Best 6 Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults

 First introduced in the mid - 1970s by Yamaha, dirt bikes since then, has captured the attention of millions of adventure riders who like to ride on dirt roads. Dirt bikes are specially built and designed for dirt roads and pathways instead of smooth concrete roads. 

There are different designs and models of dirt bikes available in the market. Each model and design serve its own purpose including the driving track, mini, dual purpose bikes that can be driven on the street as well, and there are several more. Enduro, Motocross, Flattracking, Pit bikes are some more distinct example of dirt bikes. However, some of them are designed and built for competition purpose only. 

This guide gives an overview and review of the best electric dirt bikes for adults, which all have outstanding features and performance that will surely impress you. We also have options of the best dirt bikes for children, if you're looking for one.

Our #6 Top Picks for Adult Electric Dirt Bikes


Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


This electric motocross dirt bike is among the very few electric dirt bikes for adults that will offer great balance while riding on the dirt road or pathways. Razor’s motocross MX500 will challenge riding dirt without causing any risk to you or the young ones. Irrespective of the age, this model of electric dirt bike will look just fine on adults and teens.

In case of any mechanical defect, you will be able to claim warranty within 90 days after the shipping occurs. This model has an authentic Jeremy McGrath graphics and fairing design that makes it look attractive besides being sturdy.


The MX500 will offer some of the best features that are provided at this awesome price range.

  • It is fully equipped with full hand-operated, dual disk brakes to provide you excellent handling.

  • Pneumatic design of the tires will offer great balancing and maximum power transfer for riders of all ages.

  • High torque and variable speed motor provide an engine with an excellent power supply which will enhance rider’s experience in off-road riding.

  • The authentic frame geometry of the bike will help you to go at speed up to 15 mph without much resistance.

  • This dirt bike will comfortably carry a weight up to 175 pounds with reasonable height to not cause any discomfort with height while riding.

  • The dual suspension will prevent riders, especially beginners to adjust while riding through unexpected potholes.

  • The steel frame will ensure a great resistance to the impact force applied on the front end of the dirt bike.


  • 500 Watt Electric Motor
  • Maximum speed up to 17 mph
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Throttle: Twist-grip
  • Pneumatic tires for maximum power transfer
  • Dual Suspension
  • Battery life up to 40 minutes on a full charge
  • Can cover a distance of 10 miles in a single charge
  • Weighs around 112 pounds


  • Heavy-weight bike that will offer an excellent balance.
  • Rechargeable sealed lead batteries that will offer an efficient charging.

  • Chain driven motor delivers a noise-free ride.
  • User-friendly design works fine for both beginners and well-trained riders.
  • Backed with 90 days warranty.
  • Includes two 12 Volt batteries.
  • It also includes a battery charger.


  • Fuse occasionally burn out.
  • Battery runs out quickly.

Ergonomic and user-friendly design is one of the best features that separate this bike from the rest. Other features include chain-driven dirt bike that will offer a noise-free ride. We also like the dual suspension of the bike that makes it a very user-friendly vehicle. And this electric dirt bike offers excellent overall services at a cheap price. (We also reviewed Cheap Kids' Dirt Bikes for you.)


Burromax TT350R Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids or Adults


Burromax TT350R can carry weight 250 lb without causing any discomfort to the rider from mechanics to handling. It is designed not only for off-road rides but also on flat grounds. Because of its ergonomic design, this bike can reach up to a speed of 17 mph without causing any distress to the rider’s experience with riding in dirt or pathway.

This electric dirt bike is meant for both kids and adults as the height, and weight of the dirt bike is set in the supervision of professional dirt bike riders (other kids' options here). Weighing around 50 lb, you will be able to fit this bike comfortably in the trunk of your car while going on a vacation, and want to carry your bike with you. 


  • Well equipped with hydro dipped carbon fiber colors, this dirt bike is durable with attractive looks.
  • While many electric dirt bikes’ battery runs out quickly while going off-road, this dirt bike can go up to 14 miles distance without any trouble.
  • Very fast charging with only 4 hours for the battery to be fully charged, and can also be ridden with low charging while covering short distances.
  • Unlike many dirt bikes, lithium-ion battery will offer a fine back up even with partial charging.
  • Disk brakes on both wheels will allow the rider to pull over in case of any obstruction along the way.
  • They are also good with hidden features like offering two speed modes with the help of a hidden switch for choosing different speeds.
  • The performance can be enhanced with the help of upgradeable accessories for better features on your preference.
  • Alloy wheels with 12.5 inches diameter offer variable speed change without causing any trouble.


