A Quick Guide For Choosing the Best Motorcycle Oil: MUST READ!

Pick out the Best Motorcycle Oil to ensure a SMOOTH OPERATION and POWERFUL PERFORMANCE for your motorcycle! See which is the best priced at ONLY...

For most of us, when it comes to our bikes, we want the best oil for motorcycles — period. We want to keep our bikes running in optimal condition for as long as possible and save money. To achieve this, regular care and maintenance are required.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to understand the basics of motorcycle oil — the importance of it and how to choose the best one for your bike. There are tons of choices, but with a bit of guidance, it’s easy to find a top-notch brand and formula, perfectly suited to your ride.  

Other Grades Available: 10w 40, 10w 50, 20w 50.

Castrol is a trusted and time-honored manufacturer of a variety of different kinds of motor oil. Many people look to this as a brand that they can trust and they now offer a number of specialized oil options that are tailored for motorcycles.

Castrol Power1 utilizes what they call Trizone technology. This means that the synthetic blend is formulated so as to provide proper lubrication to the three most important spots on the bike: the clutch, gearbox, and, of course, the engine.

It boasts good performance even in extreme conditions of hot and cold. It is a lot more stable than traditional oils, which can lead to a breakdown of the oil and a change in the viscosity properties.

This is classed oil and is designed for people who want to push their bikes to the limit, without putting the main moving parts of their bike at risk for damage. People who just use their bikes for weekend use likely do not need this level of performance and thus do not need to spend the extra money.

  • Best selling oil for motorcycles with a high customer rating.
  • Comes in different grades 10w 40, 10w 50, or 20w 50  all in 6 packs for you to save money.
  • It is sold at a great price by buying packs of 6 for the quality and overall buyer satisfaction it has.
  • Castrol is always a guarantee. It is considered the best motorcycle oil brand and it is always the best seller.
  • Nothing to report here.

Other Grades Available: 10w40, 10w30, 20w50.

Another high-quality option from the trusted Castrol brand is their Activo synthetic motor oil. Again, this is a formula that was designed specifically for motorcycles. Unlike Power1, Activo is good for higher temperatures.

Other oils might be better suited to those who live in colder areas. This oil is considered part synthetic. It was designed to provide added protection against heat, which can wreak havoc on an engine. Like the Power1, it also has the Trizone technology, which helps to ensure adequate coverage for those most important elements of your bike’s inner workings.

This is a great oil for those who do long trips on the interstate or who use their bikes as commuters. This is likely not the best oil for those who are looking to test the limits of performance.

  • People say that their bikes shift smoother and run better with this oil than with any other one.
  • You can buy a pack of 3 for a lot less (1 gal each) and SAVE!
  • It is a lot cheaper than the Mobil 1 full synthetic which is pretty similar in performance.
  • It doesn’t burn up fast as it is semi-synthetic.
  • There are fewer customer reviews and sales on amazon than the Castrol Power1.

Honda, is, of course, a well-known car manufacturer, but they also make parts and other accessories including oil. They have long been known as one of the premier motorcycle oil producers and make a variety of specialized formulas.

Honda Pro GN4 has been the standard for motorcycle oil. The GN4 line was introduced back in the 70s and it has continually been reformulated and improved.

This is a great standard oil for people who just plan to have a few weekend trips here and there or the occasional trip around town. It is a good, general-purpose oil that meets the basic needs of pretty much any motorcycle, bar performance bike. Who makes honda motorcycle oil? Mobil 1.

  • Best selling regular motorcycle oil on amazon. it is the 1st pick for regular oils.
  • Great for bikes that do not require synthetic oils.
  • One of the customers suggested you buy more than 1 package since shipping is just 1buck more for more than a package.
  • Almost 200 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.7/5 (updated on 3-30-2017)
  • One customer complained that the package came with a leak. No complaints about the quality, whatsoever.

Other Grades Available: 10w40, 20w50.

This is a regular motorcycle oil, which is special for your 4 stroke Kawasaki motorcycle. However, it can be used in other 4 stroke motorcycles which do not require synthetic oils. 
It is more expensive than other oils because of the brand name, but if you have a Kawasaki, it is recommended by them to use this oil, however, you can choose not to. 
This overview is for the regular kawa oil, but you can also buy the synthetic Kawa oil if you want to. 

