Ezip 400 Electric Scooter Review

Is the Ezip 400-500 Electric Scooter worth buying?

Ezip 400 Electric Scooter is a popular 2-wheel electric scooter made by Currie Technologies, which is one of the top brands on the market selling electric scooters.  Read on for our Ezip 400 Electric Scooter review.

This E-scooter is ideal for commuting, short trips or for a teenager to ride within their neighbourhood and have fun. It is extremely comfortable for kids, it is affordable and it comes with an original and modern design. You can also read other great electric standing scooters in our separate review.

They are sold already assembled! Ezip 400 has been around for more than 5 years and comes without seat on it. Ideal for kids and teenagers although it can be used by adults as well. You can buy it red, blue or black. 

Overall: The reviews on amazon (link here) indicate that it is a good product but it has some problems reported with the batteries not lasting as indicated in the product and chains coming off, but the problems seem to have been resolved in the last versions.  The 400 version is currently out of stock on amazon, but you can find the 4.5 version which is really similar. 

Ezip 400 & 500 & 4.5 Electric Scooter

 Ezip 400 - 91%

Speed : It runs at a speed of 12mph.

Brand: Currie Technologies.

Battery Life: 35 Minutes. 

Max Rider's weight: it can support a 180 pound rider.

Used by: +13 a

​Brakes: Hand Operated. 

Motor:  300 watts to 500 watts Tires: 10 inches rear and front tires.

Amazon Rating: 3/4 out of 5.​

Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for commuting, short distance trips, and for teens. 
  • Powerful 300-450 Watts depending on which one you chose. 
  • Original design.
  • Comes fully assembled. 
  • ​Sturdy build. 
  • ​Price is reasonable for the type of product. It is cheaper than a Razor E-300. 
  • It can be used by kids of 8+ although manufacturer claims it should be used by 13+. 
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat. 
  • Fat Tires are ideal either for unpaved roads or roads with bumps. 
  • Some customers reported that the chain comes off. 
  • Some problems with the batteries not charging, but the manufacturer seems to have resolved this. 


Ezip 400 Electric Scooter has both positive and negative customer reviews. People who had a good experience with this product state that it has a smooth ride, that the seat is comfortable, that it is really good for commuting, to explore your neighbourhood and for kids use. 

Other positive features include: the easy assembly process (takes less than 30 minutes and it is really easy), sturdy build to support 180 pound riders, low maintenance costs, and a respectable brand which is Currie Technologies.

About the negative experiences, most people point out the same issues over and over: battery charging and battery life problems and  motor working below the advertised performance.

Very few people reported that it stopped working after a short period of time and others also complained about the chain coming off. However, all these issues seemed to have been resolved by manufacturer with the 90 day warranty and with new scooter updates. 

NOTE: You can buy a new battery for Ezip 400, 4.5 or for Ezip 500 electric scooter after it dies, for just 41 bucks HERE!​  

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