  • 24V 10ah Lithium Ion with NCM battery.

  • Motor size is 350w.

  • Seat height of 21” inches.

  • Weight limit of 250 lb.

  • Maximum battery charge time is 4 hours.

  • 2 speed modes with a hidden switch that makes it suitable for on-road and off-road rides

  • Charging can last up to 8 hours on a full charge.

  • Steel frame with the lightweight design.

  • High torque with 24 VDC.


  • Very compact design with a sturdy frame.
  • Equipped with very reflective light to help you ride in low vision environment.
  • Designed for both adults and teens.
  • Overall quality and safety assured.
  • Heavy-weight bike that will offer an excellent balance.
  • Quick customer support.


  • Low speed on high terrains and muddy environment.
  • Occasionally fail to carry a heavy load in the dirt.

The features mentioned above are enough to keep this dirt bike as one of the best electric choices at this price range. But, we like how this dirt bike offers such a good backup and gets fully charged in just 4 hours. Not just that, unlike other dirt bikes, this dirt bike can be driven with partial charging. 


Burromax TT250 Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids or Adults 


| Fast Long Lasting 250 LB Weight Limit Scooter. Elegantly designed, The Burromax TT250 will make you consider this dirt bike as a motorcycle once you get to see the looks. Indeed, this is a dirt bike, but it is so uniquely designed that it would make you feel otherwise. If you will look into some of the awesome features it offers; you will immediately fall for it if you want the best in such an awesome price range.

This electric mini bike is designed both for adults and teens. (We have a separate review on the best electric dirt bikes for kids.) Heavy duty with a welded steel frame with telescopic front forks will make you feel the smoothness even on the worst roads out there. The speed of this dirt bike is another fine advantage that you will notice, which you will barely see in dirt bikes in this price range. 


  • It has an adjustable mono shock rear suspension that will offer you a smooth ride all the way to the end.
  • It has a variable acceleration control with twist grip feature that will firm command over initial velocity.
  • Includes UL approved 1.5 Ampere and 24 Volts battery charger.
  • 12.5” inches wheel diameter, equipped with pneumatic tires will provide you with an awesome balance and control with the handling while riding on the dirt.
  • Based on the proficiency with dirt biking, you will be able to control speed from 7 mph as minimum and 14 mph as maximum range.
  • Easy and quick delivery of charger and keyed ignition will keep the machine working frequently.
  • The distinct design of the dirt bike is a combination of TT Enduro and The Flat Tracker that gives it an image of a motorcycle.


  • Telescopic fork suspension in the front wheel.
  • High torque offering 24 DC with 250 Watt motor.
  • Equipped with Aluminum alloy wheels.
  • Durable chain drive.
  • Variable throttle control with strong take-off power.
  • Two speed selection based on user expertise.


  • Seat cannot be adjusted.
  • Speed is comparatively low.

The first thing we like about this mini dirt bike is the ergonomic design that makes it look exactly like a motorcycle. The second thing we like the best about this dirt bike is its suspension feature that will offer an awesome ride even in the most muddiest off-roads. At this awesome price range, this bike offers something that many high priced dirt bikes would lag behind. No wonder it belongs to the best electric dirt bikes for adults (and for kids, too!)


Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike


This electric powered MX650 Motocross is offering a very elegant design that will offer high performance off-road. The compact electric design is sold at a very reasonable price which offers some advanced features. This electric bike is designed especially for adults while teenagers can also try their hands and riding skills.

It carries an authentic dirt bike frame geometry which helps in carrying a rider at a speed of up to 17 mph. The dirt bike has a motor capacity of 650 watts that makes it one of the best engines that can transfer maximum power. This dirt bike will provide you with a great experience even in the worse off-road tracks. With high maximum power transfer, MX650 carries high torque that would not let you down on difficult off-road rides.


The Dirt Rocket MX650 comes with a very ergonomic design and high torque producing engine that will give you really advanced features including high power transfer. The high power producing engine will make your ride unstoppable in any circumstances as far as dirt roads are concerned. You can ride your dirt bike to a distance up to 10 miles on full charge. You will be able to ride your dirt bike on the uphill terrains, dirt roads, and pathways with such ease while having full control over the balancing.

The Motocross MX650 is a good choice for riders above 16 years old at this price range. The double crown fork and dual suspension will offer you a great ride irrespective of the track. Its chain-driven motor will offer you a noise-free ride. With such features, this electric dirt bike will be decent competition for gas-powered motors.


