Like quads or skates, the word scoots — which is our shortened way of saying scooter — can refer to different modes of transport.

On one hand, you have a motorized vehicle that often draws comparison to motorcycles but are considered safer, and perhaps, less cool. On the other, you have electric versions and models that take you to places by requiring some leg and foot effort, both considered to be friendly to the environment.

We will be covering motorized and otherwise on here, so there is no need to switch tabs.

photo of a scooter

The difference between a motorcycle and a motorized scooter is clearly defined, despite many people confusing the two. After all, they both have two wheels and run on an oil-dependent engine.

It is important to remember though that these engines are positioned differently, as the scooter has it on the rear suspension. Believe it or not, this is integral to the charm of scooters as being easier to ride for beginners and maneuver. If you want to learn which get the most value for the money, are the most durable, and most efficient when it comes to fuel, stay with us and look around.

a child riding a scooter

Meanwhile, non-motorized scooters are options for those who have the environment in high priority. We mean, who shouldn’t, right? And while going green has often attracted raised eyebrows in the past, the case is that it is no longer.

In fact, potential customers like us are now expecting more sustainable options from the brands we follow. That had the side effect of non-motorized scooters rising in popularity, alongside bicycles.

children riding a scooter

Scooters reduce carbon footprint, are good for your health (thanks, exercise!), and afford more accessibility than cars would. It removes the problem of filled up parking spaces too!

But choosing in an abundance of products — and crowdfunding for innovative versions of scoots — can make deciding a chore. We’ll let you in on the best models, both for off-road and street, as well as those that are kid-friendly, right on this page, not to mention top accessories. Stay tuned!