Cheap Dirt Bikes for Kids: The Best 20 Bargains For Sale

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 Kids Dirt Bikes include:

  • Low Price.
  • High Quality. 
  • Gas & Electric.
  • For Beginners, Mid & Advanced Users. 
  • For ALL kids Ages. 

The Complete Guide to Buy a Cheap Dirt Bike for Kids in 2019

In this Guide, we will review the 20 best economical dirt bike options that we found online.


We had in mind what people always request:

Best value for the money, so we did not want to recommend products that do not meet certain quality standard, even when the product is the cheapest and most sold. 

So we decided to add ONLY the dirt bikes that have been tested by many customers over the years and which meet a certain feedback rating. For dirt bike trailers that will match these top models, check out our list of the best dirt bike trailers.

Also, in this list we added different types of dirt bikes: Gas or Electric and you will also find dirt bikes made for different ages and experience. 

We included in the list dirt bikes for: Toddlers(we added 1-2 models for 2-5 years old kids), under 10 years old (beginner dirt bike riders) and dirt bikes for teenagers with more experience riding (Intermediate and Advanced riders).

If you're on the lookout for a list that's specifically for the best mini dirt bikes for kids, we got you covered as well.


1) Razor MX350 (5-12 Yrs, From 229$, Electric)

Our Rating: 96%

​Dirt Bike Type: Electric.

Kids Age: 13 & Up. 

Price: From 229$

Colors: Blue or Red.

Max Speed: 14 MPH.

Max Weight: 150 lbs

Battery:  24V, UL 2272 Certified and  lasts 30-45 minutes.


  • More than 1k customer reviews on amazon with a positive customer satisfaction . 
  • This brand is well known and their customer service, replacement parts, etc is well worth buying. 
  • Great deal for 229 bucks as listed on amazon right now. 
  • 90 day warranty. 
  • It goes fast: 14 MPH.
  • Quick and easy to assemble(in about 30 minutes or less).  
  • Super Quiet Motor. 
  • Durable: It lasts a long time.


  • Not returnable. 
  • The batteries have to remain inside the product to charge it.

2) Monster Moto MM-E250 (+7 Yrs, From 249$, Electric)

Our Rating: 95%

Kids Age: 7 & Up. 

Price: From 249$

Colors: Black.

Max Speed: 13 MPH.

Max Weight: 130 lbs

Battery:  Lasts between 45-60 minutes.


  • More than 20 reviews on amazon with an astonishing 5/5 Customer satisfaction. 
  • Cheap: This mini dirt bike costs way less than any other, it is fun for kids to use, safe and easy for beginners.
  • Can be ridden on grass or dirt with ease.
  • Straightforward to assemble. Just adjust the handlebars. 
  • Its speed is reasonable for the kids to have fun with (11-13 MPH), but not dangerous as the gas dirt bikes which need better understanding of how to ride them.  
  • Solid, robust, and durable. It is made in USA!
  • Good battery duration: it can last 60 minutes before you have to charge it again. 
  • 2 speed limiter: 7MPH for younger kids and 13MPH for older ones.


  • Hard to find something bad! Probably I would be happy to have more colors to select from, but we haven't found any flaws in this product. 

3) MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike 79.5cc (9+, From 399$, Gas)

Rating: 94%

Kids Age: 8 & Up. 

Price: From 399$

Colors: Black.

Max Speed: 23 MPH.

Max Weight: 150 lbs

Motor: 79.5cc.

Tank: 1 Gallon to fill the tank. 3 hours of use. 


  •  More than 100  customer reviews on amazon  with an average of  4.3/5 Customer satisfaction. 
  • It is perfect for youth riders of 7-12 years depending on size and rider expertise. 
  • It is economic to maintain, since it can be used for 3 hours charging just 1 gallon. . 
  • The frame is stronger than any other mini dirt bike.   
  • Well built and durable. 
  • Great beginner dirt bike. However, it is faster than any other electric dirt bike. I suggest your kid tries it and see if they feel comfortable with its speed. 


  • It can be dangerous if ridden by novice riders who like to speed. 

4)  Razor MX650 (6-15, From 450$, Electric)

Our Rating: 93%

Kids Age: 6-14 Years

Price: From 139$

Colors: Red, black.

Max Speed: 17-25 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Battery:  Charges in 6-8 hours and lasts 40 minutes to 2 hours.


