Best Electric Off Road Scooters (The Top 3!)

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Do you want to buy a quality “Off-Road scooter”?

If you are looking for an off road electric scooter and you want to know if it is the correct one for you, we decided to add to this post the 3 models that we consider the best ones. We added these scooters after carefully reviewing the features and prices, the customer reviews on amazon and ebay, forum comments on posts and threads, and our own experience with them. And we also consider that not every people has the same needs and budget, so we tried to add 3 models with different prices and different features so we don’t skip any customer need. Another important issue to take care of is the importance of who will be using the scooter and what are they going to use it for: for instance, if you are looking to compete on off road races, it is critical to get a performance off road scooter focused on speed, weight, and suspension. However, if you are looking to ride it on hills for fun, you are looking for other kind of features such as comfort.

Our #1st Pick: Best Electric Off Road Scooter 

Gyroor Warrior- 95%


  • Kids & Adult mode.
  • Robust and Sturdy.
  • Good for grass and dirt.
  • Affordable. 
  • Supports 265lbs.
  • Max Speed 12 MPH.
  •  Bluetooth speaker

1) Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off Road Hoverboard 


This Hoverboard self-balancing scooter is our 1st pick for offroad scooters for kids and teen. It is a very solid and robust scooter on a budget. Kids under 10 years old have been using it without any hassle in kids mode. Tires are good for uneven terrains (grass, dirt, pavement, sidewalks) where you need fatty tires to do the job.

Things to consider before buying:

  • This off-road scooter is good for kids, teens, and adults alike.
  • Comes with Bluetooth speakers for entertaining.
  • Max Speed is 12MPH.
  • Battery lasts about 40 minutes to 1 hour of continuous use.It takes 24 hours to charge it.
  • Maximum rider weight: 265 pounds.
  • It is certified self-balancing scooter under UL2272 norms.
  • 350 watt motor, with two 8.5 inch rubber solid tires.
  • It is a good choice if you want to ride on grass, sand or dirt.

    2)  NANROBOT D4 Off Road Scooter 


This is a very powerful electric off-road scooter with 2000w power motor. High-Speed Electric Scooter -Portable Folding, 40 MPH and 45 Mile Range of Riding. It has a damping system which adapts NANROBOT  to the roads of different terrains. 

Things to consider before buying:

  • This off road electric scooter is good to ride on different terrains and it can be ridden on bumps, dirt, sand and it is best suggested to be used by adults because of its speed. However, teenagers also love it.
  • Max Speed is 40MPH according to customers.
  • Foldable to transport on buses and trains.
  • Maximum rider weight: 330 pounds.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • When you ride it on hills, bumps, grass, and uneven surfaces, it doesn’t reach the max speed, which is something normal.
  • Battery: 10 hours of continuous use.

   3) SAY YEAH Electric Bike Brushless Hub Motor Scooter


This scooter made by Say Yeah is the next one we recommend. It comes with a powerful battery of 36V8Ah which lasts longer and the charge time is low.
It is foldable and its mechanism is easy and great for transportation. It comes with a sturdy resistant deck. Commuting can be a pleasure with this beautiful scooter. Its design is also very nice and unique.

Things to consider before buying:

  • This standing electric scooter can be used by teens of 13 years old or more and it is best for adults.
  • Max Speed is 20MPH.
  • It comes with 12″ fat air filled tires.
  • Maximum rider weight: 215 pounds .
  • Motor: 350W.
  • Front and Rear Suspension.
  • Great customer reviews with 4.5/5 on amazon out of 11 reviews.
  • Resistant deck.
  • Comes with Caliper hand brake which ensures speed control

These 3 Off road scooters we selected are good to ride on different terrains (dirt, snow, sand, and bumps). If you are looking for an offroad electric scooter for your kid or teen, we would recommend the 1st pick: Gyroor Warrior . Whereas, if you are looking for a more powerful and faster model for adults with  the idea of commuting, riding short trips or moving through your neighbourhood, we would recommend either something more powerful and faster like the Nanrobot or the Say Yeah. They are both great for these things in mind, they are not that expensive and they have a lot more features than a self balancing has. For under 500 bucks you have 2 great scooters that can work in uneven surfaces or something more professional for a little more than 1,000 (Nanrobot). We strongly recommend that before you buy any of these off road scooters that you read the amazon reviews to make sure they are appropriate for you or your kids or yourself.  

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