Best Scooters for Kids in 2019 (Top 10 Reviews!)

What is the Best Scooter for kids?

Kids scooters are extremely popular, specially in open areas of USA. They are good for houses with space to ride outside, in a quiet neighbourhood. However, they are not used in crowded cities as New york or LA, where the lack of space and traffic jam makes it dangerous and impossible for the kids to ride them safely.

There are different types of scooters like: Gas, Electric or Kick scooters. The most popular ones are the old fashioned kick scooters, which kids need to use their feet to ride them. You can get one of them for a measy 40$, and they are a great alternative to bikes.

Whereas, electric scooters are funnier, because kids can speed without any efforts and kids love speed. But, they have their drawbacks: they are sold for a higher price, they can be more dangerous if they ride it at higher speeds and kids do not spend as much energy since the motors make the job for them.

Our #1st Pick: Best 2019 Scooter for Kids

Razor E300 - 96%


  • Ultra-Quiet motor.
  • High Quality.
  • Durable.
  • Warranty. 
  • Supports up to 220 lbs.
  • Max Speed 15 MPH.


  • Battery life: 35 minutes.
  • For kids over 12 years.

Top 10 Scooters for Kids - Reviews & Features

After a deep research online and offline, we were able to determine which best scooters for kids to add to our top 2017 list.  

We made this list based on: user experience, number of products sold in the last years, the name and quality of the manufacturers and products, durability and popularity in amazon and our own experience. We selected these scooters taking into account all these parameters and also our best preferences.  

However, we also tried to mix designs, brands, and types of scooters in our list, so our readers have a wide selection of scooters to choose from (electric, kick, caster, gas powered). Also, we made top scooters lists of each type and age of scooter for kids where we only add the top scooters for kids for that specific type of scooters.

Check the table below to move to the top list considering the type and age of scooter you are interested in.







razor e300 electric scooter

1) Razor E300

+12 years




micro mini scooter

2) Micro Mini 

2-5 years




super cycles & scooters

3) Super Cycles 

+ 10 years




Micro maxi kick scooter

4) Micro Maxi

+4 years




bike rassine pedaling scooter

5) Bike Rassine 

4-11 years

Pedal 3 wheel



Razor Pocket mod moped scooter

6) Razor Pocket Mod

+ 10 years




radio flyer scooter

7) Radio Flyer

2-3 years

3 wheel kick



mangoose scooter

8) Mangoose scooter

+5 years

Kick Scooter



razor powerwind scooter

9) Razor Powerwing

5-11 years 

Caster Scooter



razor ecosmart electric scooter

10) Razor Ecosmart

+12 years

Electric Scooter





Razor is the best brand for kids electric scooters period! They sell almost every type of scooter, and every product they make is best seller everywhere. However, the Razor E300 is specially good because it has been around for years (around 10 years now) and it was tested by many happy kids who enjoyed its ease of use, reliability, comfort, speed and high quality.

Things to consider before buying:

  • This electric scooter is best used by kids over 12 years old.
  • Max Speed is 15MPH, although customer reviews tested it and the actual max speed is 13MPH.
  • Battery lasts about 35-40 minutes of continous riding according to customer reviews (Razor claims it lasts 45 minutes).
  • Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds (some customers consider this is accurate and they consider that the structure is sturdy and robust).
  • Riding it on Hills can overheat and demand more battery and some customers claimed it is hard for them to climb at a good speed.
  • More than 1,000 reviews on amazon of the E300 model counting all colors sold.
  • This is an older design with like 10 years in the market.



Micro Kickboard is an excellent brand with the highest quality standards. High buyer satisfaction, almost perfect reputation online .Their speciality is the kick scooter and this company is well known for building reliable easy to use scooters for kids.

Things to consider before buying:

  • Age Range: 2-5 years old. It is a great beginning scooter. This has been the first scooter for thousands of kids.
  • Type: 3 wheels kick scooter.
  • Maximum rider weight: 44 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble with its 5-second assembly system. 
  • Designed in Switzerland, but made in China.
  • Some customers commented that the break comes off.
  • Durable and sturdy materials, makes it long lasting and every piece is replaceable.
  • They have a 2 year warranty.
  • It comes in multiple colors: Black, pink, blue, purple, yellow, aqua, orange, red or silver.



