Coleman Mini Bike Powersports CT200U Gas Powered Review

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COLEMAN CT200U Mini Bike Review

If you search for the best mini bikes online, the CT200U made by Coleman is one of those that you will immediately come across. It certainly looks impressive and the company has a solid reputation after years of selling ATVs, UTVs, mini bikes and other powersports.

But is this the Coleman CT200U bike you are looking for you or your kids?

If you have never been on one of these bikes before, it is normal to be skeptical, and you’re probably not sure if it is even large enough for adults or if it just fits kids.

Don't worry, we've got options for the best electric bikes for adults and best electric bikes below $1000, too. But if you're here for the mini bike review, read on.

That is what this is for, as we’re going to take a deeper look through our own Coleman CT200U review and determine if it is as good as advertised. We have seen and tested more than our fair share of mini bikes, and wanted to find out how the CT200U stacks up with the beat of them.

Best Kid Mini Bike - Coleman CT200U


Coleman CT200U Mini Bike

best mini bike coleman ct200u


  • Quality Engine: this mini bike  has a well-made engine. It is a 196 cc 6.5 HP 4 stroke OVH single cylinder, and it runs smoothly. Just set the fuel valve to on and activate the on/off switch. Once it’s turned on, just pull the cord.It’s a good idea to let the engine warm up for a few minutes, and then listen as it has a rich, full sound that will make heads turn. The stroke and bore are 154 mm and 68 mm, also impressive, and the fuel capacity is 1.1 gallons.
  • The Coleman mini bike is also built with big fat tires, allowing you to climb up to 4000 feet elevation and maintain its speed.
  • Speed: the listed maximum speed of the CT200U is 20 mph, but many have been able to drive this up to 24 mph or almost 50 km/h. This is superior to what you would find on other mini bikes, but it never feels like you are out of control.
  • This CT200U Coleman model has a solid throttle control. Even when you’re at top speed, the throttle simplifies the process of increasing or reducing the speed. A throttling screw is all that is needed to adjust the speed, and it’s a nice feature to have. You could use this feature to lower the top speed if your children are riding the bike, for instance.
  • High Quality Tires: the CT200U does not have suspension, but in this case it is not necessary. The reason is the bike has such wide tires that it absorbs the shock and vibration as you ride. The CT200U is not a professional dirt bike though, so you still have to maintain the air pressure at the recommended levels.
  • Wheels: the CT200U wheels are 42 inches wide, and its pressure level keeps the ride smooth whether you’re off-road or on pavements. The wheels also respond well on trails as the large treads on the wheels really help. It is these treads that provide the surface area needed for solid grips.The treads are also responsible for enhancing the wheels’ durability, ensuring they can handle long term use. The grip is one of the more important features of this bike, as it will really come in handy when you navigate rough terrain.
  • The front and rear tires have the same dimensions, allowing you to interchange them. The large tires make it easy for you to control the bike, but it does not compromise stability.
  • Frame: the bike is solidly made, and the inclusion of the dual cargo rack on the CT200U provides you with the space necessary to carry your stuff. The frame is sturdy, and it is durable enough to withstand heavy use.
  • Fuel: Fuel consumption is very efficient. You’ll want to fill it, but it should last a long time. When compared to other bikes of this type, the Coleman does a better job with the fuel economy than most.


  • Easy to operate either for kids and adults.
  • Smooth ride even on rough terrains. 
  • Extremely Comfortable seat.
  • Excellent brakes and responsive steering. 


  • Has a weight limit of 200 lbs. but some customers say it can handle more. 

Who is it Best For?

Coleman CT200U mini bike is aimed at both adults and children who want to have some fun on the trails without the learning curve of a dirt bike with higher power. It’s a great mini dirt bike for adults who want to experience their childhood again, and for kids who want to get started on trail riding.

This gas mini bike is also for those who like their rides with easy control. The pull start system is reliable, and tires keep the riding experience stable and soft. If you’re among those searching for a comfortable trail bike, the CT200U will fit the bill. One of the questions that always come up with the Coleman CT200U is its weight capacity. The listed limit is 200 lbs. and most would suggest you stick to it.  But there are many customer reviews who state that the weight limit is too conservative. Many of those who have used the bike weight over 200 lbs. – even 300 lbs. – and say it holds up fine.

This bike is also perfect for those who like a mixture of the classical with the modern. Style wise, the Coleman CT200U is compact and would fit right in the 80s. At the same time, its 196 cc 6HP OHV engine is sufficient to get you over hills and rough terrain.

Even when you are on rugged terrain, the bike’s tires keeps you comfortable. One of the more common issues with mini bikes is how uncomfortable they can be, but the CT200U is different. We also have to point out that the racks and body frame are solid. The clutch is also heavy duty so it’s great for those who like to use trail bikes on a regular basis.

The user manual for the Coleman CT200U dirt bike can be accessed thru this link.

Bottom line: the CT200U is a good candidate for the best mini bike because of its versatility, low price, rich features, brand and its pretty design.

Coleman Powersports CT200U in action


Cheap pocket bikes under 500 bucks like the Coleman CT200U have gotten a nasty reputation, and there are those who think they’re just toys and not worth the money.

The CT200U trail bike however, is an exception as it is well-built and has outstanding specs. If you’re looking for a mini bike for adults and kids, the CT200U is an excellent choice and you won't regret buying one.

We hope you get to judge this bike better through our Coleman CT200U review. We also reviewed other top electric mini bikes in our best list.

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  1. Good solid reliable bike that will go pretty much anywhere you can imagine. NOT what I would call comfortable though. The whole frame is solid down to the wheels you WILL feel every bump unless you really underinflate the tires “only form of suspension”. There are videos online for fork upgrades.

  2. I’m having problem finding part’s for my CT 200 I looking for the small sprockets I’m not able to find in Augusta Georgia C


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