Is the Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter a “safe” scooter for toddlers?

Razor Jr. Lil’ scooter for boys and girls

Price: From 25$.

Brand: Razor.

Ages Recommended: 3-5 years. 

Max rider’s weight: it can support a 40-pound rider.

Colors: Pink, Blue.

Wheels:  Three Wheel Scooter. 

Deck low for smooth riding.

Handlebar: Fixed.

Amazon Rating: 4.1/5 out of 881 reviews.​

For the sake of making mother’s kids care an easier job, sometimes it’s good to let them play around like the older kids. With this easy-to-use scooter, specially designed for younger kids (toddlers from 3 and older), they’ll feel like part of the gang.

A three-wheel system with large, tough wheels allows more stability while still offering the fun of a scooter-style ride. A handlebar pad and slip-resistant deck will prevent injury where other scooters might prove dangerous.

Overall:  There have been problems lately with this scooter because some customers indicated that their kids had ankle injuries while using it because there is a problem with its design that makes the 2 wheels on the back scrape the ankles. We suggest you buy for your kid one with the 2 wheels on the front instead. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU BUY YOUR KIDS INSTEAD “THE MICRO MINI KICK SCOOTER” HERE!!! 

  • It is one of the few scooters for toddlers you can find online.
  • It comes in pink and blue, for boys and girls alike.
  • It is cheap (less than 25 bucks) and can represent a nice gift for your kid.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Ideal for 2,3,4 years old.
  • Sturdy and well build.
  • It is stable with its 3 wheels.
  • Some reviewers have complained about the 2 wheels on the back being in the wrong place and scraping kids’ ankles.
  • The latest customer reviews indicate that the issue with the two wheels on the back that hurt the ankle and scrape is a major issue that we cannot skip. Thus, we suggest you get the MICRO MINI ON AMAZON instead, which is more expensive but is safer and hassle-free.


We believed that this toddler scooter was one of the best scooter choices for kids of 2+ age because it was made by a reputable company as Razor and because it is sturdy and well built. However, we realized that a lot of buyers complain about the same issue: the 2  wheels on the back, which will scrape your kid’s ankles and will seriously injure your kids.

For us, safety is a critical issue when we evaluate and rate a scooter, so we could not recommend this one. 

Although some people seem happy with the purchase and did not have any issue with it, we can’t forget that there are lots of people complaining about their kids having hurt with it. We understand that if you’re a parent, you would only want the topnotch (electric) scooter for your kid, and that includes the best safety features.

So instead of buying this scooter, we recommend you get for 79 bucks the MICRO MINI SCOOTER. We strongly recommend it because it is safe, fun, well built and it has more than 4.8/5 customer satisfaction online.

NOTE:   The micro mini scooter, our 1st pick for scooters for toddlers (age 2,3,4,5 ), you can read the FULL REVIEW HERE!​  

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