  • It is ideal if you own a Kawasaki 4 stroke bike that does not require synthetic.
  • Kawasaki provides ready-made oil change kits specially made for your Kawasaki model (Ninja, Vulcano, etc). If you want to make your life easier, this is a good option for you so you don’t buy something that your bike does not work with.
  • 10W 40 is good for average temperatures (not so cold and not so hot).  In case you want it for cold weather we recommend thinner oils like  5W30 or 5W-40 and in hot temperatures, we recommend thicker ones like 20W 50.
  • It is cheaper than the Kawa synthetic oil, but it lasts half the time.
  • Probably you can find a Castrol Activo, our 2nd pick, which is part synthetic and that in our opinion is much better than this one, for less money.

Other Grades Available: 10w40, 10w 30, 5w 30, 20w50.

​Maxima Premium4 is another great option for your motorcycle. It comes in different grades: 10W 40, 10W 30, 20W 50, 5W 30.

​It is actually sold by the liter, by the liter (case of 12), by Gallon, or by Gallon (Case of 4) or (Case of 5).

This is a petroleum 4T engine motorcycle oil that is used to protect from corrosion in the engine and at the same time get the transmission and clutch components clean. 

This formula has been specially made for motorcycles and keeps viscosity at the appropriate levels. 

  • It works great either under cold or warm conditions. It can be used in summer or winter with the same results.
  • Comes in different Grades: 10W 40, 10W 30, 20W 50, 5W 30.
  • Viscosity remains stable.
  • Smooth Starts.
  • It has been Turbo certified.
  • Works with Premium Petroleum.
  • It works well with wet clutches.
  • Regular oil is cheaper than synthetic or part synthetic.
  • Good buy for the price: Customers are happy with the price they paid and overall product performance.
  • Not synthetic, nor part synthetic. If you can afford it, buy a synthetic motorcycle oil that lasts more than double and it is a lot smoother than this.

Other Grades Available: 10w40, 20w50, 20w60.

Redline oil is another full-synthetic oil we added to our list, mainly because it is a high-performance oil that does not shear, and according to this review, it lowers the oil consumption when compared grade by grade with a similar oil brand like Mobil 1. It also cleans the motor much better than other ones. 

  • Quiet and smooth shifts in transmission (no more clunking noise).
  • You can also see the difference when you start your bike.
  • Unlike other oils, this is a 100% synthetic base stock.
  • The Engine works quietly and it does not heat.
  • NO clutch slippage.
  • Quiet chain running.
  • High-end synthetic oil. Outperforms most of the competitors.
  • It is recommended for expensive motorcycles such as a Harley Davidson,  that need the best lubricants available to get the best of it.
  • It is not the cheapest motorcycle oil on the market, but it is worth every dime it costs.


Other Grades Available: 10w40.

  • Ideal for off-road and on-road racing and specially issued for Sport MotorBikes.
  • Regular/Petroleum Oil. It is more versatile than synthetic oil because it can be used in more vehicles.
  • One of the customers suggested you buy more than 1 package since shipping is just 1buck more for more than a package.
  • SAE 10W 40.
  • Engine runs cooler.
  • Smooth gear changing.
  • Clutch DOES NOT slip with this oil.
  • Works perfectly with wet clutches.
  • Buy a pack of 6 Mobil 1 oil for sports bikes and Save money.
  • This is a Racing motorcycle oil, so it is not street legal. It is not recommended to use this oil in regular passenger motorbikes. It works well with High Horsepower motorcycles.

Grades Available: 10w30, 10w40, 10w50, 20w50.

This is another Racing 4 transmission oil. This one, unlike the Mobil1 for sportbikes, is full-synthetic. Comes in different grades as indicated above. It works on wet clutches and is specially formulated to exceed JASO MA requirements for 4-cycle engines with integrated wet clutches. It. Ideal for 4 T High-Performance motorbikes with high horsepower to use for Racing.  Its formula is All-weather, and it meets or exceeds JASO MA, API SL/SJ/SH/SG regulations. 

