Anyone who wants to travel light and is eco-conscious would have probably already considered bicycles. Its advantages over cars, for example, are now being magnified because of the urgency of the climate crisis. There are no harmful emissions from your basic bicycles, or byproducts that could reach bodies of water. 

It also has the pleasant side effect of exercising your body instead of being stuck in traffic while in a car. It’s hitting two birds with one stone—imagine advocating a healthier world and maintaining a fit body by biking alone? Can you believe that?


There are more advantages that matter at an individual level, like beating the traffic with a teeny vehicle (relative to cars, at least) and saving money when it comes to both buying and maintenance.

Paying for gas is essentially a non-issue, and so is parking. If you use bikes instead of public transport, it is also easier to the pocket. In an ideal world, we could all be biking.

All these are good things, and the environmental aspect is especially noble. And of course, we here at AllBikingStuff are all for it! Now, it’s time for our contribution—on this page, we will detail everything you need to know about bikes.

Around since the 19th century, bikes have made getting from one place to another easier for many people. And with the aid of technology, there are now more options for different kinds of riders.

Whether it’s for the street or off-road, recreational, commuting, there is something for you. The designs have also become more comfortable for riders of different levels.

We’ll also educate you on your best options for every budget. Want to know the cheapest bargains or maybe the best bicycles for ages 2 to 13? You don’t have to look any further.

We’re also here to weigh the advantages over using other two-wheeled vehicles, like motorcycles. And if you want to further your actions of eco-friendly transport, you might also want to check out our dedicated sections for electric bikes and skates.