10 Best Moped/Gas Scooters For Commuting


Gas powered scooters are one of the best options to commute because they are fast and inexpensive whether you're commuting or just driving around town. A gas powered scooter is great for fuel economy and it's cheap to buy (you can get it for $700-2000).

With these in mind, we thought of giving you the top choices for the best gas scooters for commuting below:


TaoTao Lancer-150 150cc Commuting scooter

TaoTao Lancer-150

TaoTao LANCER 150 is our top pick for commuting around town because we consider that travelling every day to requires a little more power than a 50cc scooter and we recommend a moped that can go faster.

TAO TAO is inexpensive and it has most of what you need on a scooter without the luxury of a high end scooter but with a very pretty design, a trunk and easy to ride. It has a fully automatic transmission as well. 


  • CARB Approved. Street legal scooter for California.
  • Easy to build and put together. 2 hour takes to set it up.  
  • Economical scooter. You can get the Tao Tao Lancer  with a 150cc engine for under $900.
  •  Electric start with kick start backup
  • Fully automatic. 
  • Fast: Top speed is at 45 miles per hour 
  • Brings a matching trunk attached on the back. ).
  • You get a title upon purchase. 


  • Some customers stated that It didn't come with the instructions to build, so you need to either contact customer service or youtube it. 

Also, it has an electric start with a kick start backup as with other TaoTao scooters. But if you're looking for a full electric option for commuting, check out these fastest electric scooters.

You won't find scooters of this quality for less than $1000.  CARB approved and comes with the title.  2 people can seat in it.  

The top speed of this 50cc scooter is 50+MPH. Accelerates quickly and it is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions correctly. 


X-Pro 150cc Moped For commuting

X-Pro 150cc

The X-Pro Moped scooter is identical to the Lancer but it comes with gloves, glasses and handgrip and they offer free shipping. So the price is similar, probably a little cheaper.

It is a 150cc engine scooter as the other and can reach 55 MPH on a good surface. It has a fully automatic transmission.  It brings 12" front and rear DOT tires. You need to put this model together though it is easy. 


  • CARB Approved. Street legar for California.
  • Comes with a trunk, glasses, hand grips and gloves.  
  • Easy to put together but if you are not familiar with assembly, find someone else who can do it for you. 
  • Affordable! Free shipping. 
  • Powerful and fast engine: top speed 55 MPH. 
  • Customer service is good. 
  • Use: It is great for town/city to travel your way to work and vice versa. 


  • No many customer reviews available online. 


TaoTao Quantum 150cc Commuter Scooter

TaoTao Quantum

This is another full size, 4 stroke Tao Tao 150cc engine Scooter. The engine is powerful enough since a 150cc is generally the maximum engine power of a scooter. It can seat 2 adults. It is fully automatic. 


  • CARB Approved. Street legal scooter for California.
  • All documents for registration are mailed to you thru USPS upon scooter delivery. 
  • You can get replacement parts for this full size scooter locally or online. 
  • Great price for all the features that it comes with and its modern design.
  •  The top speed of this scooter is 55-60MPH. 
  • Comes with a trunk which is comfortable to carry anything you need. 
  • You can build it up in about 1 hour if you know what you are doing. 
  • Use: It is fun and easy to use. Ideal for town/city to commute to your work.
  •   Beautiful model. Looks great.


  • Seller did not mention that you need to change oil ASAP when received. Recommended oil: 15W40.


TaoTao ATM-50 A1

TaoTao ATM-50 A1

The ATM-50 A1 is a 50cc gas powered scooter that can also be suitable for commuting but less powerful and slower. It has been sold on Amazon for a while. Easy for beginners and slow riders.

It is a product that has been around for more than 10 years so it has been tested by many users. With just the feedback from past users, we deem it worthy to be in this selection of best gas scooters for commuting.

This has an electric start. It is easy to assemble if you follow the videos and instructions. It has a neat design and you can select the color of your taste.

It is legal in most of the states including California (CARB approved). This 50cc gas scooter is good for fuel economy and its real max speed out of the box is: 25MPH according to past buyers.


  • CARB Approved. California Street legal scooter
  • Best selling 50cc engine moped scooter on Amazon and other online marketplaces. 
  • Easy to put together. 80% assembled.
  • Nice design. Looks more expensive than it is.  
  • Max speed of this 50cc scooter is at 25MPH though it states it is 35MPH. 
  • Trunk comes attached.
  • Good customer service after buying. 
  • Ideal for commuting and to use it on short distances.
  •  Has an electric start


  • Product reliability: Some customers complain about not being able to start it but the company seems to take care of the issue. Check their website for contact details if you need assistance.


