5 Best Kids Scooters Reviews

These kids scooters reviews cover both electric and manually-powered (kick) scooters.  All of the entries here have been selected for the value they yield for their price, and as such are easily the best buys on the market today.  They’re sturdy enough to last through the usual rough action kids put their things through, aren’t likely to get your child into a serious accident, and still manage to deliver quite a bit of fun for their users.  As far as any parent is concerned, anything that can reconcile requirements like that should be worth a look.

This kids electric scooter has a chain-driven motor able to generate enough force for it to reach speeds of up to 10 mph.  It has a highly sturdy steel frame and twist-grip acceleration.  The hand-operated brake is front-positioned, and the front tire is also an 8-inch pneumatic one for easier negotiation of bumpy ground.  A charge can get you about 40 minutes of continuous usage.

  • Good, big front
  • Nice and wide deck
  • Good build quality
  • Polyurethane rear wheel
  • Hand-operated brake requires more grip than most children can give

This $117 electric scooter is a good option for most kids, even the ones who haven’t ridden scooters before.  It’s rather easy to operate as well as a steer, and the big front wheel makes it a fairly comfortable ride, even with a pebble or two in the way.  It’s not that speedy either, which is a good thing for kids’ scooters.  One does wish the rear wheel were as good at cushioning from bumps as the front, but it’s a really small quibble given this thing’s overall performance.  A bigger qualm would be the brake, but it’s not all bad—it’s just best if you teach your kids how to stop accelerating to help it “bite.”

Modeled after the Vespas running all around the streets of Rome, this mini scooter has the sort of style that both adults and kids will find appealing.  It has 12-inch pneumatic tires for quite a bit of cushioning and a maximum speed of 15 mph.  Designed for use by kids 13 years and older, it has simple controls for maximum ease of use.

  • Beautiful looks
  • Good suspension
  • Motor is fairly quiet
  • A bit on the speedy side

With a top speed of 15 mph, this is no slowpoke and probably something you’ll want to watch your kids riding on if you get it for them.  Still, it’s immensely attractive and the sort of thing every kid would love to have.  It’s easy to handle, quite well-balanced, and actually rather safe if your kid knows the basic precepts of safe use.  It also costs only $240.

This kid’s pro scooter is meant for riders 8 years old and above and uses a special deck that stays light enough for tricks while being strong enough for regular usage.  It also has a reinforced neck tube and an aluminum frame able to handle up to 220 lbs.

  • Sturdy
  • Relatively light
  • Excellent for scooter tricks
  • Not ideal for less adventurous riders

If your kid likes to do tricks with just about every wheeled toy you get him, this is the scooter to get.  Designed to take the stress fancy tricks can put on a ride, it’s also light enough to still be safe for a child.  It costs $110, though, and while that’s definitely cheap if you consider what it can do, it’s still quite a bit of money wasted if your kid won’t be putting it through any fancy turns or wheelies.

The Spark 2.0 is made of high-quality aluminum for strength and lightness, and also folds up for easy carry or storage.  It has an adjustable handlebar and a rear brake and is also equipped with a foot-controlled flint pad at the rear that can be used to produce sparks behind it.  The wheels are light-up polyurethanes and the deck has lights on the side.

  • Spark mechanism gets attention
  • Very easy to see at night
  • Foldable
  • The flint pad causing the sparks needs to be replaced after wearing down

If your kid likes it flashy, you can’t pass up the Spark 2.0.  Not only does it glow and flash lights along the deck—it even produces real sparks!  In all other respects, it’s actually much like most of Razor’s other scooters.  It’s stable, easy to steer and an all-around good ride for most children.  It costs about $80, but you’ll probably be paying more than that over time, especially if your kid likes to use the spark pad a lot (and what kid won’t?).

This three-wheeled scooter is for younger children, specifically those 5 to 12 years of age.  It has all-replaceable parts, a height-adjustable handlebar, and a learn-to-steer control system.

  • Very smooth and quiet
  • It is a Cheap kids scooter.
  • Good brake
  • Excellent build quality
  • Can’t be folded

This $130 kids scooter is one of the best-constructed ones you will find, and it even has the potential to grow for quite a while with your kid given that its handlebar’s height can be adjusted.  It’s exceedingly sturdy and the fact that all parts are easily replaceable does ease the parental mind somewhat.  It’s also very smooth and easy to steer, which many beginners will appreciate.


We made this shortlist of kids scooters for sale with the intention of helping the buyer choose only from the really proven scooters that have been sold many times for a long period. The best buy depends on what sort of child you have, what his or her age is, and whether he or she would be better at handling an electric or kick scooter.  For those buying for younger children, the Micro Maxi is the best buy, while older ones will probably love the Pocket Mod and Spark 2.0.

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