  • Good customer reviews on amazon. 
  • FAST! Max Speed: 17-25 MPH. 
  • Battery: Kids can use it for more than one hour without charging the battery again. 
  • Bigger kids can use it because it can support 220lbs. Teens of 14 years old still can use it (not overweight). 
  • Twist-grip acceleration control.. 
  • It is the fastest Razor dirt bike, it is high performance. 
  • Long Lasting. 
  • Kids can have a lot of fun with this bike. 


  • It is better for kids under 12 years, although it is advertised as a 16+ dirt bike (not accurate).

5) Razor MX-500 (8+ Years, From 449$, Electric)

Our Rating: 92%

Kids Age: 8 & Up. 

Price: From 450$

Colors: Blue.

Max Speed: 15-25 MPH.

Max Weight: 175 lbs

Battery:  36Vand  lasts 40 minutes.


  • It has close to 370 reviews on amazon with a score of 4.3/5. 
  • Very nice dirt bike design. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Comes with 500 Watts motor. It runs fast. 
  • Variable speed gear.
  • Battery lasts 40 minutes, although most riders reported it lasts more than 1 hour and a half. 
  • 90 Day warranty in case you come up with any problems. 
  • Rider's weight: 175 pounds
  • Max Speed: 15-25MPH.


  • It is not a good dirt bike for kids of 14& up as Razor states. It is more for kids under 12 years old, since it will be to small for older ones.  

6)  Razor SX500 (8+ Years, From 469$, Electric)

Our Rating: 92%

Kids Age: 8 & Up. (ideal for teens )

Price: From 460$

Colors:  White (with red &blue).

Max Speed: 15-25 MPH.

Max Weight: 175 lbs

Battery:  36V, durability: 40 minutes.



  • It currently has 99  customer reviews online with a  rating of 4.4/5 . 
  • It can be used by kids at the age of 8. However, Razor recommends a kids age of 14 & Up.  
  • It is a great beginner dirt bike, because it is super easy to ride and it does not speed as a gas dirt bike. Even a kid who did not ride anything in his life can use it in 5 minutes without any trouble.  
  • It is robust, made with good durable materials.  
  • The battery charges in less than 8 hours and some buyers reported that sometimes it lasts 2 hours.
  • Very nice design. It really looks as a pro dirt bike. 
  • Variable speed. 
  • Comes with good rear and front brakes. 
  • Can climb small hills. 


  • Some customers reported problems with the battery. Read more reviews HERE

7) Razor RSF650 (12-16+ Years, Under $460, Electric)

Our Rating: 92%

​Dirt Bike Type: Electric. 

Kids Age: 12-16+ Years Old. 

Price: From 460$

Colors: Black with Red.

Max Speed: 17 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Battery: Dirt bike can be used for 50 minutes of continous ridding. 

Power: 650Watts.  


  • Lightweight (only 100lbs).
  • High speed: expect your kid to reach 17MPH.  
  • Easy to control with its excellent suspension system and working brakes. 
  • Great for beginners and intermediate riders looking for high power, quality and control. 
  • Up to 50 minutes of continuous battery use.
  • Electric: environmental friendly. 
  • It is ideal to start riding as a hobby before buying a gas dirt bike. 
  • Easy to control and safe. 
  • Has been released recently and no many reviews can be found at amazon. 


  • If you look something more professional, you need to jump to a gas dirt bike/motocross. 

8) Coleman CT100U  (10+, From 400$, Gas)

Our Rating: 87%

Kids Age: 10 & Up. 

Price: From 390$

Colors: Red.

Max Speed: 15 MPH.

Max Rider's Weight: 150 lbs

Power: 98cc 3.0HP engine


  • Currently being sold on amazon under 400 dollars. 
  • 98cc 3HP 4 stroke.
  • Comes with tool kit for assembly.
  • It is one of the most searched mini dirt bike, 
  • It is fast for a mini dirt bike: 15-20MPH.
  • It can be ridden by kids and adults. 
  • Rider's weight limit is 220lbs.
  • 15 inches tires.  
  • Sturdy and robust. Big tires and solid (does not seem to break).
  • It is very fun to ride one of these. People love to ride them, specially kids. 


  • Some customers complained about the packaging and that it came with scratches and chain lose, but they were able to return it.

9) Coolster SSR 70cc (From +6, From 550$, Gas)

Our Rating: 79%

​Dirt Bike Type: Gas.

Kids Age: 6 & Up. 