  • This is a REAL Full-synthetic oil.
  • Easy starts.
  • All-Weather Formula.
  • Smooth transmission.
  • Works well with Wet Clutches.
  • Gets rid of the deposits in the engine.
  • Protects engine from corrosion.
  • Four Stroke oil.
  • Performs better and longer than Mobil1, according to some customers, although it is more expensive.
  • You can buy 5 Gallons Maxima plus of this oil and save a lot of money $$$.
  • No indicator on the side of the jug showing you how much oil is remaining.

Other Grades Available: 10w40,  20w50.

Lucas Oil has both synthetic and part synthetic, in different grades, and it is cheaper than the Mobil and the Maxima, whereas it is still a really good choice if you are looking for a  price-quality product. Comes only in packs of 6 to make you save money. It has good reviews on Amazon, with lots of happy customers.

  • Only sold in packs of 6 bottles: One of the most Economical performance motorcycle oils out there.
  • You can buy the full-synthetic or semi-synthetic.
  • True Racing Oil.
  • Quieter gear shifting.
  • Less leaks.
  • One customer reported that he does not recommend it for Harleys.
  • Not good for wet clutches since a customer suggested it burned it.

Grades Available: 10w30, 10w40,  20w50.

Royal Purple is another recognized performance motorcycle oil brand. 

  • Makes the engine work Quiet.
  • Works with wet clutches.
  • Customers reported that the Oil temperatures are lower than any other brand compared in the same weather conditions.
  • Transmission: quiet and fast Shifts.
  • Made motorcycle noises disappear after the use of this oil in a customer’s bike.
  • Good for the price. The pack of 6 is costing around 75 bucks now.
  • Makes the engine live longer.
  • Protects the engine from corrosion and dust.
  • People used to complain about the high prices a while ago, but now they reduced it to compete with products of similar quality.

What Should you consider before buying?

It might not seem like too much of a thing to buy motor oil, that is until you actually try to shop for it. Turns out there are tons of different types of motorcycle oil, in many different formulations, that are better suited to particular bikes. It is important to understand what your bike needs before you buy it. 

What are the types of oil you can choose to buy?

First and foremost, when looking for the best motorcycle oil, you want to decide whether you want a synthetic, part synthetic, or a traditional brand of oil. 

Synthetic oil is nothing new. In fact, technology has been around since the 30s.

However, it hasn’t been until more recent times that the use of synthetic oil has dramatically increased. Many people consider that synthetic motorcycle oil is the only one that is perfectly formulated to the specific needs of your bike.

With traditional oil, this type of specialization and degree of precision just isn’t possible, which is why many people swear by synthetics.

So, is synthetic oil the best motorcycle engine oil?

Many say it is, because of the ability to get to those specialized formulas that outperform the regular oil by many times. Indeed, it lasts longer and most of the new motorbikes only use this type of oil, but some motorcycles do not need it and with regular oil you it is more than enough.

Why is so important to choose the correct oil for your motorcycle?

Oil is basically the lubricant that keeps the moving parts in your engine from grinding against each other. This would not only diminish the performance of the bike, but it will also reduce the lifespan of the engine, as this type of wear and tear is what causes engines to give out. Without some degree of lubrication, an engine would seize up and cease to work.

What is Oil Grade and why is it so important to consider?

There are different oil grades and weights of oil as well, and these do make a difference in the performance characteristics of the oil. Oil grade refers to the viscosity of the oil a hand. 

Viscosity refers to the ability of a liquid to resist motion. You need enough viscosity to provide an adequate layer of lubrication between the parts, but not so thick that it actually adds to the friction. In motorcycle oil, viscosity is determined at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the weight of the oil, the greater the level of viscosity it has at 212 degrees.

You will find among the different oil grades that the following are the most popular ones: 10W30, 10W40,10W50, and 20W50.​

One of the most commonly used types of oils is the 10W40 motorcycle oil. The “w” stands for winter, as the oil has to be tested to determine how well the oil continues to lubricate the engine during the coldest months of the year. Remember that outside temperature will also change the viscosity and efficacy of motor oil.

10w40 is one of the thicker grades of motor oil and is suitable for a wide range of temperatures, hence why it is one of the most commonly used types of oil for motorcycles. 

More Q&As

Where to buy motorcycle oil?

The cheapest and safest way to buy motorcycle oils is on Amazon.  They have all the oils you can imagine and prices are low. You can also check the customer reviews before buying and you can even ask questions if you have any doubts that your motorcycle does not fit with the oil you want to purchase.  They even indicate to you which one is the best seller, which helps you with your buying decision.  

