Best Electric Scooters for Kids 2022: AMAZING Toys for BEST Price

Your child will ADORE these Best Electric Scooters for Kids—a great way to enjoy the outdoors and ensure FUN while being SAFE!

Best electric scooters for kids are one of the best presents your child can receive. They represent a way to move short distances outside the home, without the need for an adult’s supervision. Kids can enjoy the peace in the parks and start to explore their neighborhood having fun.

They can also ride with friends, on sidewalks, on rough surfaces, or even on downhills/uphills. They can also use it to go to school or to their friend’s houses. However, It can be hard to decide which one to buy because there are many, and not all of them are good.

To help you make the correct decision, check this handy list of the standing scooters (reviews here), seated scooters, and even hoverboards. It will make your life a lot easier…

Top 20 Kids Electric Scooter Reviews

Kids Age: 8 & Up (Razor says 12 & Up).

Price: From 229$

Colors: Gray, Blue, Red, Black.

Max Speed: 15 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Battery: 24V and lasts 40 minutes.

  • Robust, Sturdy, and Safe. High-quality materials overall.
  • Ideal for intermediate kids and teens alike. For beginners, we recommend either the Razor E100 or the E90.
  • Great Price for the quality starting at 200$ & more.
  • ​Some kids reported that they started using it at 8 years old.
  • Runs at 15 MPH and the battery lasts about 40 minutes.
  • High Buyer satisfaction with thousands of reviews and past customers.
  • Warranty: 90 days.
  • ​It comes in multiple colors for your convenience.
  • It can support up to 220lbs. which is enough for big kids.
  • Some customers claimed that the battery did not last 40 minutes as advertised.
  • One or two people stated that tires come flat, but since it has a 90-day warranty, they replaced them.

Kids Age: 10 & Up .

Colors: Pink, Black, Desert Camouflage.

Max Speed: 12+ MPH.

Max Riders Weight: 420 lbs

Battery: 100 – 240 Volts.  Charges in 1-2 hours and it its life is 12+ Miles.

  • It does not catch on fire. It is UL2272 Certified and approved by Amazon to sell.
  • Supports Bluetooth®!
  • Price is low compared with other hoverboards of the same quality.
  • ​Some kids started at the age of 8 and had no problems using it.
  • Runs at 12+ MPH and battery life is about 12+ Miles with an indicator.
  • High Buyer satisfaction on top marketplaces.
  • Free Shipping.
  • ​It comes in 6 different colors for you to choose from Pink, red, gold, black, white, and blue.
  • The max weight that it supports is 420lbs.
  • Not so stable when you go at higher speeds.

Kids Age: 16 & Up.

Price: From 798$

Colors: Black, White.

Max Speed: 10 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Battery: UL 2272 Certified and lasts 14 miles.

  • UL 2272 Certified to meet fire and electrical safety regulations. Do not set it on fire.
  • Comes with a Dual motor engine with 1600 watts of power.
  • The steering is easier with the kneebar which is easier to maneuver. It is more precise and game-changing compared to the regular longboard steering systems.
  • Runs at a max speed of 10 MPH  with a battery that can last 14 miles.
  • Excellent feedback on Amazon rating 4.6/5 out of more than 160 reviews.
  • The 10.5” Pneumatic Tires are ideal to ride on smooth and rough surfaces alike.
  • ​It comes in multiple colors for your convenience.
  • Comes with an App Control & Anti-theft system out of the box. You can lock it with the API and you are warned by phone if someone is trying to steal it.
  • The price is higher than most of the hoverboards which are around 400 bucks.
  • It is heavy to pick up, and carry upstairs, so the portability can be an issue for some people.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Colors: Red, Blue, Sweet pea, Pink.

Max Speed: 10 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 40 minutes.

  • With more than 1,200 customer reviews on Amazon, this has been a Best-Seller for a long time. 4.3/5 Customer satisfaction.
  • It is a great deal for about one hundred bucks to get started with an escooter.
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • Great for starters(Kids of 7-12 age). This is in my opinion the best Beginner Kids Electric scooter because it is not that fast(max speed 10MPH), it is cheap and straightforward to use.
  • The battery can last close to an hour of uphill/downhill riding.
  • The handlebar can be separated to transport easily.
  • Made with Sturdy and Solid Materials.
  • It is safe for kids in the range of 7-12 because it runs at a max speed of 10MPH.
  • The brakes are not to be trusted when you go downhill and need to stop. You need to tell your kid to release the throttle.
  • If your kid is looking for more speed and you can afford to pay, we recommend you Buy either the E200 on Amazon or E300 on Amazon.

