Wagons… they do not sound as impressive as other quads, right? The mention of ATVs will do something for the ears of adventure seekers, but perhaps that is not the case for the wagon.

Whereas the former represents danger and thrill, the latter is often associated with reliability and production. And really, what is wrong with that? It is still a technology that deserves to be acknowledged.

The word wagon can mean different things. You have your station wagons, which have lost their popularity in the passing years, and were used to carry families around. There are debates if they are really wagons… but we won’t discuss that here.

kids playing with a wagon

And then you have the more traditional ones that are often compared to carts. The main difference lies in the number of wheels as most carts only have two.

These wagons are mainly used to transport different sorts of goods and supplies and are pulled by animals such as horses or oxen. At times, people could ride them too but they were not built with that in mind.

There are general wagons, and then there are more specialized types. You have models that are specifically built to aid in farming, and then you have ones dedicated for irrigation. Wagons are also helpful in mines and in railways, used to carry heavier loads.

They can even be depended on for deliveries! So, despite the non-exciting name, they serve multiple purposes and are often vital in the operation of different industries.

kid pushing a wagon

And then there are wagons used by children. They serve the same purpose, like carrying their things, or they could be something fun to ride. Some can even be converted into temporary beds, and others come with umbrellas to protect your little one from precipitation or rays from the sun.

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