How to Find the Best Pro Scooters

Find the Best Pro Scooters to feed your ADVENTUROUS hobby safely and securely! See which scooters offer the best performance with the LOWEST PRICE!

A Brief Guide to Find the Best Pro Scooters

Pro scooter riding is a fun, fast-paced, and action-packed hobby for people of all ages. It is a great workout and a nice introduction to the world of extreme sports.

There are tons of different types of scooters designed for performance and stunts. Scooter riding is an inexpensive and excellent activity for kids, teens, and even adults.

A well-designed and finely constructed best pro scooter is a great way to get active and have a bit of edge-of-your-seat excitement.

Fuzion is a well-known maker of performance scooters and related accessories like ramps. The X-3 Pro Scooter is a tough, durable, and eye-catching performer.

Available in a variety of color choices, the scooter boasts a 20″ x 4″ aluminum boxed-shaped deck that provides ample width for your feet, while still maintaining the ability for maneuvering.

The handlebars are 18″ wide and covered with Soft PRO grips for comfortable gripping. The scooter has a steel-flex brake, making fast stops a cinch. Its tough construction allows it to easily handle anything the skate park may throw at it and can handle up to 140 pounds.

The biggest complaint about this scooter is that the handlebars must be tightened regularly.

Dominator is a brand of alternative and extreme sports products that has a nice line of stunt and pro scooters. The Bomber Pro Scooter is a light weight scooter that is suitable for those of beginning to intermediate skill levels.

The Bomber is incredibly well designed, constructed of military-grade aluminum, giving you the durability you know you can count on. The handlebars come in one piece and are 20″ wide, covered with rubber-compound grips that provide a soft and comfortable grip.

Available in three colors, the Bomber can handle up to 140 pounds.

The biggest complaint was the quality of the wheels that were included with the scooters. Many choose to buy aftermarket wheels.

Phoenix Pro Scooters is an up-and-coming brand that makes pro and stunt scooters and related accessories. The Pilot Pro Stunt Scooter is a high-end pro scooter that is designed for intermediate and advanced skill riders. This model is not recommended for beginner riders.

This scooter is lightweight since it weighs less than 2 lbs., and has a 4.75″ x 21″ deck that provides ample foot room without sacrificing agility. It is solidly built and can handle the rough use that users of a higher skill level tend to put their scooters through.

The biggest downside associated with this scooter is that for some tricks, the handlebars need to be cut down a little.

District Scooters is another high-end maker of stunt and pro scooters across a wide range of features and styles. The C052 Pro Scooter is a durable, well-built scooter that is perfect for those of beginning to intermediate skill levels.

This scooter is lightweight and incredibly easy to assemble. The deck is sturdy aluminum with an integrated headset. The deck is 4.5″ x 19.6″. The handlebars are 22″ wide and have an internal hexagon profile, which enhances their strength. The wheels are spoked metal core wheels and the scooter features District Steel Flex Brakes.

The biggest complaint about this model is its price tag which is higher than the rest, but superior quality.

Vokul is a trusted maker of a number of different performance scooters. They are known for their fine tooling, sturdy and durable design, as well as the comfort of the ride. The Super Tough Aluminum Stunt Scooter is an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate riders.

The scooter is made from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide a durable and sturdy deck. The scooter is suitable for riders who weigh up to 140 pounds. The deck is further reinforced with heat-treated forged plates for added stability.

It has a stunt handlebar that is tightened with a triple clamp for safety and stability during operation. The wheels are wear-resistant and they absorb a good deal of the shock that riders impose on the scooters during their rides.

The scooter is lightweight and available in three different color combinations. The biggest complaint associated with this scooter is that it can be tricky for some to assemble.

What Should you consider before buying a Pro Scooter?

First and foremost, like with any type of sporting equipment, you have to set your budget. There are literally hundreds of different types and brands of scooters available, and these come at a pretty varied price point.

For the beginning and even intermediate level rider, the most expensive option is not necessarily the best. There are great brands and models of reasonably priced scooters and we will review a few of them below. You want to take a close look at the weight capacity of the scooter; this will help ensure that you get a scooter that can handle your weight. Doing this not only makes your riding experience a lot more fun and worthwhile, but it is also safer to have a weight-appropriate scooter as well.

It should also be noted that many will choose to upgrade certain elements of their scooters, especially as they advance in skill level. It is good to look for a model that can easily be fitted with custom accessories and parts so that you can rebuild the scooter to your exact tastes and needs.

how much are pro scooters?

The cheapest Pro scooters start at 69 bucks. You can find a Vokul or Fuzion which are both good picks. But if you want to spend your money on a good high-end pro scooter, we recommend you to buy one at 150$ and up.  You can get the Madd Gear VX7 Pro Scooter for just 159 bucks, or the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete for just 150 $.  If you want to buy the Lucky brand, you can get the new Lucky 2017 EVO Freestyle Pro Scooter Complete which we recommend if you have the money to buy (costs 299$ now) it and if you take this sport seriously. 

how much do pro scooter riders make?

There is a good article explaining how to become a sponsored pro scooter rider here and how much you could earn.

where to buy pro scooters?

You can get them on Amazon, where you can find all the best brands and up-to-date models with ease.

Video with Pro Scooter tricks


Stunt and pro scooters are a fun sport for kids, teens, and even young adults. It is good exercise and requires a lot of skill and practice to become an adept rider.

The best pro scooters will be well built, solidly designed, and also be comfortable for the rider; you want a scooter that balances comfort with performance.

The scooters we have briefly reviewed here cover a wide range of price points, as well as a variety of skill levels, hopefully providing a little something for everyone looking for guidance when choosing a stunt or pro scooter.

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