Kids Age: 13 & Up.

Price: From 158$


Colors: Teal.

Max Speed: 12 MPH.

Max Weight: 154 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 40 minutes.

  • Thousands of good reviews on different online marketplaces and many years being sold with success.
  • It is Economic compared to other E-Scooters. You can get it for under 200 bucks.
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • Great for Beginners(Kids of around age 10, although Razor recommends it for 13+).  We suggest starting with the E100 (for 7-9 years old) and the E300 if you have more than 200 $
  • It is great for commuting short distances.
  • It is good for teens and even adults can use it as well.
  • You have the “seat E-200 version”!
  • It is faster than the E100 version (12MPH compared to 10MPH)
  • It just comes in one color (Teal).
  • The chain frequently falls off.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Price: From 239$

Colors: Black, Sweet pea, betty.

Max Speed: 15MPH.

Max Weight: 170 lbs

Battery:  24V,  lasts 40 minutes.

  • It has more than one thousand customer reviews on Amazon and one of the higher ratings on similar products.  Has been sold for more than 10 years now.
  • It is one of the safest electric mopeds for kids and is specially chosen by many teenage girls as their beginner moped.
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • Your kid can start using it at the age of 9 although Razor states it is best to use it at the age of 12+.
  • You will not find any good alternative for the price and quality of this electric moped.
  • The motor is quiet.
  • Beautiful design! it looks like a Vespa, but for a fraction of its price.
  • You can ride it on the grass, on the dirt, or on uphills without any problem.
  • Some people complained about the battery is dead after a few days. This is a common problem with electric scooters and the warranty should cover it.
  • The design is more for a girl than for a boy. You can get the black one for boys but still looks like a girl’s moped.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Price: From 89$

Colors: Blue, Red, Grey.

Max Speed: 8 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Battery:  12V,  lasts 50 minutes.

  • More than 70 customer reviews on amazon including all the colors with an average of  4.3/5 Customer satisfaction.
  • It is a really good beginner scooter and it is cheaper than the Razor E100. It is one of the best alternatives to the Razors for aged 7-10 kids.
  • It can be used as a kick scooter when the battery has no charge.
  • Very easy to put together and it is simple to learn how to ride. No bad surprises with this scooter.
  • The battery can last close to an hour of uphill/downhill riding.
  • The handlebar can be separated to transport easily.
  • It is made with sturdy materials.
  • Comes with Urethane Tires which implies zero Maintenance (no flat tires and hassles).
  • The handlebar cannot be adjusted as in the Razors.
  • It is a little heavy because it is made of metal, not plastic.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Price: More than 100 bucks.

Colors: Green, Pink.

Max Speed: 10 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Battery life: lasts 80 minutes of continuous use.

  • It has just a few customer reviews on marketplaces but very high buyer satisfaction.
  • It is a little more expensive than the E90 and E100 but well worth the price for a scooter with double the battery life (80 minutes of use).
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • It is one of the best beginners scooters on the market. Your son will have a lot of fun with it, and you will not be bothered for 80 minutes, which is how long the battery lasts.
  • It can be used as a kick scooter when you are out of battery.
  • A battery can be charged in just 2 hours, according to customers.
  • It doesn’t require any maintenance (no chain and tensioner).
  • Safe for younger kids even under 8 years old, since it doesn’t run at more than 8-10MPH.
  • It is not foldable.
  • Not as quiet as other models.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Colors:  Blue, Purple, Pink.

Max Speed: 10 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 40 minutes.