Price: From 550$

Colors: Blue or Red.

Max Speed: 35 MPH.

Max Weight: 110 lbs

Motor:  70cc.


  • 11 customer reviews on amazon with an average of 3.7/5 Customer satisfaction. 
  • Great value for the money. 
  • Automatic, three speeds. 
  • Great for beginners who are starting to ride dirt bikes. 
  • You can take it to motocross tracks or mountains trails. 
  • Carefully shipped by the dealer. 


  • Not CARB approved! Not Street legal in california. 
  • Replace the oil that comes with the bike because it will break down. Use non synthetic oil instead. 

10) Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc(+16, From 800$+, Gas, 125cc)

Our Rating: 78%

Kids Age: 16 & Up. 

Price: From 870$

Colors: black. 

Max Speed: 55 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Tires: 17-Inch Tires


  • Rating score of 3.2/5 out of 19 reviews. 
  • They use a trusted Samsung/LG battery for safety purposes. 
  • It is really cheap for the type of cc and type of dirt bike compared to branded ones.  
  • Parts are also cheap, if you need anything replaced. 
  • Comes with a Manual Clutch, for people who like it this way. 
  • Easy to assemble and good customer support. 
  • It is fast! Runs at a speed of 55 MPH. 
  • Great for beginners. Most teenagers can use it even if it is his first time riding. 


  • Carb that comes out of the box (JINKE) is recommended to be replaced. 
  • It needs some customization to use it at its maximum potential.  

11) Coleman CT200U  (12+, From 499$, Gas)

Our Rating: 77%

Kids Age: 10 & Up. 

Price: From 499$

Colors: Red.

Max Speed: 25 MPH.

Max Rider's Weight: 220 lbs

Power: 196cc 6.5HP engine


  • Currently being sold on amazon at: 499 dollars. 
  • Comes with tool kit for assembly.
  • It is one of the most searched mini dirt bike, 
  • It is fast for a mini dirt bike: 25MPH.
  • It can be ridden by kids and adults. 
  • Rider's weight limit is 220lbs.
  • 19 inches tires.  
  • Sturdy and robust. Big tires and solid (does not seem to break).
  • It is very fun to ride one of these. People love to ride them, specially kids. 


  • Some customers complained about the packaging and that it came with scratches and chain lose, but they were able to return it.

12) Razor MX400 (13+, From 310$, Electric)

Our Rating: 77%

Kids Age: 13 & Up. 

Price: From 199$

Colors: Red/Green.

Max Speed: 12 MPH.

Max Rider's Weight: 140 lbs

Battery:  24V, durability: 40 minutes.


  • 4.0 out of 5 is the customer rating on amazon with just 14 customer reviews. 
  • You can get it for 260 dollars on amazon. 
  • The battery lasts 40 minutes and it is a 24v one. Similar to Razor's durability. 
  • Easy to assemble and made with good material.
  • Brings 12″ pneumatic knobby tires for better performance. 
  • It can support up to 140 LBS.
  • It is recommended for kids of 13+, although any kid around 5-10 years can start to use it without any problem, since it is super easy to learn to ride. 
  • Max Speed is 12MPH. 


  • Customers complain about the suspension being removed and the bike is too rigid for mud.
  • It has worse amazon ratings than the Razor MX 350, which is the model that comes before this one. 

13) Tao Tao 110cc ( 7-12 Years, From 605$, Gas)

Our Rating: 76%

Kids Age:  7-12 Up. 

Price: From 605$

Colors: Green, Orange, black, blue.

Max Speed: 30MPH.

Max Weight: 250 lbs

Motor:  110cc.


  • It is a nice dirt bike that goes fast while it is safe for kids to ride it when they begin to ride. 
  • 6 month warranty. 
  • Comes in different colors: blue, black, green,  orange.
  • Your kid can start using it at the age of 7.
  • It is automatic, so it is easier for a beginner to ride.
  • You can ride it on the grass, on the dirt, or uphills without any problem.


  • Not Carb approved! Not legal in california.   
  • There are other cheaper options that are safer than this and better built. 
  • Very few people have reviewed this bike and 1 out of 2 complaint about the wires for the ignition broke the solder. 

14) Apollo 70 Dirt Bike (From 8-12, From 630$, Gas 70cc)

Our Rating: 89%

Kids Age: 8 & Up. 

Price: From 630$

Colors: Blue, black, red.

Max Speed: 30 MPH.

