels are better at riding out holes, bumps, and uneven surfaces, making for a more comfortable and stable ride for the user. The biggest you will find are 16-inch, which are found on larger models and typically paired up with a shock-absorbing suspension system. Bigger wheels mean bigger grippier tires, precisely what you need on wet or slippery surfaces. Not everyone is a fan of big wheels, though, so whenever possible, try to arrange a test drive first before you commit to a purchase.

When weighing up the best street-legal three-wheeler for you, you may wish to make the design aesthetic into account. The more expensive models are reminiscent of motorcycles, with only the three wheels and suitably comfortable seats giving the game away. And they are not powered by anything other than an internal combustion engine. Many three-wheelers are stylish, tipping a nod to the Italians and Japanese motorbike manufacturers. Others are quite blatantly practical and aimed at seniors.

Whatever your circumstances and needs, there is a three-wheel street legal electric scooter that’s ideal for your needs. And this means it is regardless of your obligation to make short trips locally or more extended expeditions.

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