X-Pro Maui 50cc Scooter

X-Pro Maui 50cc

The X-Pro Maui 50cc Moped Adult Scooter is the second in our list.

First of all, we need to underline the fact that it includes glasses, a handgrip and gloves. It also comes with a trunk to carry small stuff you want to move. Its start is either electric or kick.  

With the 50cc engine, this provides a smooth ride and you will feel comfortable and safe with its front ABS brakes and drum brake in the back.

Furthermore, Its design is one of the strong values and you would be buying a good safe and solid scooter with a lot of stuff included for a really good price. With this scooter, you'll be safe on your way to your destination.


  • Comes with Gloves, Goggle and Handgrip included with the scooter. 
  • Street Legal. CARB approved.  
  • Comes with a little trunk to store a bunch of things in it. 
  • Great value for its price.
  • Very nice design. 
  • Max speed: 35MPH.
  • Smooth ride.


  • Not so easy to assemble. Probably you would need help to put it together. 


TaoTao EVO 50

TaoTao EVO 50

The Evo 50 is another TaoTao model. This is a full size street legal scooter of 50cc which can hold up to 300 pounds and 2 people can be seated. It is also 80% assembled so you need to put together 20%. Most of the states in the usa do not require any license. Warranty included and it is a great value for the price.  Key start and kick start. 


  • Street legal model in most states. 
  • Kick and key starting.
  •  2 adults can be seated.
  • Easy to put together with the youtube videos.
  • You will receive all the paperwork to register the scooter in your State by USPS mail after the scooter is shipped out.
  • Max Speed: 25MPH.
  • Fast delivery.


  • Some customers claimed that the scooter came with missing parts but the manufacturer takes care of the issues. 


Micro Mini Deluxe

Micro Mini Deluxe

The Micro Deluxe scooters are high end scooters like no other on the market! Its smooth riding gives your kids a sense of delight, a one-of-a-kind riding experience. Its deck is soft and stable which helps your kid push their feet safely avoiding the falls. 

Micro Mini Deluxe Handlebar Height can be adjusted from 17″ up to 25″ from the deck. It is good for kids of 2 to 5 years old. They are easy to learn to ride, robust, and turns smoothly. 


  • Free Shipping. Ships from California. 
  • Comes assembled and tested out of the box. It has been tested by professionals and it is ready to ride. 
  • CARB approved. Street legal scooter in most states. 
  • Already comes with Gloves, Goggle and Handgrip.
  • 2 adults can be seated. 
  • Comes with a trunk.
  • Its quality is better than the Tao Tao. Better details and smooth riding. 
  • Free-maintenance battery.
  • Max speed 25MPH. 


  • More expensive than the TAOs but it comes fully assembled and tested so you would avoid the nightmares of getting a non working scooter and having to send the broken parts to the manufacturer. Also, they provide free shipping which is a plus.  


TaoTao ATM50

TaoTao ATM50

TaoTao ATM50 is one of the most popular budget scooters you can find online. It's a street legal scooter with a fully automatic transmission. It has been sold for more than 10 years on Amazon and Ebay and it was one of the best sellers in its category because of its price, quality, and its reliability. 


  • It is one of the cheapest on the market. About 100$ less than the ATM50-A1 Under 700 dollars it is affordable for most of the people.  
  • It is a street legal scooter in most states. CARB approved. Check with your DMV to see if it is legal in your state. 
  • Comes with a matching trunk to carry small things. 
  • Can support 2 adults. 
  • Fully automatic transmission
  • Looks nice.
  •  Easy to assemble but you need to be knowledgeable. 90 % of it comes built.
  • Max speed is 25MPH although it states it can go up to 35MPH.
  • It can be upgraded putting in some money and it would go faster and have more power. 


  • Customers stated that the assembly is a little difficult for someone who knows nothing about mechanics. 


49cc TaoTao Sports Bike Racer50

49cc TaoTao Sports Bike Racer50

This one has been released recently by TAO This is motorbike much faster and powerful than the rest of the TAOs. This street legal scooter can reach about 40MPH, whereas the other can only go up to 25MPH.

MA requires a standard drivers license and registration. Comes with an odometer and is 49cc. (For more option, head over to this page for the greatest 49cc scooters list.)