Max Weight: 120 lbs

Motor: Gas 70cc.


  • It is a little more expensive than the TAO TAO but well worth the money.  
  • It runs at 30 MPH. Good speed for a kid.
  • Warranty of 30 Days for all defective parts.
  • This dirt bike is good for kids under 10, but its use can be extended until they turn 12-13 if they are not to big.  
  • Beautiful design.
  • Comes in black, blue, red.  
  • It is good for more advanced kids that know how to ride. It is a good bike for beginners, too. However, they need to have some skills to ride it, since it is not one of those slower electric dirt bikes that are automatic and made for novice riders. 


  • Not too much information on amazon reviews(just one). 
  • Not Carb approved (not legal in california).
  • A little more expensive than the Coolster SSR 70cc and the TAO 70cc.

15) Vroom Rider (2-5 Yrs - From 156$, Electric)

Our Rating: 66%

Kids Age: 2-5 years. 

Price: From 156$

Colors: Green.

Max Speed: 2 MPH.

Max Weight: 55lbs

Battery: 6V. 8-12 hours to charge. 


  • Great for little kids (toddlers of 2 to 3 years old) because it runs slow at less than 2MPH.
  • A lot of fun for the little kids that want to feel like adults. If your kids start to feel the taste of this bike, they will not leave it until the battery stop them. 
  • Easy to manuever and for the kids to understand how they work.  Learning curve is non existant. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • This is the best dirt bike for toddlers that you can find online as of today. 
  • It is Safe! Since it can only reach 2 MPH, it is fast enough for the kid to feel the thrill and for us to be relaxed.   


  • Instructions aren't that clear. You need to figure it out how it works, but you will find out because it is really easy.  
  • Not recommended on grass or dirt. It is more for even surfaces. 

16) Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc (+18, From 1395$, Gas 250cc)

Our Rating: 75%

Kids Age: 8 & Up. 

Price: From 1400$

Colors: Black with decals.

Max Speed: 70 MPH.

Max Weight: 440 lbs

Max horsepower 11.5 KW/15.64HP.


  • 44 customer reviews on amazon and  3.3/5 of rating. 
  • It can speed up to 70MPH. 
  • It is a great starter dirt bike for teenagers and adults alike. 
  • It is a great dirt bike if you like replacing parts and if you know mechanics. 


  • Suspension could be better.
  • Carb it is better to be replaced.
  • Chain occasionally stretches.

17) Coolster SSR  (From 10-16 Years, From 705$, Gas 125cc)

Our Rating: 70%

​Dirt Bike Type: Gas. 

Kids Age: 10-15 Years Old. 

Price: From 705$

Colors: Green, Blue, Red.

Max Speed: 45 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

CC and Oil tank: 125cc - 0.95L.


  • CHEAP!!! You won't find something similar for a little more than 700 bucks .  
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • It runs fast at a max speed of 45MPH. 
  • Easy to use and good for beginners. 
  • It can be used by mid weight adults because it can be loaded with a max weight of 220lbs. 
  • Available in: Blue, Green & Red.
  • 30 days warranty for replacement
  • It is ideal for teenagers (10-15 years old). 


  • Not Street Legal.  Off Road only bike. 
  • Cannot put a speedometer in this dirt bike. 

18) Dynacraft eDrifter(+14 Years, From $400, Electric)

Our Rating: 73%

Kids Age: 12& Up. 

Price: From 400$

Colors: White.

Max Speed: 18 MPH.

Max Weight: 220 lbs

Battery:  36V, UL 2272 Certified and  lasts 60 minutes.


  • Nice design.  
  • Good for kids between 7-12 years. 
  • It is cheaper than most bikes of the same type. 
  • 14MPH max speed. 
  • 24V battery. It can last about 1 hour.
  • Lightweight: just 62 pounds.
  • It is electric  so you don't have to worry about burns.  SAFER!


  • It is not a dirt bike for 14 year olds as advertised. It is too small. It is more a bike for 7-12 years.
  • Just 2 reviews on amazon, indicates that this dirt bike is not a popular one, and has not been sold many times 

19) Coolster Pit Bike (+5 Years, From 339$, Gas 49cc)

Our Rating: 71%

Kids Age: 5 & Up. 

Price: From 339$

Colors:  Green, Yellow, red.

Max Speed:30 MPH.

Max Weight: 145 lbs

Motor:  49cc.