  • Pneumatic knobby tires geared with large 16" inches and 14” inches for a maximum power transfer.
  • Acceleration control with Twist-grip.
  • Chain driven motor for noise-free, variable speed with powerful operations.
  • 36V rechargeable system with a long battery life.
  • Dual suspension for a smooth ride.
  • It is relatively faster than other dirt bikes at this price range


  • Easy rubbing of the back tire.
  • It can be a little heavier for teens

The best aspect we like about this dirt bike is its powerful torque and speed that make it one of the most considered choices that are available on the market. One more aspect that really impressed is its power to climb uphill, muddy dirt roads, and other rough terrains.



ktm electric dirt bike


KTM E-XC 2018 is definitely one of a kind from its ergonomic design to the mechanics, shows the kind of experience KTM has been carried with them. KTM has been thriving into the business for years and they know exactly what you are looking for in a dirt bike.

Zero emission dirt bike with powerpack engine potential is willing to go one extra mile than what you expect your KTM dirt bike to go. Extremely sound and silence suspension will help you keep you ride your dirt bike in the worst off-road track possible.

With its high-speed limits, this bike, among the best electric dirt bike for adults, will keep you going quickly and high with causing minimum resistance to the engine power. High torque is another advantageous feature that makes KTM Freeride be a complete dirt bike model.


While speed is one of the things that KTM always keep into consideration when building design; it is also focused on maintaining the desired engine power with high torque and framework to minimize drag. With the high quality engine, they provide a high torque of 42 nm that will push you to make the most out of your dirt biking.

Fully charged battery will help you ride on your dirt bike for one and a half hour without any trouble. It has a total power output of 18 KW and weighs around 244 lbs, which states that it is built not only the beginners, but A1 riders will not be hesitant to keep their grip on this dirt bike. Surpassing its previous improvements, KTM has featured a power capacity that is 50% higher than they have offered. 


  • Even after 700 battery cycles, the strong batteries will deliver 70% of its initial efficiency.

  • Control units are water cooled that promises trust and reliability with the ride.
  • Providing 18 KW of peak power instead of 16 KW.
  • Assures full operational safety without compromising in its operation.
  • Fully sealed powerpack engine will not be harmed even in water.
  • Both Gas and Battery Powered, E-XC is a Dual power source dirt bike. 


  • Cost is comparatively higher.

It is really difficult for us to pick out one best thing from this model, but if we were to pick one, we would like to mention the power and design that will give you smooth ride and speed on all terrains. Another thing that really impressed us is the battery efficiency. While other batteries last 400-500 cycles, KTM E-XC offers 70% efficiency even after 700 cycles.


Bultaco Brinco R Electric Dirt Bike



​Bultaco’s Brinco is probably the first ever designs introduced in the market that is only designed for off-road rides. It does not invade your wallet just like that, but it has something really interesting and unique features to offer you. 

According to them, this dirt bike is the “sportiest” dirt bike available on the market today on this price range. And rightly so, this dirt bike has a potential to speed up to 37 mph in any disoriented terrain. This bike is not suitable for on-road rides as the features that are specifically introduced for dirt roads, pathways, and uphill terrains. The adjustable inverted fork with shock absorption adjusters will make the most difficult ride look fun.

The striking frame, a hybrid design that is unlike any other two-wheeler motor is a carefully designed combination of the four key elements including bicycle, motocross, and motorbike while offering a super light design.


One thing that separates Brinco R from the rest is its online geolocation feature that is available on Android, iOS applications. It will help you track your route and real-time location to help you explore the unexplored tracks. Another interesting feature is Bultaco’s motor system that will offer you a ride up to 37 mph depending upon the difficulty of the terrain. However, this dirt bike will accelerate with more than average speed irrespective of the difficulty of the terrain. Overdrive system will allow you to increase or decrease the gear ratio by a simple click on the epicyclic gearing of Bultaco. To maintain a constant level of power, Bultaco’s easy power control system will take care of it all.


  • Durable 1.3 KWh Lithium-Ion battery

  • Adjustable Inverted Fork With 180mm

  • Full Charge Time Is 3 Hours

  • Weight - 85.9 lbs

  • Geo Location System

  • Maximum Power - 2KW

  • Maximum Speed - 37 mph


  • Geo-location Enabled.
  • Three hours of charging time.
  • Overdrive Gearing.
  • Manual Power Control.
  • Lightweight Design.
  • Adjustable Inverted Fork
  • Digital Display.
  • Geo-location Enabled. 


  • The batteries have more weight than other dirt bikes.