  • It brings a Quiet motor like the other Razor E models.
  • It is a little faster and more powerful than the E100.
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • It is as good for kids who start to use these types of devices. Some started using this scooter at 7 years old.
  • The battery lasts 40 minutes, but some reported it lasted more.
  • Made with Urethane Tires which means maintenance zero and they are safer for younger kids not to speed.
  • Made with Sturdy and Solid Materials.
  • It is safer for beginner kids who start using scooters with a max speed of 10MPH.
  • In case your kid’s weight is close to 100 lbs, we suggest the bigger Razor models: either the E200 or E300.
  • Very few customer reviews on Amazon. We found less than 10, although all of them were positive.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Price: From 202$

Colors: Green.

Max Speed: 12 MPH.

Max Weight: 154 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 40 minutes.

  • Close to 50 reviews on Amazon with a 4.6/5 Customer satisfaction.
  • Off-road: It is our 1st pick of the top off-road electric scooters we reviewed and compared.
  • It is good to drive it on bumpy areas, grass, curbs, and dirt.
  • It is better for younger teens of 10-15 years old (although razor suggests you start using it at 13+). Some people prefer this one to an E300.  And a customer reported that even her son of 6 years old could ride on it.
  • It speeds up to 12MPH in uphills.
  • The battery charges in 8 hours and lasts 40 minutes. They will have a lot of fun in those 40 minutes.
  • It is a little heavier than other Razor models and the handlebar does not adjust.
  • The battery takes 24 hours to charge which is a pain.

Kids Age: 3 & Up.

Colors:  Pink.

Max Speed: 1.75 MPH.

Max Weight: 50 lbs

Battery:  6V, durability: 40 minutes.

This is a girl’s electric scooter​!

  • It has good overall acceptance in different marketplaces. It hasn’t been sold to many customers, though.
  • Made by pulse performance.
  • It is the first electric scooter your kid will ever ride because they can start using it at the age of 3. Although the manufacturer suggests using the scooter on kids of more than 5 years, many people have been buying it for kids under that age with a lot of success.
  • It is easy to ride, and the vehicle is sturdy enough to support their careless use.
  • It is safe even for toddlers under 4 years old who are starting to ride for the first time. The max speed (1.75 MPH) is safe, too. You can’t have many accidents at that speed.
  • The battery charges in 8 hours and lasts 40 minutes. They will have a lot of fun in those 40 minutes.
  • Its design is perfect for girls (pink layout) so your daughter would be feeling like a princess riding on it.
  • The steering system is ideal for starters. It is easy to maneuver and control the corners on the sidewalks.
  • It is a three-wheel scooter, so it is stable for younger kids not to fall down.
  • As indicated, it is exclusively for girls, because its design theme is perfect for your daughter, but obviously not for your son.
  • The handlebar is fixed, so you cannot adjust it to your daughter’s height.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Price: More than 300 bucks currently.

Colors: Blue.

Max Speed: 9 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 40 minutes.

  • It has average product satisfaction on marketplaces due to the type of product.
  • This design is different than all the other Razors because it comes with 3 wheels, and some kids look for something that they haven’t used before.
  • It is stable (3 wheel-scooters are more stable), sturdy, well built and turns well.
  • It is an alternative to the E100, for kids older than 8 years, but it is as easy to ride that even a 6-year-old can ride with ease.
  • The battery is the same as in the rest of the E Razor models, which last 40 minutes of use.
  • It is a little expensive for the type of scooter. You can get the Razor E300 for a lot less. The rider’s max weight is 120 lbs which is not too much for a  bigger teenager.
  • The rider’s max weight is 120 lbs which is not too much for a  bigger teenager.

Kids Age: 6-14 Years.

Colors: Red, black.

Max Speed: 14 MPH.

Max Weight: 177 lbs

Battery:  Charges in 6-8 hours and lasts 60 minutes.

  • Powerful Motorized Scooter with a 140 Watt motor and made of steel.
  • FAST! Max Speed: 14 MPH in ideal conditions: Flat terrains ridden by a lower-weight kid.
  • Battery: Kids can use it for one hour without charging the battery again.
  • Bigger kids can use it because it can support 177lbs. Teens of 14 years old still can use it (not overweight).
  • It comes with a seat, which can be removed if the kid is not comfortable with it.
  • The handlebar can be adjusted to the rider’s height.
  • Made with Sturdy and Solid Materials (steel + Aluminium).
  • It can be used by kids of many different ages from 6 to 14. Caution: Be careful with the use of the scooter by younger kids. Not every kid can ride it with ease, especially those of 6-8.  Speed can be too high for them.
  • It is a cheap alternative to Razors, but the scooters are not as well made as to the Razors. They have a higher rate of defective products and lower quality.
  • They cannot be ridden in mud/rough terrains.