  • Included MSO/MCO and the Odometer Statement.
  • Manufacturer sells all kinds of replacement parts in case something breaks. 
  • Looks like a kawa ninja motorcycle but it is a scooter.
  • Nice painting job done. It looks very nice. 
  • It can go up to 40MPH. 
  • Street legal
  • Fast shipping and well packed
  • Easy to start it.
  • Relatively quiet.
  • Nice cornering.
  • It is easy, smooth and fun to ride.


  • The manual is not well written and it has a lot of grammatical errors and it doesn't match with the model.
  • Mirrors do not let you have a good view of the road. 


MotoTec Uberscoot 2X 50cc Scooter

MotoTec Uberscoot

The UberScoot 2x 50cc is the last scooter in this best moped/gas scooters for commuting list. It is another stand up scooter with seat. It is the new version of the UberScoot Rx Big 50cc.  

You can have a lot of fun with this scooter. It runs at 30MPH and brings 2 11” oversized knobby dirt tires . Comes with a 2 speed shift to make sure the power of the UberScoot 2x 50cc at low speeds is boosted.

It comes with all the features of the last version of this scooter, the Rx: a quick lock 'n fold system to store and fold, disc brakes in the front and rear, forged aluminum rims, reinforced steel frame, front single spring Cam-Link suspension system, MX handlebars that can be adjusted and an aluminum deck.

If you recall the Evo scooter that looks alike, it is the same scooter with minor modifications it just changes the name from Evo to UberScoot. You need to make sure you wear protective gear and a helmet


  • Easy to assemble: About 20-30 mins to put together.
  • Loud noise in first gear and 2nd gear moves fast.
  • Good for off-road trails.
  • Range: 20 miles per tank.
  • Max speed: 35MPH.
  • Very nice design.
  •  Sturdy frame.
  • Foldable.
  • Fast shipping. 


  • Switching gears is a bit tough.
  • Manual is outdated
  • Not street legal in California

Commuting is the need to travel every working day from your home to the place where you have your job or where you study. Also, there is a slight difference between commuters who travel daily or weekly between their home to the workplace, when they live in the suburbs and need to travel to the city (these are called "long-distance commuters", while daily commuters are considered "local commuters"). 

In the past, before the cars were invented, most of the people lived within an hour walking distance.

But now, there's a long distance from home to work, due to the high cost to live in the cities, traffic jam, and how crowded it is. Thus, there are several means of transport as: cars, bikes, motorbikes, scooters, trains, subways.

commuting using scooter

In New York, subway is critical to move thousands of people per minute. Whereas, Los Angeles is wider so it is a car city. Other cities in Europe such as Paris or London the commuting is done mostly by train.

However, thanks to the introduction of the teleworking in the last years, people do not have to travel daily, so employees waste less time and money in commuting while they live with less stressed and healthier. 


Another plus is that below 50cc gas scooters do not need insurance and in most of the states you can drive it with a regular drivers license. If you don't need the power of a motorcycle, then a scooter is a good choice.

You might be asking, what is the difference between a scooter and a motorcycle?

The first difference is in the engine, as scooters only go as high as 150cc, while a motorcycle would have at least a 250cc engine. A scooter also has smaller wheels than a motorcycle, which would make it less safe to ride as a motorcycle at a fast speed.

commute scooter

Furthermore, a motorcycle is ridden with a forward-leaning position, whereas a scooter is ridden at an upright position. But if you don't need the speed or the engine power of a motorcycle, a scooter is just as good to use.

How far can you commute on a scooter?

Is a scooter good for commuting?

What is the best gas scooter to buy??

What is the best 150cc scooter?

What is the fastest gas scooter?


You can still enjoy the luxuries of having a dirt bike and a street bike. They can also be the same bike if proper modifications are made. In our case, we would much rather purchase one of the options we provided.

We hope our list contributes to your search and remember to do your research before you commit to a full overhaul, or look into one already on our list.

Our Top Pick: X-Pro 250cc Dirt Bike 

X-Pro 250cc Dirt Bike

The 250cc 4-speed manual transmission bike has everything we are looking for.

From larger tires to an easy start up, this wonderful and all-inclusive street motorcycle gives you a comfortable ride.

Not to mention, it comes in multiple colors for you to choose from. You no longer need to settle for a boring black, but a sporty blue or racy green will look good too with your new bike.

See how much money this guy saved with a scooter for commuting:


Ari James


Up to date : With the recent update, we took out all the items that did not meet the minimum requirements to be in this chart . Moreover, we deleted the information which we felt that was outdated and we added the products that have been released recently and we believe that should be added to this list.

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