Best Electric Scooter Reviews: 5 Zippy Scooters to Check Out

These best electric scooter reviews run the gamut of motorized scooters. You'll find something here for the adults, something for the kids, and even something

These best electric scooter reviews run the gamut of motorized scooters.  You’ll find something here for the adults, something for the kids, and even something for both.  All of the scooters on this list deliver relatively good mileage for their sizes and also supply a smooth enough ride that you won’t be put off with the idea of using them often.  What good is a scooter that can’t even take you to the convenience store down the street without jarring your brain, after all?

The E100 is arguably Razor’s best-known electric model, and its 30 lb. weight is powered by a kick-start chain-driven motor.  The frame and fork are made entirely of steel for durability, and the 8 in. front tire is pneumatic while the rear is polyurethane.  The controls consist of a twist-grip acceleration system and a hand-operated front brake.  The scooter offers about 40 minutes of use and can reach 10 mph.

  • Nice, shock-absorbent front wheel
  • Sufficiently wide deck for most children to put up both their feet
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Rear-wheel is less grippy and shock-absorbent than the front one
  • Brakes could be stronger

This Razor model is decidedly for children.  The 2 models stepping up from it, the E200 and E300, are supposedly usable by both adults and kids.  As a result, those cost quite a bit more, so if you’re really just getting a scooter for the kids, this is the better option at just $117.  It’s nicely built—just about what you’d expect from Razor—and while it doesn’t fold like most other non-electric Razor scooters, its handlebars and shaft are removable if you need to stuff it somewhere narrow.  It’s not terribly fast, but that’s a good thing since kids are using it.  It’s just too bad that the brake isn’t ideal, but you can teach your kid to steer and slow into a stop.

This “adult scooter” uses a handle-free design due to its self-balancing ability.  It runs on a 36V Lithium battery powering a 250W motor.  That gives it a maximum speed of 10km/hr, with a maximum load of 120 kg on the device.  A fully-charged battery gives you 15 to 20 km of mileage and the battery charges in 2 hours.  It has 170 mm tires, an alert for when battery power falls below 15%, and a weight of 10kg.

  • Decent mileage is given the battery’s size and the scooter’s speed
  • May be allowed a lot of places normal (handlebar-equipped) scooters aren’t
  • Has a definite stare-at-this-it’s-so-cool factor
  • Can be challenging to (try to) ride straight off the bat

This adult scooter deviates somewhat from the usual design we expect for electric scooters, which may make it a bit of a challenge to ride initially for most people.  There’s something unnerving about letting something else do the balancing for you, in the first place, but then there’s also the seemingly counterintuitive steering style of pointing your right toe down to turn left (you can tilt your left heel back to do this, too).  Once you do get the hang of it, though, it’s great fun and actually a pretty smooth ride—and it only costs $310.

Another of the adult-friendly scooters, the E300 is designed to be used by older teens and above.  Everything about it is larger than on the E100 or E200: the deck, the frame, even the tires, which are 10 in. pneumatics for superior shock absorption.  The top speed is bigger too, at 15 mph.  It still has the E-series’ typical features, however, like the retractable kickstand, twist-grip acceleration, and hand-operated brake.

  • Very robust
  • Good top speed
  • Good, large tires deal with bumps quite well
  • Battery management can be a chore

This is described as a scooter for older teens, but it does require a bit of maturity and discipline regarding its battery management that some teens may find problematic.  There are 8 rules provided for it in the owner’s manual, and given that a lot of teens tend to dislike rules, this scooter might not actually be ideal for at least one part of its supposed demographic.  That said, if those 8 rules are followed to the letter, it’s actually a fantastic little machine for only $225.  It’s significantly bigger, smoother to ride, and faster than most other e-scooters, and it has pretty good mileage per battery charge.

With a vintage Euro-scooter design and high-torque variable speed engine, this is a uniquely-styled kid’s scooter with quite a bit of muscle powering it.  -12-inch pneumatic tires and a rear suspension make it comfortable and smooth to operate.  It has a maximum mileage of 10 miles per charge and can reach speeds of 15 mph.  It is also designed for users 13 years old and up.

  • Very attractive
  • Good performance on bumpy roads
  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Can get pretty fast, so you might want to monitor your child while using it

This is a real beauty even among the other products on this list.  If you like Vespas at all, you’ll love it.  Too bad it’s made for kids—although with a maximum weight limit of 190 lbs., you could technically ride it, too (just prepare to look silly).  It costs $240, which is more than reasonable for something of this quality.

Another of the adult, handle-free scooters, this Leray boasts a top speed of 10 kph and a max mileage of 15 km.  The maximum load is 220 lbs. and the motor can achieve a maximum output of 1000W.

  • Very responsive
  • Comes with a genuine LG battery
  • Very cool
  • Vibrations from the intelligent motors indicating something can’t be done can get a bit jarring

This is really much like the other handle-free scooter on this list.  The only really noticeable difference in terms of performance is that this one tends to respond more quickly to small control movements.  It’s a bit better if you prefer a subtler ride, in that sense, but it also costs more, as it’s $500.


These are all great scooters—you just have to pick one of them based on your needs.  Do you want something for your kid?  Then either the E100 or Pocket Mod should be your pick.  Are you shopping for an older child or even an adult who prefers handlebar scooters?  Try the E300.

As for those who want a handle-free but fun experience, the 2 scooter board products are clearly the only choices.

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