Kids Age: 12& Up.

Colors: White.

Max Speed: 18 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Battery:  36V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 60 minutes.

  • Best scooter for commuting! This is an eco-friendly scooter ideal for transportation within your neighborhood and metro areas.
  • It is a cheap alternative (sold under 400 bucks) to electric bikes for traveling short distances.
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • It is a great scooter for teenagers. They can start using it by the age of 11 or earlier. Those kids who need a little more privacy and want to start to move themselves within their area (to school, to friends’ houses, to the places where they practice sports, etc).
  • The battery can last an hour, which is more than the regular Razor E models that only last 40 minutes.
  • The design is unique, you will not find something similar.
  • It is fast! On a paved terrain, it can speed up to 20 miles per hour.
  • You can carry the stuff you buy. It comes with a handy basket you can use to shop at the supermarket, mall, convenience stores, and travel with the stuff you buy there.
  • It has heavy materials, which makes it difficult to transport if you are out of battery or when you come up with a steep hill that won’t climb.
  • Unstable when speeding at more than 12 miles per hour.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Colors: Silver.

Max Speed: 12 MPH.

Max Weight: 140 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified and lasts 40 minutes.

  • Hundreds of customer-reviewed online this buggy with really good customer satisfaction.
  • It is faster than suggested by Razor. Some claimed to reach 15MPH!!!
  • 90-Day Limited Warranty.
  • It is one of the funniest vehicles a kid can drive. Once your kid starts to learn how to use it, you will not get him out. It is really fun even for older people!
  • It is stable! Since it is low to the ground, this thing will never turn around.
  • Made with Sturdy and Solid Materials. Mostly metals and hard plastic.
  • This can be used by Kids of 8+, teens, and even adults if they weigh less than 200 pounds (although razor indicated 140lbs in their manual). A LOT OF FUN FOR EVERYONE WITH THIS BUGGY!
  • Definitely not for bumps.
  • It can be dangerous for kids under 8 years old because it is fast and too close to the floor, and you need an open space like a big parking lot or a quiet street where there is little to no movement.

Kids Age: 8 & Up.

Colors: Black/Yellow.

Max Speed: 9 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Battery:  12V, UL 2272 Certified, and lasts 30 minutes.

  • Popular on most online marketplaces including Amazon. High buyer ratings, too.
  • Spinning 360 degrees is a lot of fun for kids. With this trike, this can be done with ease, with its rear wheels.
  • Footpegs can be folded.
  • Great for Kids of 7-12 age. Bigger kids (teenagers) need to check the weight limit to see if they would fit in it.
  • Very easy to use with a push-button mechanism, and a hand brake.
  • Made with Sturdy and Solid Materials.
  • This is one of the funniest electric vehicles your kid could ride.
  • It is not foldable(only the rear wheels), and it is a little heavy.
  • For your kid’s safety, he must use a helmet, because this trike spins really fast with the 360 degrees advertised.

Kids Age: 13 & Up.

Price: From 499$

Colors: Red, Blue, black, pink, grey & more.

Max Speed: 10.5 MPH.

Max Weight: 265 lbs

Battery:  the time to charge is about 2 hours and it lasts 2-3 hours of continuous use.

  • It is made in the USA with all the safety and quality controls passed. It does not burn like other Chinese brands out there.
  • They use a trusted Samsung/LG battery for safety purposes.
  • You have the option to buy 600$ a Bluetooth model.
  • They bring DUAL LED LIGHTS which can light you up to 6.5 inches in front of you.
  • Money-back guarantee/Refund policy if you don’t like it or you have any trouble with it.
  • Lightweight hoverboard: It weighs just 25 lbs with the battery.
  • The standard version comes with tires of 6.5 lbs, but if you are looking to ride it on rough terrain, you can get the 10 lbs version for more stability.
  • It is easy to transport because it is one of the lighter self-balancing scooters on the market. You also have the option of buying a  hoverboard carrying a bag from their site.
  • The brakes are not to be trusted when you go downhill and need to stop. You need to tell your kid to release the throttle.
  • If your kid is looking for more speed and you can afford to pay, we recommend you buy either the Razor E200 or Razor E300.

