When it comes to motorized vehicles, most people are torn between two-wheeled options, like motorcycles and bikes, and four-wheeled options, which we generally categorize here at AllBikingStuff as quads. Most forget that there is another choice that goes with not two, not four, but three wheels. 

Trikes, short for motorized tricycles, is the term you are looking for.

photo of a beautiful trike

Trikes take different forms depending on where you are. On this page, though, we are not discriminating any models as long as they meet the primary criterion: being supported by three wheels. These vehicles have a long history that spans for decades. Recently, they are seeing a surge in popularity, resulting in more options for us who love to ride them.

Is there a good reason for choosing trikes over other types of wheeled vehicles? Sure. Unlike two-wheeled options like scoots or dirt bikes, trikes provide more balance. They can be an attractive option to those who find it difficult to operate motorcycles.

Another is the weight they carry, which allows for stability. There are many others but we also like to emphasize that it is fun and indubitably, a different experience. You can even bring your kids along for it! 

man driving a unique trike

Here, you’ll find what makes trikes different — besides the number of wheels, steering and design are also other things to consider. It is interesting to know that it is often harder for veteran motorcycle riders than newbies to learn how to steer a trike.

Are they dangerous? We also have the answers for you here. We took it upon ourselves to introduce you to safety tips, must-have accessories, and lists of ten best tricycles, although at this point they are still limited to kids.

At a time when people are exploring more options for transportation, it may be good to look into trikes. They’re easy to learn, give more balance and can be a step towards reducing your carbon footprint! It’s worth mentioning that they can be eye-catchers too. We’ll have more content for you to consume soon as you make the shift to three wheels.