  • It is cheap for the type of mini bikes. Indeed worthy to be in the Best Cheap Dirt Bike for Kids list
  • Fast! It can be ridden at a max speed of 30 mph. 
  • 30 Day  Warranty for parts replacements.  
  • If you can manage to put together the parts, this dirt bike is really good for skilled kids who are more intermidiate to advance. Not exactly for beginners or scary kids who are afraid to run.  
  • Great customer service from PCC. 
  • Too much fun for a kid! It is fast, it works well on dirt or grass and they are FAST! 


  • Some mechanical skills are needed to put it together  and to  maintain it.  The bike needs to be correctly assembled and every screw needs to be tight before you start to use it. 
  • Not CARB approved! Not street legal in california.  
  • Not for people who don't like to fix, because you will have problems with one part or another. I suggest that you have this in your mind before buying it.  The rating score on amazon 3.4/5 indicates that many people do not like having to fix it.

20) MotoTec MT-Dirt-500 (6-13 Yrs, From 347$, Electric)

Our Rating: 67%

​​Dirt Bike Type: Electric.

Kids Age: 6-13 . 

Price: From 347$

Colors: Orange/black&white.

Max Speed: 16+ MPH with 500Watts.

Max Riders Weight: 150lbs

Battery: 24 Volts battery with 500 watts power .  Charges in 4-6 hours and it can last from 45 minutes to 3 hours in lower speeds. 


  • Easy to use, ideal for beginners because it has no complications to ride it and it can be used at a low speed (5MPH) if the kid is scared to start using it. 
  • Price is just 347$ new, which is reasonable for a dirt bike.  
  • Good suspension and brakes.  
  • Runs at  a  max speed of 16+ MPH and you can regulate the speed with a key lock (at intermediate speeds : 5, 10 & 16 MPH). 
  • Automatic: Variable throttle (3 speeds). 
  • Great value for the price: You can't beat this product price if you want to buy something similar you won't find. 
  • The max weight that it supports is 150lbs. 


  • Many problems contacting the manufacturer if your bike has any trouble.
  • It is hard/impossible to find parts if they break.  Customer service is not great. 
  • Some customers complain about the bike coming defective or not as advertised. It has a low customer satisfaction on amazon with a 3.5/5 out of 30 reviews.  

In the above Cheap Dirt Bike for Kids list, we tried to give you different options for you to choose a good dirt bike for sale cheap. Whether you are looking for a gas dirt bike or an electric dirt bike, you have different options to choose from. We believe that the BEST one in this list is the Kuberg Trial E because it is a real dirt bike made to ride in all uneven surfaces with ease, while its quality does not bring any flaws. It can be registered to Kuberg as well for easier parts replacement in cases where it is needed. However, it is the most expensive of all in this list, and we tried to make the list considering the price.  So if you are looking for a high end dirt bike to be ridden in long trails and you have the money, don't even waste your time checking the rest of this cheap dirt bike for kids guide.  

Best motocross bike for toddlers: ​ For kids within the age of 2-5 years, we recommend the Vroom Rider.

For Beginners: Our Top recommendation if you are looking for a good Cheap Kids Dirt bike for starters: Choose one of the many Razor's models available (MX 350, MX 500 MX 650, SX 500) . They are all cheap (under 500$, they are safe for kids, and very easy to use as a beginner dirt bike for teens).

Cheap Mini Dirt Bikes for Kids: If you are looking for a  mini dirt bike under 500$, we recommend you take a look at the ​Monster Moto MM-E250, which is less than 300 bucks, electric, safe, it has the highest ratings on amazon, and it works great on grass or dirt.  Another great mini dirt bike( this one is a gas dirt bike) is the MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike, which is above 400$, 80cc power, its speed is 23MPH, and it is the best seller on amazon, with great reviews.  Or you can also get the Coleman for under 500$ which is also a good choice for mini bikes. 

For Intermediate and Advanced Kids: If you are looking for something something more challenging, with a bigger size, and faster than the above ones, we suggest you take a look at either the  Apollos or the  Coolsters SSR.  

These are chinese dirt bikes, that you know that you will need to fix, replace parts and keep it maintained because they are not branded, and the quality of its pieces and because of the way they are put together, they can break with ease. So be prepared! But if you have mechanic skills, you will love these type of scooters, because you can customize them at your own taste. 

For those without the mechanic skills, you can always opt for these top electric dirt bikes for kids.

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