There are numerous things that we like about this dirt bike especially the unique feature that will enable you to track your route and the real-time location. Another thing that we like about this dirt bike is the speed it offers irrespective of the terrain. Although, the speed varies with the difficulty of the terrain, the average speed of this dirt bike is more than other dirt bikes in this price range. 

First, gasoline engine dirt bikes were first introduced in the market. It was a decades ago so, the engine was neither strong enough nor were they very efficient. In the last few years, dirt bikes were totally transformed into a whole different design and specifications.

To ride a dirt bike in dirt and pathways, the engine needs to produce heavy torque that supplies enough power to the engine. Big giants like Yamaha, KTM, Rajor and many other automobile companies came up with an elegant design that will provide you with the best possible experience while riding a dirt bike.

Engines have become more powerful and improved wheel design can allow a dual dirt bike to be driven on both on-road and off-road.
Dirt bikes are manufactured after considering different tracks which separate one design from another. While dual purpose dirt bike can run on two separate tracks, there are motocross design, mini, and trail design. Mini dirt bikes are specially designed for kids as they are lightweight and have less powerful engines.

While other designs related to dirt bikes are usually for all ages including teens. Track and other factors such as the proficiency level, and age need to be considered while deciding to buy a dirt bike. Now, to help you make a better decision with better choices, we have sorted out a list of nine electric dirt bikes for adults that are sold on the market today. 

But before you go on, remember that owning a dirt bike include the responsibility of maintaining and cleaning the vehicle. You can read our dirt bike air filter cleaning guide to help you.

What To Look For In An Ideal Electric Dirt Bike

When there was no concrete roads and highways, riding bikes on dirt has always been considered normal. Those bikes were not meant to ride on dirt but, they carried powerful engines, and they made it. Now, It is a whole different story today. With smooth concrete roads and highways, riding on dirt roads and pathways have become a sort of an unusual experience. But, people still enthusiastically prefer riding bikes on rough terrains especially dirt roads and pathways.

Let us directly jump onto getting familiar with some common features that you must look for while looking for the best electric dirt bike for adults that are available on the market. if you're on the hunt for 125cc models, click this link to see our recommended dirt bikes!


Maximum power transfer of energy from the engine to the wheel is directly linked with the torque produced by a dirt bike. Any dirt bike is able to perform strongly in off-road terrains if the torque produced by its engine is high. This is important too if you're heavy on tricks or learning how to do jumps with a dirt bike.

So, while looking for the best dirt bike, always consider the bike that produces high torque in the price range you select. Now, do not worry if your favorite dirt bike does not mention torque in its specifications. In that case, you can look for maximum power your favorite dirt bike produce. Higher the Maximum Power/Torque, the better.


Most dirt bikes offers a battery life that runs up to a maximum of 400-500 cycles. Cycles are the number of time you charge the battery can take before its efficiency drastically decline, or it runs out of the chemical rods that do not store any more charge.

If you are not tight on budget, with a little extra price, you can buy a dirt bike that would offer the battery cycles of around 700-800 cycles without any significant decline in its efficiency. However, if you are deciding to go with a dirt bike that will offer battery cycles of 300-400; it will still work as the price you will pay would be lower, and you can always replace the old batteries with the new ones.


Hand Grip is one of the most essential features that must be firm and possess a powerful grip. That will assure you that when you are riding off-road terrains, you will not feel like losing control over the handling while encountering uneven tracks. Proper grip ensures not only balance, but it is also essential for concerns.


If you are enthusiastic about adventurous dirt riding, speed is surely a concern for you. I do not need to explain it to you as everyone knows what it is. Normally, dirt bikes are provided with less speed as compared with motorbikes.

The maximum speed of a dirt bike describes the peak speed on off-road terrains that a dirt bike can go with. The Maximum speed of a dirt bike can vary which lies somewhere between 30-40 mph for advanced adult electric bikes. For beginner’s electric dirt bike, the maximum speed ranges from 15-25 mph.


The very first thing that you will need to consider is the terrain you will want your dirt bike to be running on. Once you do that, make sure you have picked up the right type of dirt bike that is specially designed for the terrain of your choice. As discussed above, there are certain specific types of dirt bikes that are available on the market. Many of them aren't street legal though, so you should follow the steps in making your dirt bike street legal or actually purchase dirt bikes that are street legal already.


While riding uphill or dirt roads, the suspension will always prevent you from shock and impact force. Suspension absorbs the impact force within the frame and prevents the rider from experiencing any shock. However, there is some amount of shock or impact force that a rider will experience. But, a dirt bike with decent suspension will minimize the shock and will not allow that force to reach the rider. 


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