How Much Does an Electric Scooter Cost in 2022?

Find out how much an electric scooter costs, especially the tops models from TOP SCOOTER BRANDS. See where you can SAVE MONEY, plus get perks like...

Going green is all the rage nowadays as the world bands together to fight global warming. Other than banning the use of plastic bags and plastic straws, governments urge citizens to cut down on waste and take public transportation. Another option for your daily commute is scooters.

However, vehicle manufacturers have now come up with electric options that are efficient, less tiring, and environmentally friendly. So exactly how much does one of these advanced pieces of technology cost, and what factors impact the price?

First off, you need to be clear on what a scooter is. This one word can encompass a variety of different modes of transport. 

A scooter can be a child’s toy. Such a scooter would have two wheels, a narrow platform to stand on, and handlebars. To move about, the rider would need to push off the ground with one leg.

The scooter we are referring to might resemble a moped, or in the case of maxi-scooters, they resemble a motorcycle. Oftentimes scooters can possess a step-on platform and the rider is in a seated position to operate it. See our review of the best scooters for kids.

The appearance of an electric scooter is much like that of the regular gas-guzzling options. Small electric scooters may have pedals, but another telling feature is the lack of an exhaust pipe. These machines operate and move with electric propulsion.

You might also find some three-wheeled options among the traditional two.

Electric scooters are the Teslas of the bike world. They can utilize lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion ones that are built-in to the body. You charge your electric scooter much like how you would charge your phone, by plugging it into a power source.


Motorino XMr  $2790 CAD

If you live in Canada, Motorino is a great e-scooter brand established in the early 2000s. The MXR model is a beautiful and sleek design that takes after a motorcycle.

It comes in two colors and operates with the CCT drive system. With this system, you have three different gears to choose from depending on road conditions. 

Riding a scooter is much more dangerous than driving a car, which is why the MXR is equipped with ABS (anti-lock braking system).

Motorino XP models feature regenerative batteries that take energy used to break and return it to the battery.

Gogoro S2 ABS – suggested retail price of $3850 USD

It’s quite a bit more expensive than the previous model, but this 125cc option uses the latest technology, far from your usual top 49cc scooter models. The acceleration is exceptional for this little bullet, with enhanced motor output and extreme torque. Experience speed like you never have before.

The S2 is complete with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and with the Maxxis ABS tires for better grip, your ride will be exhilarating yet safe. 

The suspension system used in this model is sturdier and therefore better cushions you against all the vibrations when you turn on the torque.

The digital speedometer and smooth design give you an easy ride with lots of styles.

Daymak Alien 72V Electric Scooter – $1799 USD

This scooter is selling at a very affordable price. Coming in three different colors, this beast of a machine comes stocked with tons of features. You are protected with a money-back guarantee if the scooter isn’t up to par. The slim and sleek electric scooter with LED lights can reach a range of up to 50km per charge.

There is plenty of seating room for two people and comes with hydraulic disc brakes and a built-in alarm system. The 500W motor is powerful enough to make it up inclines of up to 25 degrees!

Electric scooters aren’t meant to be ridden at high speeds, and with a max speed of 32km per hour, you’ll be in very safe hands.

Battre E-Scooter – 65,000 Rs ($916 USD)

The extremely lightweight scooter is only 65 kg with lithium-ion batteries. The small body of this E-scooter only takes 2.5 hours for a full charge. Due to the small size, it is only meant for one person.

All the lights are LED, including the anti-theft alarm. Expect an incredibly smooth ride with the robust front and rear suspension system. 

The alloy wheels are controlled with disk brakes, giving you full control of the e-scooter.

Hero Electric Optima E5 61,866 Rs ($868 USD)

India is a country that is riddled with scooters on its crowded streets. It’s only fitting that they try to lessen the pollution problem by introducing the electric scooter.

The Optima E5 comes with lithium-ion batteries, the best option when it comes to electric batteries. They are lighter, more durable, and more eco-friendly.

Save money on gas and get anywhere you need within a 55km range. With the top speed of 40km/h, it’s the perfect choice for commuting in close proximity to your home.

Vespa Elettrica – $7,500 USD

Vespa is and always has been a trusted producer of scooters. It’s only fitting that their reliable products have a higher price point than that of other manufacturers. 

The Elettrica also uses the lithium-ion battery with zero harmful emissions. Do your part to save the earth with the help of an E-scooter.

It has, by far, the furthest range on a single charge, with a max range of 100km. Vespa takes their iconic style and puts an innovative spin on it to keep up with modern times.


As you can see, electric scooters can cost around the same price as regular petrol operated systems. However, there are some that can cost a lot more due to the efficiency and materials involved in the manufacturing process.

E-scooters are an eco-friendly alternative to other vehicles, although it does have their fair share of inconveniences. Since this product is still a relatively new introduction, charging ports aren’t often found in public parking lots.

You must make sure you have a full charge before you leave the house and keep in mind how far the max range is on a single battery charge to avoid being stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

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