A Brief Guide for choosing the Best Kids’ Four Wheelers


Four-wheeling is a fun and action-packed way to enjoy the outdoors in an adventurous fashion. Four wheelers are off-road vehicles that are designed to handle rough terrain with ease, and often have the ability to climb hills and navigate a wide range of different terrain styles.This might seem like something that is only open to older kids and teens, but there are some safe, fun, and easy to use four wheelers, even for smaller children.

Best Four Wheelers for Kids


Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX - Hot Wheels


For 3 Years & Up - Weight limit: 65lbs.

The Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX is the first model in this list of best four wheeler for kids because it is great first-time ATV for your child. It is small and doesn't go more than 5 MPH, making it safe for young children, and a blast for them to ride around the yard or neighborhood in. It is designed in the same manner as a traditional ATV, just on a much smaller and less powerful scale. It has a twist grip throttle and can go forward (at speeds of either 2.5 or 5 MPH), and it can be reversed as well.

The vehicle comes with a powerful and long-lasting 12-volt battery, as well as a charger for easy powering and charging.The biggest complaint about this small four wheeler is that the charge is often not long enough to satisfy their child's desire to ride.


Fisher-Price W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer


For Kids from 3 - 7 years old

Fisher-Price, the trusted maker of kid's toys and accessories, has many different options when it comes to off-road, four-wheeled vehicles for children. Another one of their high-quality offerings is the W2602 Power Wheels Dune Racer.

The Dune Racer is a two-seated vehicle that lets your kids enjoy social riding. It boats a Monster Traction System that allows it to handle a variety of different terrains: from asphalt and hard surfaces, to slick, wet grass, and even hills and rocky terrain.
While powerful, it is still a safe vehicle with low speed limits. The Dune Racer can go 2.5 or 5 MPH forward, and 2.5 MPH in reverse. It features metal side bars to give your kids extra places to get an added grip.

The Racer has a power lock brake system that makes it simple for the child to stop the vehicle with ease. It in run on an included 12-volt battery and also comes with a charger.
The biggest complaint about the Dune Racer is that there are some hills that have too steep an incline for the Racer to be able to manage.


Razor Dirt Quad


For kids from 3 to 9 Years Old

Razor is a well-known and trusted maker of electric off-road vehicles that are designed for both kids and adults. They offer a range of high-quality, outdoor toy options that are great for the adventurous child.

The Dirt Quad is a bike that is better suited for slightly older riders than the other two models we have reviewed; recommended for children 8 and up, it can support up to 120 lbs. of weight.

It is a miniaturized version of a traditional off-road vehicle, which gives it a genuine look, feel, and range of ability of traditional ATVs. It has a droop-travel rear suspension with coil shock that allows the Quad to easily handle tough terrain and still provide a smooth ride.The acceleration control is a twist grip, like on many traditional four-wheeled off-road vehicles. It has adjustable riser handlebars, allowing you to adjust the Quad as your child grows. It is powered by two 12-volt batteries that are rechargeable.

The biggest complaint is that, for large children, the wheel base is not quite wide enough for turning without the threat of tipping.

Things to Consider When Buying a Four Wheeler for Kids:

Most people think about putting their young children on a four wheeler with horror. It helps to keep in mind that there are specially designed four wheelers for younger children that have strict safety features and limitations on speed.

Only a parent will know if their child has the physical ability and emotional maturity to handle this type of outdoor activity, but it is a great way to spend time with the family and is also good exercise.

One of the biggest things you need to consider when choosing the right four wheeler for kids is to consider their size, age, and abilities. This will help guide you to the size and model that is best suited for your child's age and ability.You will need to consider the amount of power and speed each model has and use that in determining which model will work best for you. There are options that are better suited for young children, and those that are designed for children 6 and older that boast a wide range of safety features, and are just the right size for your child.

Best four wheelers for kids come in a wide range of styles, builds, and options. You will want to consider how much you are willing to spend on the four wheeler as well. All-terrain vehicles can be incredibly pricey, especially when you get into the high-end models with tons of different features. Prices literally range from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars, so the price range is truly a pretty wide gulf.

You also want to ensure that you choose a model that has safety features like seatbelts and auto-stop. The great thing about the wide range of options is that there are very low-power models that are perfectly suited to riding around in the backyard and giving your young child their first taste of the off-roading experience with safety and relative ease; this allows you to get them comfortable with this type of activity at a young age.

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Most people might not think of four wheelers as a good toy option for children, but they can actually be a fun and great outdoor vehicle for kids of all ages. There are trusted manufacturers of best four wheelers for kids, all-terrain vehicles that are designed for young kids that have added safety features, as well as strict speed limits to allow your child to have tons of outdoor, action-packed fun, without fear of injury. 


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