Kids Age: 13 & Up.

Colors: Black/Yellow.

Max Speed: 13 MPH.

Max Rider’s Weight: 150 lbs

Battery:  24V, durability: 40 minutes.

  • You can get it for less than 150 dollars. Not a bargain, but it is still on price.
  • The battery lasts 40 minutes and it is a 24v one. Similar to Razor’s durability.
  • Easy to assemble and made with good steel material.
  • Comes with air-filled tires with a hand brake.
  • The deck is big enough to put your 2 feet. Thus, it is very stable and the ride is smooth.
  • The tires are big fat and they can go through bumps or mud with ease
  • It is better for teenagers or kids over 12+ since it is heavy and fast.
  • Handlebar nonadjustable (fixed).
  • Not foldable!

Kids Age: 10 & Up.

Max Speed: 15 MPH.

Max Rider’s Weight: 210 lbs

Battery:  24v, 3800 mAh, lithium-ion battery.

​Fully UL 2272 certified

  • Comes with a nice LCD screen that indicates the speed and other cool stuff.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Foldable.
  • Comes with a 24v, 3800 mAh, lithium-ion battery.
  • It can speed up to 15 MPH, or even more.
  • Can be used as a regular scooter if it doesn’t have electric power.
  • Non-adjustable handlebar.

Kids Age: 3 & Up.

Colors: Green, Pink.

Max Speed: 2 MPH.

Max Weight: 44 lbs

Battery:  6V,  with a durability of 40 minutes.

  • It is cheap: Get it for less than 50 bucks for a lot of your toddler’s fun.
  • This is the first razor scooter. You will not find many electric scooter alternatives for this age.
  • It is better for kids of 1.5  to 2 years according to reviews.
  • Safe: since the speed limit is 2MPH, your toddlers will not have too many accidents with this scooter.
  • It is slow, which is a good thing because it helps your kid learn how to turn and how straighten the steering wheel.
  • Some customers claimed that it doesn’t turn well.
  • The tires are too low to the ground, made of plastic which is not that great, and they could be bigger.

What are the key points to consider when buying an electric scooter?

  • Age: You need to consider that the scooter fits the age range of your interest. You need to be careful to buy a scooter that was made for the age of the kid who will use it. In the bike specifications, you will find the minimum and maximum age that which the vehicle can be best used for. And also read amazon reviews on the product to see how they really worked out for real users who bought it. In most cases, the brand tells you that your kid can use it when he turns a certain age, but they do not consider that the kid can be bigger than average or skillful/agile or the other way round. So it is better if your kid first rides the scooter before you buy it. Just to be sure if you have the best electric scooter for your kid.
  • Brand:  There are really good brands out there that we know we can trust. One of them is Razor!  You need to be careful not to buy from unknown brands that haven’t been tested by many users because you can end up buying a defective product that you would need to throw away after your kid uses it for a short period of time. Be careful not to be tempted by low prices, nice pictures, and feature-rich products that do not meet the quality of a branded product. Do your homework and read customer reviews! You don’t want to be the first tester either. Wait until the product is established before you buy it.
  • Battery Life for Electric scooters:  If you are planning on buying an electric vehicle, this is one of the most crucial variables to take into account.  The battery life is how long your scooter or bike can be used without charging it again. The longer the battery life the better. However, you should also pay attention to user reviews on Amazon, because sometimes the battery life that is indicated by the manufacturer is way higher than the real one or the other way. And also, be careful buying a product that has a non-branded battery that does not meet the quality standards. For example, Razor uses batteries with  UL 2272 Certification.
  • Safety: Many people disparage the importance of safety because they are excited about buying one of these funny products. However, if you want to buy one of these for your kids or even for yourself, you need to know that some of them go really fast and they can be dangerous if they are ridden by careless individuals or novice riders who do not know what they are doing. Be careful not to buy a weapon for your kid and read and get informed before you buy any of these vehicles.  AVOID ACCIDENTS!
  • Price:  This is of course what people are more interested in. We all want a scooter or a bike, but not everyone has the money to get the most expensive models. Thus, it is important to know what is your budget and how much are you willing to spend on your kid or yourself for a scooter. Electric scooters can be really expensive while manual kick scooters are a lot cheaper.
  • Size: This is another aspect to consider. The dimensions of a bike or scooter are important, especially if you live in a tiny home without any space to store it. In case you don’t have much space for your bike, an important aspect to consider is whether or not it is foldable. Folding bikes are becoming popular in the last few years because of the lack of space in big cities and the advantage of them for transportation purposes since they can be folded so you can take them to buses, trains, taxis, or any other public transportation.
  • Speed: When you buy an electric or gas-powered vehicle (either scooter or bike), another thing to watch out for is the maximum speed. For kids, the speed has its limit (about 15mph on all Razor scooters). However, for adult bikes, we all seem to buy the ones that run the highest.
  • Tires: It is another feature to analyze in scooters and bikes. For scooters, the ones made of rubber and of the largest size seem to work better than the plastic ones which do not run as smooth and clear. For e-bikes, it depends on where would you use them: if used on the pavement you do not need a very big fat tire, but if you want to ride it on dirty surfaces and on mountains, it is recommended to get one of those new fat tires.  For dirt bikes, tires are even more important than for scooters as dirt bikes will be ridden on hard surfaces, and the need for a good tire to support its use.


