The fascination for motorcycles is strongly embedded in American culture. And it is interesting that the hot wheels have captivated people from all walks of life, regardless of class, gender, or ethnicity.

We do love to drive, but what else brings us closer to the experience than motorcycles? There are no obstructions to savor the view, unlike a car, and few things are as invigorating as feeling the wind on your face while you speed down the road.

photo of a motorcycle

It is also great that owning a motorcycle is not a pipe dream for many people. There are different models available for every budget. Unlike, say, quads or dirt bikes, it is easier to justify owning a motorcycle, too.

You do not have to love the outdoors to own one. Live in a city where traffic is unbearable? You can squeeze your way through with a motorcycle just like you would with a bicycle. Even if they consume fuel, what you pay will not be as high compared to taking a car. 

And let’s face it ⁠— they are also undeniably cool. That has been the case for decades. Remember Easy Rider? The Wild Angels? The modern motorcycle has been around before most of us have been born, and has been adored since. And that “coolness” can also extend to the person riding them.

a man and his motorcycle

We completely get it if you want to own one. They are slick, convenient and enjoyable. Which is why this page is dedicated just for ‘em. Want to know which features matter, what models look best with you on it? Scroll down.

As for accessories, we have you covered too. Music lovers can start with the Best 10 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headsets of 2019. And despite the many dangers reported by the news, you do not have to be scared. We also promote safe driving by sharing what we know in preventing accidents while on the road.