5 Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear to Keep You Safe on the Road

Put your safety first with these 5 Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear while you enjoy your fun rides. See the gear that's a TOTAL STEAL for the price of just...

In these best dirt bike riding gear reviews, we cover five products that every dirt bike lover should know about if he’s only just filling out his gear closet. For dirt bike parts, you can proceed to this list.

Most of these are protective items that should always be part of your biking uniform because they’ll save your hide if you take a tumble after a jump.  A lot of them look good, too—because let’s face it, no rider enjoys putting protective gear on if it looks uncool.

The R3 Roost Deflector boasts Fox Racing’s updated chassis design and body-hugging, sleek fit.  It also comes with premium chrome shoulders on adjustable connections, as well as fully-adjustable and even removable padded arm guards.  

There are 4 sizes available: small for those 50-120lbs, medium for those 110-165lbs, large for those 155-240lbs, and x-large for those 210-300lbs.

  • Very appealing look
  • Doesn’t impede ventilation around the torso
  • Lightweight despite its sturdy plastic make
  • Not full armor

As long as you keep in mind that this deflector is just a chest protector and not meant to be a full torso protector, it’s a great buy.  It’s hard to find anything else this good-looking and comfortable (and thus less likely to be turned away by kids, if you’re buying it for one) as well as decently protective for $40. 

Mind that the sizes run a bit to the smaller side, though. It could probably fit a larger kid, just make sure that kid drives a great mini dirt bike that will match the awesome look of this gear. 

These shin and knee guards are crafted out of the lightweight, high-impact plastic shell and use a 2-piece pivoting design to make them less likely to restrict the rider’s movement.  They use ventilated foam-padded backing for added comfort and also have elastic adjustment straps fitted with hook and loop closures. 

  • Breathable
  • Pretty cheap
  • Allow freedom of movement
  • The knee protector doesn’t have a strap

These $20 protectors are a fantastic value when you consider how much more you would be paying if you broke your leg in an accident. Hence, earning a special place in our best dirt bike riding gear list. 

Don’t skimp out on this gear even if you’re only riding mini dirt bikes (see top options that are great for your budget). It’s a must for every bike rider.

They’re not only cheap but also quite nice-fitting on most people (there are always exceptions) and also sufficiently well-designed to feel comfortable. 

They’re more breathable than most shin protectors and also go underpants very well.  It’s a bit odd that the knee protector doesn’t have a strap, but it stays on and does the job in a tumble even so. 

These boots have injection-molded durable plastic plates to protect your feet in case of impact.  They have metal shank inserts to stiffen them and ensure added support for both your feet and the boot’s shape.  

The closure is of the snap-lock buckle type and they have metal toe guards to add delamination resistance for the sole.  The interiors are of air mesh to promote ventilation through cushioning and a synthetic leather heat shield protects from heat damage.

  • Rather comfortable after being broken in
  • Attractive
  • Solid build
  • A bit stiff out of the box

They might not be the most comfortable boots out there, but for $100 and with a bit of break-in time, they’re pretty darn good.  Most people will find them flexible enough for comfort after just a few uses, and they’re also pretty robust so you know they really can do the job if your feet need protection. 

It definitely doesn’t hurt that they’re so good-looking too, as it means you won’t have to feel shy about wearing them when you’re on your super-cool bike.  Just make sure that you get the right size.

Made with premium materials, these motorcycle pants give you an extra octane of style when you’re hitting the trail.  They’re made of all-over printed polyester and nylon cloth, with Spandex panels incorporated to ensure that the pants don’t restrict your movement. 

The knee areas are structured for comfy wear when riding and also allow space for knee braces.  The inner knee panels are also made of genuine leather for longevity and serious protection.  The waist can be adjusted, too, for a better, more comfortable fit.

  • Very comfortable
  • Looks good on most people
  • Genuine leather inner panels at the knees
  • A slightly “flash” design might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

These are great-looking, great-wearing, and pretty cheap motorcycle pants you can get for under 80$.  They’re fairly high-quality in construction, with a lot of smart thought behind their design. 

The spandex panels really do help make them more comfortable when you’re moving and the knee areas accommodate knee braces like a dream.  The genuine leather pads inside the knee areas are pretty great, too.  Of course, if you don’t like the design, all the rest may well be for nothing.

Made of 1200 denier rip-stop nylon, this gear bag is designed to carry all your dirt bike/motocross riding essentials.  It has ventilated main compartments for storing your helmet, chest protector, and other fundamentals and also has mesh-vented compartments for myriad other items like goggles and gloves.  

There are several grab handles for convenience, double-stitched seams for durability, and even a vinyl-lined compartment for your electronic gadgets.  It also has a detachable shoulder strap.

  • Can hold a lot (A LOT) of things
  • Very sturdy
  • Holds up well to abuse
  • Could use slightly bigger compartments for the boots

This is an amazing riding gear bag for motorbike riders: it’s strong, capable of holding a lot, and even looks pretty nice to boot.  It also only costs $65.  That’s a pretty great price for something that can hold literally every part of your full body armor get up on the trail and still have space for more. It’s a perfect stuff carrier for riders who have to haul their dirt bikes to far off-road riding venues. (Side note: make your dirt bike smooth with a good trailer, like this model we reviewed.)


These all made it into the BEST dirt bike riding gear list for a reason, so it wouldn’t be a wonder if most people found it hard to pick the best-value product from among them.  But if we absolutely had to choose, the gear bag might be the one.  It’s just so great overall that we really had to scratch our heads to find something to nitpick, and even then it was a halfhearted gripe we produced.

All of the other products are great, too, but they also have minor weaknesses that we identified more readily.  The bag might not technically be riding gear in the sense of it being something you put on, but it’s absolutely essential for carrying your actual gear around.

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