This best electric scooter for kids list has been made with the idea in mind of helping you decide what scooter to buy your son or daughter. In the list, you have scooters for all ages starting at 2 years old to older teens of 16+.

We ordered our top 20 list based on different factors, but we paid special attention to the ones with the highest number of reviews on Amazon, because we thought that it is one of the most accurate ways to measure what scooter deserves to be on the list and in which position.

Besides amazon feedback, we considered the following features to decide which scooters to add to the list: Safety, Value for the money, type, size, material, battery, brakes, amazon feedback, colors available, time on the market, brand recognition. However, we made the list without separating the age, the kid’s personality, use, and skills (for example, if the kid is a fearful kind, we won’t suggest the fastest scooter on the list).

Also, you need to check the scooter kid’s age range and the type of scooter you are searching for, and probably out of 20 suggestions you will end up having one or two.

So below we added just one or two choices for each  type of kid, scooter, and what will he use it for:

  • The best scooters for scary & fearful kids:  We recommend the Razor line because they are slow and safe: The Razor E90 and E100 are for kids within the age range 6 to 11 years old. For toddlers, we recommend the Razor Jr. Mini Mod.
  • The best scooter for Fearless & Audacious kids:  Both hoverboards because they are fast and some special skills are required (These are the scooters: Swagtron T6 and Streetsaw)
  • The best for teenagers are: Razor E300 for 12+ years and Segway MiniPro for 16+
  • The best electric scooter for toddlers is the Disney Princess scooter for girls around 2-3 years and the Razor Jr. Mini Mod for toddlers of 18 months to 3 years.
  • The best moped for kids is the Razor Pocket Mod.
  • The best scooters for girls are the Razor Pocket Mod Europe which is a girl’s design, and you have all the Razor E models in girls’ colors as well.
  • We recommend these offroad electric scooters if interested in that type of scooter.
  • The best scooter to have fun with is: Razor grand force buggy
  • The best hoverboard/self-balancing scooters are Streetsaw and Swagtron T6.
  • The best scooter for commuting is Razor Ecosmart Metro.
  • The best electric scooters for beginners are Razor Jr. Mini Mod (for toddlers 1.5 to 3 years old), Razor E90 (6-10 years), and Razor  E100 (7-11 years old).

About safety (a huge subject!), we recommend you buy a scooter helmet and scooter pads for the knees and elbows because you will avoid having more than a headache with any accident your kid may have. And all the scooters that have been added to our list are safe because otherwise, we would not have added them.

Rest assured that the Razors are the safest ones because they are made with high-quality materials and they passed all the strict regulations.

However, if you’re looking for a good scooter for an adult’s daily use, consider getting the best 49cc scooter for its efficiency and affordability, or get something from this best moped/gas scooters list for commute purposes.

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