Best Beginner Dirt Bike for a Teenager

Why would you want to buy a Dirt Bike for your teenage son?

Thousands of Teenagers have a thrill-seeking brain. Teens love to scare themselves and go outside of their comfort zone and they search for adventure and fun while we want them to do the opposite. And Dirt Bikes are one of those vehicles that teenagers love once they start to learn how to ride them smoothly.  They won’t stop riding once they get used to having fun.  
In this post, we want to guide the parents about the importance of choosing the correct motocross bike for their kid and what are the most important things to take into account before you buy one. We will explain what types of dirt bikes can you get and what is the difference between them. How fast can you expect them to go, what type of protective gear should you buy, and what to buy depending on your budget, level of rider, and purpose. 


Best Beginner Dirt Bike for a Teenager



Best Beginner Dirt Bike for a Teenager


Best Beginner Dirt Bike for a Teenager


Best Beginner Dirt Bike for a Teenager



This enduro 250cc motocross bike is a good option for a teenager.  When you purchase it, it comes with X-Pro Gloves, Sunglasses, and a Handgrip. It also comes with a high-end exhaust pipe. Its design is nice. 
It brings fat tires both on the front and rear to gain traction for the mud.  Front 80/100-21 and Rear 110/100-18. 82.3″(L) x36.2″(W) x 55.1″(H) wheels are great for a smooth ride for the driver.
It comes with a stylish seat that is low and comfortable to keep a max movement for the rider. 

It doesn’t come assembled so you need to put it together. It is not difficult to do it if you follow the instructions correctly. 
It comes in 4 different colors: red, green, black and blue. 

  • Good dirt bike for the price.
  • Great for beginners because it is not that fast (max speed is around 60mph when an average driver uses it) or powerful, but it is ideal to get started. It is easier to control a bike that isn’t extremely speedy.
  • The Title comes by mail separately ​
  • Street legal dirt bike.
  • If you add some TLC this might be the perfect bike for you if you are looking for something more powerful that can reach 70-75 MPH.
  • Come w/ gloves, glasses, and grips.
  • Smooth ride, cheap, and easy to run.
  • The instructions are not clear enough so it takes a few hours to build it.
  • Cost: Good dirt bike for the money. You won’t find something even close for this price
  • Comfortable Ride.
  • Good setup, suspension & brakes work well.
  • Assembly is easy to follow because there are several guides on YouTube that help you handle the typical issues.
  • Easy to learn how to drive. It is better for beginners that want to learn to ride more than advanced users. In fact, we rated this as one of the 2 Best Apollo Dirt Bikes.
  • Some customers reported having issues with the carburetor and with the assembly.

The apollo dirt bike (other best options listed here) is another Chinese vehicle that can be bought for less than 2k and that your kid can easily learn to drive. You don’t have to pay big bucks to get your kid to learn to drive. 

  • Good Value for the money it costs! It is not necessary to spend thousands on an expensive dirt bike if your idea is to use it to trail ride up and down hills. It is excellent for the average rider who doesn’t want to do tricks or something risky.
  • It is easy to maintain or upgrade since the mechanical parts are easy to access and you could find Apollo dirt bike parts everywhere.
  • Comfortable seat for an adult or a teen.
  • Transmission is easy to use.
  • Is bike is easy to maneuverable
  • Shocks can handle bumps with ease.
  • It accelerates well and it runs smoothly.
  • It is fun to ride.
  • The clutch lever and brakes work perfectly.
  • Not recommended for places where it rains a lot or for muddy spots since it has the engine and air filters opened. It is also recommended to have an extra air filter in case it gets dirty so you can keep riding before cleaning it.
  • It is easy to maintain or upgrade since the mechanical parts are easy to access and you could find Apollo dirt bike parts everywhere.

The Say Yeah is an electric dirt bike so it is not as fast as the other in this list. It is more of a vehicle to get started when you do not know how to drive a bike and you want to learn easily. Goes up to 15miles per hour, It is best for kids 13+ but a younger kid can still ride on it. 

  • Maximum Rider Weight is 150 lbs.
  • It.Fast and easy to put together.
  • 3 speeds can be tweaked at 5,10,16 mph.
  • Motor: 24 Volt 500 Watt.
  • 4 to 6 hours to charge the battery.
  • Good for beginners of  9 to 14 years old.
  • Smooth ride. Comfortable.
  • Since it is electrical, it doesn’t have the power of a gas scooter.