How to check motorcycle oil?

There is a good article about how to check the oil level here. Basically, you need to make sure the engine is turned on for a few minutes and that it is operating at the correct temperature according to the manufacturer.  Then you turn it off and wait a couple of minutes to get the oil down. Once it drained down you should check that the window below (sight glass) the engine is between the two marks.  Make sure that the motorcycle has sight glass (not all of them have one). 
Dipstick, if your motorbike has one, read the manual to be sure you know how to be used so the reading is correct. 
 check your owner’s manual to make certain how the stick is to be inserted for an accurate reading. You need to wash the stick first and then insert it into the case until it fully gets in. Once you take it out, you need to watch the level and the color. The manuals usually indicate at which level it needs a refill and how the color needs to be. 

How often do motorcycle oil change?

This article explains it in detail if you need further information. 
Normally, non-synthetic motorcycle oils can last about 3,000 miles whereas synthetic oils can be used without being changed for 5,000 miles or even more.  

How to check motorcycle oil level dipstick?

Read the manual to be sure how to use it and how the stick needs to be inserted for an accurate reading. You need to wash the stick first and then insert it into the case until it fully gets in. Once you take it out, you need to watch the level and the color. The manuals usually indicate at which level it needs to be changed and how the color needs to be so it does not get old.

How often does an oil motorcycle chain?

200-1000 miles depending on various factors such as manufacturer’s, how much you use it, weather conditions, and road type. For more information about this question, visit this link.

Where to get Motorcycle Oil Change Kits?

If you want to buy oil change kits, the best place is on Amazon. They come in handy when you want to buy it for less and you don’t want to miss any product that is needed in the oil change process. What do these kits include? 1) The necessary bottles for the oil change, 2) Transmission Oil, 3) Primary Oil, 4) Oil Filter. 

Where to buy motorcycle oil filters?

Motorcycle Oil filters can be bought on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart and you will get the best deals. 

Can you use Car Oil on a Motorcycle?

The quick answer is no, you cannot use car oil on a motorcycle. Motorcycle oil is formulated differently than car oil, and using the wrong oil in your motorcycle can result in serious engine damage.

Car oil is designed to lubricate the many different moving parts in an engine, including pistons, rods, and bearings.

How to Choose Engine Oil for Bike

When choosing engine oil for your bike, you need to consider a few different factors. The first is the type of bike you have. There are oils made specifically for motorcycles, and you need to make sure you’re using the right oil for your bike. The second factor is the climate. If you live in a hot climate, you’ll need to use a different oil than if you live in a cold climate. The third factor is the type of riding you do. If you ride your bike hard, you’ll need to use a different oil than if you ride it gently. Finally, you need to consider the brand of oil.

What is 4t Motorcycle Oil?

4t motorcycle oil is most commonly used in motorcycle engines that require a 4-stroke oil. This oil helps to lubricate the engine, clean the engine, and cool the engine. It also helps to protect the engine from wear and tear.

Can I use Fully Synthetic Oil in my Motorcycle?

You can use fully synthetic oil in your motorcycle, but you need to check your owner’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. Some manufacturers require that you use only their brand of oil, while others allow you to use any type of oil that meets their specifications. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your motorcycle.

Video explaining what is the difference between car oil and motorcycle oil


Motor oil is one of the most important parts of the regular maintenance of your motorcycle. For the most part, we recommend synthetic or part synthetic oils as they can be specially formulated to suit the exact needs of your bike.

Even if you are the type that listens to good music thru top-of-the-line motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, or someone who is more focused on making your motorcycle look good with flashy helmet stickers or awesome motorcycle stickers, you still need to think about the quality of oil you use for your motorcycle.

The options we briefly reviewed here provide a nice spectrum of different quality options for the best motorcycle oil – for those who need engine oil for performance, daily riding, or just general-purpose lubrication. 

Whether or not you choose one of these options, or simply use this as a starting point to further research and shopping, you should now be armed with the basics you need to understand oil grades and what to look for depending on your driving style and needs.

Enjoy your rides!


To keep your rides smooth and hassle-free, make sure to get the best motorcycle GPS unit, too!

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