3 Best 49cc Scooters – Learn how to choose a Low HP Scooter wisely?

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Moped Scooters are a type of lower powered two-wheeled vehicle that have been gaining in popularity in recent years. These come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that are suited to riders of all ages and for a variety of needs.There are lower powered scooters that are perfect for smaller and even younger riders, as well as scooters that can actually move along at a pretty good clip of speed—it depends on what you are looking for in a scooter.

Best  49cc-50cc Scooters


TaoTao 49cc Gas Scooter


Tao is the trusted and well-known maker of a wide range of different scooters of different sizes and levels of power. They are known for their quality design and powerful engines, as well as the high level of performance for the price.

The CY50-B 49cc gas powered scooter is an excellent value and a well-built scooter that can reach speeds of up to 45 MPH. The scooter is stylish and finely tooled and has a lot of performance in a small engine.

The scooter boasts rear disc brakes and front drum brakes, giving you exceptional stopping power. The CY50 also gets incredibly gas mileage of upwards of 110 MPG. Not only is this a stylish and fun vehicle, it is incredibly fuel efficient as well.


  • Max speed 45MPH.  Not recommended to go that fast, though. 
  • Street legal. 
  • Storage space under seat. Plus a luggage rack. 
  • Castrol is always a guarantee. It is considered the best motorcycle oil brand and it is the always the best seller. 
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Gas saver. 


  • Drive safely! Under 40MPH, because it is more unstable as you go faster.  


TaoTao Renegade TPGS-805 49cc Moped Scooter

Taotao renegade best 49cc moped scooter with storage trunk

Another great offering from the popular and trusted scooter maker, Tao, is the Renegade. It is a street legal, 49cc scooter that looks great and performs just as well. This is a well-built scooter that won't break the bank.It has an automatic transmission and the scooter has drum brakes up front, and disc brakes in the rear. It has a hydraulic suspension for a smooth ride and a twist throttle for easy speed control. The vehicle also comes with a storage trunk mounted to the back of the scooter for easy carrying space.

The biggest complaint about this bike is that it lacks the top speed of models in the same cc class.


  • This is the cheapest scooter of this type you could find online.
  • Max speed is: 35MPH.
  • Street Legal.
  • Comes with a trunk for storage.
  • Well packed and easy to assemble following instructions.
  • Comes with all the paperwork for you to get the plates.  


  • Some customers reported that the max speed claimed by manufacturer is way over the real. 25MPH max speed and not 35MPH as advertised. 


ICEBear 49cc Street Legal Moped Scooter, Gas Powered


ICEbear is a trusted manufacturer of a variety of outdoor motor sport items, as well as related sports apparel. They have a wide line of scooters, mopeds, and ATVs that are known for their quality and value. The ICEbear 49cc scooter is a street legal, gas-powered scooter that is available in a variety of different colors.It can comfortably seat two adults and includes a trunk as well. It has an automatic kick-start engine that can get up to 120 MPG and reach a max speed of around 30MPH (though customers reported that max speed is around 22MPH). It includes front drum brakes and rear disc brakes, with a weight capacity of 220 pounds.

The biggest complaint about this bike is that it does not do very well for hilly trips and is better suited for flat surfaces and terrain.


  • Street Legal 49cc scooter. Legal in California! 
  • Economical: Priced to sell fast. 
  • Does not spend much gas. 
  • Almost 200 reviews on amazon with an average of 4.7/5 (updated on 3-30-2017)


  • Not a fast scooter. Highest speed is only 22 mph. 
  • Doesn't work well on up hills. 

What Should you consider before buying a low 49cc scooter?

When starting out on a scooter, or choosing one for a younger person, the power of the scooter you choose is probably the most important consideration you have to make. The power of a scooter engine is measured in cubic centimeters, called cc.The basic rule of thumb is, the higher the cc, the more powerful the engine, and thus, the faster it can travel. Lower HP scooters are great for beginners and younger riders as they give the authentic feel without the danger of the power and speed.

But it would be remiss to say that higher cc bikes are only suitable for adults. Truthfully, the weight of the rider also plays a big role as a larger person may not be able to get the same top speeds out of a low-HP bike that a smaller person would. It is important to keep the size of the rider in mind as well.

Low-powered scooters, on a flat stable surface, can reach upwards of 40 MPH, which is suitable for a wide range of daily driving needs for most people who live in cities. They do lack power, so the power limits of this motor should be duly noted.

This is not the type of scooter you want for hilly areas or to carry heavy loads; these vehicles are made for lighter people and the more weight you put on them, the less efficiently they run, and the slower they go. Case in point, a low HP scooter is not the vehicle you want if you plan to have passengers.

These scooters are best for pleasure riding or short commutes, and make great modes of transportation for those shorter trips. They are efficient vehicles that can go quite a way on a tank of gas.

You want to consider the ergonomics of the scooter as well. Does the handlebar placement feel natural and comfortable to you? Is the seat wide enough? Will you be able to ride comfortably on said scooter? These are things you will need to determine in order to make the best choice for your wants, needs, and budget.

It is also important to note that in many places, there are training and licensing requirements to legally operate even a low-HP scooter. Be sure to check your local laws and regulations to ensure that you have successfully complied with all rules and regulations associated with legal operation of a scooter. You do not have to have a license in every locale, but many of them do require or at least strongly recommend a basic safety training course.

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Video Of a TaoTao 49cc scooter test drive. 


Gas-powered scooters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Low-HP scooters are a great choice for younger riders and those who simply want to use it for low-speed driving around town. We touched on the basics you need to consider before choosing the best scooter for your needs and budget. We also briefly reviewed three bikes that cover a range of price points and available options. Any of these is an excellent beginner’s scooter.

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