TT350 Burromax is another electric dirt bike. It is powered with a 350W 24VDC high torque BDC motor.A led headlight taillight lithium battery and a digital voltmeter are included. Assembly is required. It is sold at a good price. 
It can be used by kids or adults alike but they need to weigh less than 250lbs.  Its weight is 47lbs. It comes with a durable Battery life and it is easy to ride. With the battery full, you can use it for  2 hours nonstop. Colors available: blue, black, and red.

  • It is good for kids and adults. You can start to use it at 6+.
  • Max rider’s weight is 250lb on flat surfaces/ 145lb if you ride it off-road.
  • Includes a led headlight taillight lithium battery plus a digital voltmeter.
  • Its motor is powerful with 350Watts.
  • Easy to assemble following its instructions.
  • Its Variable speed makes it good for younger kids to control the ride. 2 Speed is available with a switch for 8 mph or 17 mph.
  • The Battery lasts 2-6 hours full. A lot more than the Razor dirt bikes which are around 40 minutes.
  • It is lightweight: weighs 50 pounds.
  • Runs smoothly and it is very easy to get used to it.
  • Comes in 3 different colors: black, blue flames, and blue carbon.
  • Costs more than a Razor, but it is a lot better quality. It is a reasonable price for its quality.
  • Since its quality is better than many of the same time, its price reflects its quality. But still, it is cheap for the quality.

2 Stroke or 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes? Which one is best for your kid?

Efficiency:  4-stroke engines are better.  Fuel is consumed once every 4 strokes. 
Weight: Four-stroke weights more than a 2 stroke. They are 50% heavier on average. 
RPM: A 2-stroke engine builds torque at more RPM. Whereas, a 4-stroke engine builds it with lower RPM.
Sound: The 4-stroke engines are significantly quieter than the 2-stroke engines.
Power: Since 2-stroke engines are built to run at higher RPM, they also last less than 4-stroke engines. However, they are more powerful. 
Maintenance: 2 stroke engines can be easily fixed. On the other hand, 4-stroke engines include more parts so they cost more to repair. 
Fuel: 2-stroke engines need you to pre-mix fuel and oil. 4 strokes do not require it. 
Environment: 4 stroke engines are eco-friendly.

What are all the types of dirt bikes available for sale?

Dirt bikes can be categorized into 4 different types depending on their use:

1. Enduro

The enduro dirt bike is slightly different than the motocross bike because it is built for another purpose. They are lighter than motocross and they are made for long races which combine off-road and street racing at the same time. They include turn signals, headlights, mirrors, and silencers to avoid engine noises on roads. Although they can be used on roads, they are still not comfortable riding on them because of their excessive suspension and their poor comfort to ride.

2. Motocross

These dirt bikes are specially made for racing in closed courses.
They come with single cylinders because they need to go fast for competition. They also come with a suspension method that can handle fast acceleration, bumps, and jumps that you require in a competition. 
To be able to race, they need to be extra lightweight so they do not add speedometers, lights, kickstands, electric starters, mirrors, or anything else that can make the bike heavier and that it is not required to race. 
On races, the riders usually have to be standing so seat comfort is not an important thing to consider when they build it.

3. Dual-sport or Dual Purpose 

Dual-purpose bikes must be street legal to be able to drive them on the roads. Thus, they need them to install turn signals, headlights, speedometers, and mirrors. They can be used in the street as well as over the dirt/mood so they are more comfortable riding on asphalt than a dirt bike while they are better to ride off-road than a street bike. 
A variety of these dual-purpose dirt bikes tend to use
single-cylinder engines because they are lightweight and simple and it works well on rugged terrains. However, dual-sport bikes are heavier than enduro or motocross bikes because they are not built to compete. This dirt bike style is one of the most recommended for beginners because they are easier to control and balance and straightforward to learn. They are cheaper than other types of dirt bikes as well because they do not use chrome and usually they are made of plastic.

4. Trail Bikes

These types of dirt bikes are built to be used on long rides on uneven/rough terrains. So they are not ideal for races because they do not go fast enough. Also, they are not built for bumps or for jumping. They look alike enduro bikes. They come with large tires, the handlebars come higher for a smooth turn at low speeds. Another important thing to remark is that they are lightweight to ensure that you have a comfortable ride. They run really well over many dirt surfaces and that is their main purpose.

Another categorization is:

  1. Electric dirt bike. 
  2. Gas Powered Dirt bike. 

The questions you have to make yourself before buying the right dirt bike for your teenager are “What are his plans to use the dirt bike, on which surface, and how often?”

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