Best Mini Dirt Bike for Kids: Get the Perfect Model with the Best Value

Choose the Best Mini Dirt Bike for Kids to keep both children and teenagers excited with the adventure of biking! Discover which model costs as low as...

Mini dirt bikes are a fun way for teens (great models listed on this page) and young adults to dip their toes into the proverbial waters of dirt biking. Mini bikes are scaled-down versions of traditional motocross-style dirt bikes that have the same look and feel, but are smaller and less powerful; this is a great option for those who are beginning in the sport.

Dirt bike racing, even if just for fun as a weekend hobby, is a fast-paced, and action-packed way to spend some time outdoors. Sure, driving a bike on the streets can be fun, but there’s a special adventure that comes with bringing your dirt bike into an off-road trail (with a top dirt bike trailer, of course) and enjoying the roar and power of the dirt bike’s motor.

So if you want your kids to enjoy this adventure-filled hobby, read on for our review of the best kids’ mini dirt bikes.

Coleman is a well-known and time-honored brand that is best known for its outdoor coolers, but they make far more than that. Coleman actually makes a huge variety of different outdoor products ranging from tents and camping equipment to mini dirt bikes. All Coleman products are known for their clean design, durability, and reasonable price. Check out other good value mini dirt bikes for the money for more options.

Their CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike is one of the best mini bikes for adults and kids alike. The mini bike has a powerful 196cc, 4-stroke engine boasting 6.5HP. The pull start is designed for easy starting. The bike is constructed from a durable metal frame and has low-pressure tires that give the bike a smooth and soft ride.

The bike has rear drum brakes that are hand-operated. The bike is great on all terrains and can handle hills with extreme ease. The bike also has front and back carrying racks, allowing for a bit of carrying capacity as well.

The bike can reach a max speed of about 25 MPH and can handle up to 200 pounds of weight, making it suitable for kids and adults of all sizes. The bike does not come assembled, so it does require a bit of know-how to assemble the bike. The biggest complaint about this bike is that it is difficult to find places that carry spare parts that might need to be replaced at some point. Click here to read a brief review of Coleman CT2000U

Razor is another trusted brand that is best known for making electric off-road vehicles. They have a number of different electric dirt bike options, including a high-quality mini dirt bike, the MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike.

At less than $500, this is a great value for the money. The bike is powered by a 650-watt electric motor, giving you a quiet and efficient ride. The bike can reach a max speed of about 17 MPH.

The bike has the same design and feels like a traditional dirt bike but is scaled down to a smaller size and at less power. Designed for people ages 16 and up, this bike really is best suited for adults. It can handle weights of up to 220 pounds.

The bike boasts pneumatic knobby tires for better power transfer. The motor is of a variable speed, and chain-driven, which is powerful and quiet. The bike has a dual suspension and riser handlebars, which provide increased comfort and a strong grip. It has a twist grip throttle and dual disc brakes that make it easy to stop fast, and with ease.

The biggest complaint about this mini dirt bike is that the battery charge only lasts for about 40 minutes before you need to power up again. With a gas-powered model, you would simply fill the fuel tank and go; with this, you have to wait 12 hours to charge the bike fully. For other issues with this model, Razor’s support can easily be contacted.

Monster Moto is a trusted and reputable maker of a variety of off-road vehicles such as mini bikes and go-karts. The MM-E250-PR Electric Mini Bike is a great value among them, making it to our list of best mini dirt bikes for kids.

The bike boasts a powerful electric engine and is well-machined and durably designed. The bike has a 250-watt motor that can be fully charged in just 7 hours. The bike has hand-operated mechanical rear disc brakes and a speed limiter to ensure added safety.

The bike can go at speeds of 7-13 MPH depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain the bike is being used on. The bike is lightweight, at just 51 pounds, so it is not too burdensome that even smaller kids couldn’t handle it. It is 17.5″ high and can handle up to 130 pounds of weight. The bike also includes red and pink decals to give you the option to easily personalize or customize your new bike with ease.

The lower weight limit is the biggest complaint with this bike. The other bikes we reviewed here can handle 200 pounds or more, whereas this bike has a max weight of 130; that means this bike is more suitable for smaller adults, teens, and children.

Things to consider when buying a mini dirt bike:

There are two big things that you want to consider when determining the best mini dirt bike for kids, aside from meeting your needs and budget. First and foremost, you need to consider the weight limits.

Heavy-duty mini bikes can handle adults, even hefty ones, but the max weight capacity does vary widely across models, so you want to ensure that you know what the limit of your bike is and that you fall under it.

The other thing you will need to focus on is whether you want a gas- or electric-powered mini dirt bike. Electric bikes have the advantage in that they are lighter, quieter, and do not spew a bunch of emissions. The downside is that they have a limited charge, often less than 45 minutes. A gas-powered bike, conversely, can be refueled quickly and ridden indefinitely, but they are much heavier, and louder, and you have to mix oil and gas to make the 2-stroke fuel required.

how much is a mini dirt bike?

Mini dirt bikes are generally not that expensive because they are not professional dirt bikes and are mostly for kids. You can get one for as low as 300-400 bucks, but a good gas-powered mini dirt bike usually costs about 500 $ and up. For example, the Coleman CT2000U costs above 500$ but it is a lot different than a Razor which is good to start but not good if your kids learn to ride and want to go to a whole different level.  However, Razor and Coleman cost more or less the same, but they are different products. 

how to start a mini dirt bike?

This video is self-explanatory. 

Where to get a mini dirt bike?

You can find the best mini dirt bikes for your kid on Amazon, by clicking on the links to products of this post. 

Video with Mini Dirt bike stunts


Mini dirt bikes are not just for kids! Teens and adults of all ages can also enjoy this fun, fast-paced off-road experience. Mini dirt bikes are the perfect dirt bikes for beginners of all ages. They are very similar in look and feel to a traditional performance dirt bike, but scaled down to a smaller size with less power. This means they do not go as fast, making them safe for younger kids as well as adults who are just new to the sport.

We briefly reviewed three different best dirt bikes for kids (and teens, too) here that cover a range of price points and max weights. This way, we feel we have provided a good starting point for anyone—young or old—interested in learning more about mini dirt bikes.

Want cheaper options? We have reviewed more kids’ dirt bikes on this page. We also have the top electric mini dirt bikes for adults, if you’re getting one for yourself as well.

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