This is a very powerful electric scooter with 1000w 3000rpm power motor. It brings a cool Turbo/Econo mode button for full or economic throttle unlike. Parts are easily replaceable and you can even upgrade to 48v lithium for more power and speed. It is a lot more powerful and durable than a Razor electric scooter. 

Things to consider before buying

  • This electric scooter can be used by younger kids over 10 years old. But the manufacturer says that they cannot guarantee that there is a safe age to use it and the person who uses it must agree to their terms anad conditions.
  • Costs less than 600 bucks.
  • It can go up to 26mph.
  • Extra Wide Tires, Twist Throttle with Turbo/Econo mode button, and Front and Rear Disc Brakes.
  • Very sturdily built, very high quality, and excellent customer service.
  • Needs some assembly, which takes you 15 minutes.
  • Easily replacesable parts and upgradeable to get more power and speed.
  • Max riders weight: 250lb on flat paved terrain and up to 300lbs with the optional hill kit accessory.



This is the same kick scooter as the "micro kickboard mini scooter" but made for older ages: 5-12 years old kids. It has been designed and engineered in Switzerland to reach the highest quality in a kids scooter. Very strong reputation online with many customers having reviewed and giving 5 stars. It is not an easy job to make hundreds of people happy and pleased with a product.  

Things to consider before buying:

  • This 3-wheeled scooter is best for kids in the range of 5-12 years old (Elementary school kids).
  • Designed, developed and engineered in Switzerland, but they make it in China.
  • Every part is replaceable, and the materials seem to be durable and last long.
  • The wheels are made of high quality PU.
  • Easy to assemble. Anyone can do it.
  • Maximum rider weight: 160 pounds.
  • Customers say it is  fast, easy to turn and intuitive to use. 
  • Thousands of positive reviews on different online marketplaces (AND JUST THIS BLUE ONE!) with an outstanding performance of past happy buyers. Definitely one of the best products on amazon considering how difficult is to please so many customers.



This is a ane of a kind 3 wheel dual peddal scooter made by Bike Rassine. The way it works is similar to a stair-climber and it can reach 10 mph. While it can be used for fat burning purposes, this scooter can be extremely enjoyable for kids looking for speed.  

Things to consider before buying:

  • This 3 wheels scooter is best for kids over 4 years old and it supports kids of up to 110 pounds(less than 11 years old, "my guess").
  • Max Speed is 10MPH
  • It folds up so it can be transported with ease.
  • Maximum rider weight: 110 pounds(some customers complained that it is good for little kids and not for overweight).
  • Very few people complained about the quality, but one remarked that he had problems with one of the wheels coming broken off and the brake not being adjusted correctly. 



This is another popular electric Razor scooter. It has been around for a while (more than 10 years on amazon) and many kids have bought it. Since it comes in different colors(black, red, betty, pink, orange), it is a great choice either for boys and girls. It can support up to 170 pounds and it is ideal for kids over 10 years old. Its quality is excellent and it comes with a 3 year warranty. 

Things to consider before buying:

  • This electric scooter is best used by kids over 13 years old.
  • Max Speed is 15MPH according to Razor.
  • Battery lasts about 1 hour or 10 miles of use.
  • Maximum rider weight: 170 pounds .
  • It is easy to find a replacement battery if we need to: you can get one at walmart, ebay, amazon or battery store. 
  • Price range: 200$ to 400$.



Radio Flyer my first scooter is a great 3 wheels kids scooter for young kids who want to start to ride a scooter. It is one of the best selling scooters for 2-3 year old kids. There is even a version of this scooter for older/bigger kids of 3-15 year olds: Radio Flyer Pro Glider if this one is not big enough for your kids.  

Things to consider before buying:

  • It is for kids between 2-5 years old. Radio Flyer Pro glider is the same scooter but for kids of 3-15 years.
  • It doesn't fold as it used to.
  • It comes in Red or Pink.
  • Maximum rider weight: 50 pounds.
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Some customers complained that it doesn't turn with the child on it.
  • This scooter has been the first scooter for thousands of kids.
  • Price is economical under 40 bucks



Mangoose is a well known company that has built unique authentic bike designs for young riders who want to reach the limits. They have been in the bike business since 1974 with plenty of success.  

