3 Top Electric Mini Bikes That Will Ensure Greatest Fun Outdoors

We reviewed 3 Best Electric Mini Bikes that will make your outdoor activities fun, action-packed and safe for the kids! Find out which one offers FREE...

3 Top Electric Mini Bikes to have fun in 2022 An electric mini bike is good preparation for your kids if you want to introduce them to a life of motorcycle riding. There are great options out there, but without knowledge of what to get, you might ruin your kid’s excitement with a faulty and cheap mini bike. 
To prevent that, I’ve created this list of electric pocket bikes so you won’t be at risk to make the mistake of buying the wrong one. Take a look at the three best electric mini bikes on the market today:

This pocket bike from MotoTec is an interesting one. The manufacturer is already well-known for making a variety of vehicles for kids. This ranges from skateboards to go-karts.

This particular one is a good bike that looks great. Its design is based on racing bikes so it can seem intimidating, but it can deliver an enjoyable experience to its riders. Let’s look at the characteristics that made it worthy to be on this top electric minibikes list.


There are several features that should catch your attention. First of all,  the size. With a height of 24 inches, it should be large enough for most small children. Do take note that kids above 10 years will be a bit too big for this particular bike.

The bike’s manual says that it can handle up to 200 pounds. However, my advice would be to work with half that to get the most out of it. Also, though it may be tempting, don’t ever ride this bike yourself (an adult) – that’s just asking for an accident to happen. 

Second, the most noticeable feature of this bike is how it is powered. With three 12V batteries, you’ve got a 36V fuel source for this bike. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to charge. Just plug in the battery charger and check the battery meter to indicate how charged it is.

Another nice feature of the bike is that it has a reasonable speed. At full throttle, it can move at 20 miles per hour. This will discharge the battery faster but if your kid loves speed, this is as fast as it can get without risking their safety.

Finally, this bike is like a real one. It has front and rear brakes on its tires for maximum control. The tires themselves are 11-inch pneumatic tires that will be able to handle a lot of the strain that you throw at them.

There are a couple of reasons why you would want to buy this bike. However, there is one single drawback that we found in this product, though.

  • Cool Design: If there’s anything that will catch the attention of children, this is the look and feel of the product. This electric mini bike definitely fits in that category. It has nice curves and actually looks like a miniature racing bike that his friends will look up to.
  • Safety: One of the big concerns when it comes to toys like this is safety. There is no need to worry about this product since it operates at a reasonable speed and has a good set of brakes so that accidents would rarely happen. All you need to do is have your kid wear the right protection and they should be fine.
  • Plastic Frame Quality. You will need to be careful with the plastic frame though. It feels a bit fragile. It may easily crack if too much force is applied to it or your kid is too heavy. If it does break though, there are replacement parts available for it.


This is a nice pocket bike for your kid. As long as you watch over them, they should be safe zipping around the block on it.

Razor has made a good name for itself with its top electric minibikes. This particular Pocket Rocket model is a great example of what they’re capable of: fast, good-looking design, and safe. If you’re looking for an electric bike for your kid, this one should be near the top of your list.


There are several features that will make you interested in this product. First of all, there’s the electric motor. This single-chain motor is actually pretty powerful.

With a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, it may not seem fast, but it should be enough for your kids. Additionally, it can carry up to 170 pounds safely. Besides its power, the motor is actually pretty quiet. This makes it a good toy for neighborhoods that don’t want noisy toys being played with.

Another nice feature that makes this bike good is its battery. It only takes four hours for you to get a full charge. The 12V batteries combine to give 24V, which is a good amount of electricity and can keep the bike running for 30 minutes at max power.

  • Light: This bike is actually pretty light for all the features packed into it. Weighing in at only 42 pounds, you can carry it around easily.
  • Quick charge: Proper charging takes 12 hours. But if you just want to get your kid riding, all you need is around four hours of plugging it in.
  • Razor Brand: this is a much better brand than the motoric, which is not a recognized brand as this which has hundreds of products being sold on Amazon and eBay.
  • Small: Yes, it’s a mini bike, but it shouldn’t be this small. You may want to buy this for younger children instead of your older ones since they wouldn’t be able to safely ride it.


A great pocket bike for younger children. The small size and lower max speed make it appropriate for them.

Another model from Razor, this one decides to go for the motocross market. This bike is actually recommended for older kids and it shows in its features. This adds to the reasons why it is a good candidate for the best electric minibikes.


First of all, this is a lot bigger. It is 56 inches tall and can accommodate heavier kids. Secondly, the motocross design is very faithful. You could swear that it is a motocross bike for midgets. Finally, that engine is powerful. The 500-watt engine limits you to 17 mph, but it is designed for rough terrain and it performs well on it.

  • Off-road Design. This bike is for more than your driveway. You can have your kid riding up and down the hills with this thanks to the motor and the knobby tires.
  • Easy Operation. It is fairly easy to get running. Even younger kids new to it should be able to get how it works.
  • Fast. It can go up to 17 MPH in ideal conditions.
  • Assembly. The bike comes in parts. You may want some help in getting it assembled.


For a mini bike, this one is an amazing choice for kids. Since it ca run on rough terrains, it durability is topnotch while offering easy operation. It’s the best choice on this list.

What is a Mini Bike/ Pocket Bike?

mini bike is also called a Pocket bike or minimoto, and it is a little motorbike that can is often run by kids starting at 5 years old. They are usually built with 2 stroke engines (gas-powered). However, there are also electric minibikes which are popular for kids because they are safer and cheaper.  

How to make your minibike go faster?

In wikiHow, there is also a useful article showing how to make your minibike go faster with a step-by-step guide. 

What are the advantages of buying an Electric Mini Bike?

The electric minibikes are safe because they are not gas-powered and can be set on fire, they are ideal for kids because they are slower and easy to ride. They are also a lot cheaper than gas-powered pocket bikes. 

Where can I buy an electric minibike?

You can get one for a fair price on Amazon below 500 bucks. 


A mini bike is a small motorcycle that is more of a toy than a motorbike. It is a big step up from pedal-powered bikes (which you can DIY with a conversion kit—read about it here). It’s a great way to prepare them for adult electric bike riding (click for reviews)

Of course, don’t forget to follow proper safety precautions for the kids, as discussed in this New York Times article

The 3 mini bikes are recommended depending on the age and expertise of the kids. The first 2 are more for lower age kids of 5-9 years old because they are really easy to operate and safe for novices who do not have an idea of how to ride a bike and want to get started.

We also recommend for kids of 10 or more, the Coleman mini bike which is reviewed in detail here! Of course, we’ve covered the best adults’ electric bikes too. 

Our Top Pick: MotoTec 24" 36v​

The MotoTec 24″ 36v tops the best electric mini bike list because of its advanced features and extensive capabilities. 
This bike allows kids bikers to experience the real biking experience with features like front and rear brakes, as well as a decent speed. It can reach up to 20mph, which is great for kids who love speed—of course with consideration of their safety.
For a real-life biking experience for kids, the MotoTec 24″ 36v Electric Pocket Bike should be your #1 choice.

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