Some adrenaline junkies go for dirt bikes. Others go for motorcycles. And then there are those who drool at ATVs. 

An ATV, or an all-terrain vehicle, is at its own level when it comes to traction on the off-road. Characterized primarily by very large tires supporting a seat or two in the middle, these are controlled by handlebars instead of steering wheels. Even though they look light while tackling rough pathways, these are heavyweights as they often go beyond 250 kilograms.

Modeled to endure the harsher elements in the outdoors, they are also capable of running at 65 miles per hour, sometimes even more. 

ATV ride

If you are here, you are probably interested in acquiring your very own ATV. That takes dough, and of course, guts, because these monster vehicles are not exactly the models of safety. Danger is part of the package, as irresponsible driving with one can easily cause injuries by throwing riders off them and rolling on terrains. So if you’re buying one for you or a vehicle that can be enjoyed by other members of the family — ATVs also come in separate seats for the operator and the passenger — it’s best to keep in mind that that fun comes with some responsibility.

ATV racing

So, are you ready? We here at AllBikingStuff will serve you with important information for beginners. You can know about the models best intended for adults, as well as kids.

For the latter, there are vehicles that are especially designed for their size, with more features made to ensure safety included. We also have detailed our favorite accessories, including helmets and bluetooth speakers. Before purchasing, you should check if these are legal where you are given the dangers they pose to inexperienced riders that might operate at high speeds. 

If you simply want a reliable four-wheeled vehicle that could carry heavy items from one place to another, then have a look at our separate page for quads. Wagons, in particular, are excellent for this purpose.