Things to consider before buying:

  • This scooter is best used by kids over 5 years old but it can still be used by older kids or adults.
  • 12" Air tires can be used in different surfaces with ease (smooth ride). Customers say that it can handle the bumps far better than the 4" razors.
  • It is a unique one of a kind kick scooter, without motor on it.
  • Sturdy, stable and fast.
  • Some customers complained about the instructions not being clear enough and the inventory not matching the actual parts that came.
  • Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds.
  • Handle bars can be adjusted for taller kids or adults (about 3" is the limit). 
  • Average customer satisfaction online according to reviews in different online stores.



This is another unique 3 wheels Razor Scooter! It is great for spinning and drifting over and over. Move hips back and forth! It is really fun for kids and it is great value for the current reduced price under 100$ 

Things to consider before buying:

  • This 3 wheels scooter is best used by kids between 5 and 11 years old.
  • It is not as fast as other scooters. If you are looking for speed, this is not ideal. However, it is fun and different from the other scooters.
  • Turning is not easy and you need to be careful, since the front wheel can make you lose stability.
  • Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds.
  • It comes with Handle brake and an easy and fast assembly required. 
  • It comes in multiple colors: Pink, black, Silver, blue, daisy, red/black.
  • Has a hand brake.
  • Thousands of online reviews with really high ratings in all the online stores that you can you look into.



This is a sit-down electric Razor scooter with a 500w motor. It was built for neighbourhood and commute transportation. It comes with a variable speed hand throttle. It is fast, fun, comfortable and green(no gasoline). 

Things to consider before buying:

  • This electric scooter is best used by kids over 12 years old.
  • 3 months warranty
  • Max Speed is 20 MPH according to razor(although some customers tested and it was running at a max speed of 16mph).
  • Battery lasts about 1 hour(customers claim it lasts about 45minutes, though) .
  • Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds.
  • Easy and fast Assembly required (comes with all the tools). 
  • You can not use it when the battery is dead.
  • Seat height can be adjusted for tall or short people unlike.
  • Portable: Can be loaded easily on the train, bus or any public transportation.

And what are the Best Kids Mopeds?

electric moped scooters for kids

The best kids moped type scooter

In our Top 10 scooter list, we suggested the Razor Mod miniature Moped type of scooter, which we obviously recommend and value. This is by far the kids moped that has been sold the most on Amazon and Ebay.

However, we wanted to give you more alternatives so you can select the one you consider the most appropriate for your kid. Razor mopeds and also regular scooters are really good products for your kids.

They have been tested on thousands of kids, and you can find really good information on them online. There are many positive feedbacks that you can read on amazon about each of these products that can help you decide what to buy.  

Also, there are other good scooters that are not Razor and they have other features that might interest you. For example, Mototec, X-treme, or generic chinese mopeds.  

However, it is hard to find a manufacturer selling mopeds for kids that can compete in quality, brand recognition, number of reviews, customer satisfaction, and durability with Razor moped scooters.  

So we suggest you take a look at the various mopeds you can select from and choose the one you think is better for you and/or your kid. It is your call after all!


It is important to point out that when we made this article, we analyzed many features including the rankings in amazon, their buying experience, durability and the number of products sold lately.

However, we paid a lot of attention to the ease of use and how fun the scooter can be for the kids who would be buying.  For us, It is critical to select in our top ranking, the most enjoyable scooters beyond any other feature.

Thus, we chose the ones with the higher level of satisfaction and which were long lasting. That is why we believe that our #1 pick, the Razor E300 is significantly better than the rest, not only because it appears first in every search in amazon, and there are thousands of reviews, but because we have the understanding that it is the funnier scooter for kids.  

We believe that no kid should grow up without one of them at home.

The Best Moped Scooters for kids: We strongly suggest you get for you or your kids the Razor Pocket Mod (Buy On Amazon). This particular model stands out from the rest in the number of happy customers who reviewed it, its brand is Razor, the leader in scooters for kids by far, its quality, design and features makes it our top #1 pick for mopeds.  

It can speed up to 15MPH and its battery can last 10 miles. It comes in different colors(red, black, violet and pink), it can be ridden by 8+ kids and it can be bought for less than 300 bucks online.

If you are looking for other mopeds, you have some good alternatives  in the range of 75-150 bucks. Or you can also buy something more expensive as this Mototec(view on Amazon).  

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