What are the best Apollo Dirt Bikes Available for Sale?

Are you looking for Apollo dirt bikes for your kid or for yourself?

Apollo dirt bikes/pit bikes are one of the most economic among its type. They come in different sizes: 70cc, 125cc, 250cc, and more. 

They are gas scooters with high performance running from 25MPH to 70MPH depending on the cc it has. For a kid under 12 years old, we recommend the lowest cc, in this case the 70cc. Its max speed it good enough for a kid of that age.

If you are looking for higher speed and more power, of course you should get the 250cc wich runs at 65-70MPH depending on the age and weight of the rider. These scooters are made of good materials, but they can have different problems such as with the carburetor which can be replaced with low priced parts.

We also recommend these best Apollo dirt bikes for people looking to customize it with branded parts. It is a solid foundation to start to build a powerful dirt bike.

We recommend the Apollo 250cc for Adults:

Apollo 250cc - 82%


  • Max Speed: 70MPH.
  • Motor: 250cc
  • Parts are available. 
  • Nice big gas tank. 
  • Supports up to 440 lbs.
  • Rsp: 1330$.


  • Carbs can be a hassle.
  • Not Street legal approved for California .

These are the 3 Best Apollo Dirt Bikes Reviews

1) Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike (Fastest Apollo bike!)


Apollo 250 is the fastest of the apollo dirt bikes with a maximun speed of 70MPH on pavement.

It is considered a really good bike for beginners because of the price and ease of use. It is sturdy and robust enough to carry 2 people (supports about 440 pounds). You should always use 91 octanes gas because it does not work well on 87.

There are known reported issues with the carburetor, so we suggest that you replace them with a branded one. There is a lot of skepticism with the chinese bikes not being as good as the japanese, however, we all know that even the japanese bikes are now made in china.

Things to consider before buying:

  • This 250cc dirt bike is best used by beginners, teens and adults alike.
  • Max Speed is 70MPH according to customers on pavement with a normal riders weight.
  • It is sturdy and robust enough to carry 2 people and 440 pounds.
  • All Apollo replacement parts for dirt bikes are listed online and also available at Apollo warehouse.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Fuel capacity/type 8 Liters .
  • FRONT HAND REAR FOOT Tires,front/rear F:80/100-21 R:110/90-18 .
  • Manual Clutch.
  • Price on Amazon: $1494.

2)  Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike (Best for Starters/kids/teens- Max speed: 58MPH)


This is the second most popular Apollo dirt bike which comes with 125cc and it is being sold under 1,000$ on amazon. It is great for beginners and young riders. (Another Apollo bike model is included in our Best 125cc Dirt Bikes Review.)

Things to consider before buying:

  • This dirt bike can be used by younger kids over 12 years old, although it can also be used by teens and adults.
  • Costs about 850 bucks.
  • It can go up to 58mph.
  • 4 Stroke Single Cylinder, 124cc - Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Max horsepower: 6.0 KW/8.2HP - Max torque: 9.0/5500 - Bore*stroke: 54MM * 54 MM.
  • Clutch : MANUAL 4 Speed Manual.
  • Parts are economical so it is easy to upgrade it.
  • Max riders weight:220LBS /100 KG
  • We recommend you change the Carburetors.

3) Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike (Max Speed: 25MPH)


This Apollo 70cc is specially good for kids since it has just 70cc and speed is limited to 25MPH. Indeed a worthy candidate as top 3 best Apollo dirt bike.

It is recommended by the manufacturer for kids of 6 years old or more. It can load up to 125 pounds. You can buy a new one for just 1450 bucks.

Things to consider before buying:

  • This 70cc dirt bike is best for 6+ years old.
  • Max Speed is 25MPH.
  • It comes with front and rear suspension.
  • Maximum rider weight: 120 pounds.
  • Motor: 700W, it is California street legal.
  • Starter : Kick (Semi) / Electric (Automatic) - Ignition: CDI/Keyed.
  • Displacement: 70 cc, 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder - Horsepower: 6 HP.
  • Training Wheels : You can add training wheels to the order to get your little one off to an easy start!
  • Price: 1,450$.

Apollo dirt bikes begun its jouney in 2005 and its popularity increased in the past few years mainly due to its lower prices and higher performance.

Chinese bikes such as these are really good for starting kids who want to ride without the hassle of having to spend a fortune on branded japanese or german bikes. You can always have great user experience without purchasing models from these biggest brands. Same goes with dirt bike accessories, like this AMC-400 Dirt Bike Trailer from Rage Powersports.

Although we proposed these 3 models of Apollo, we do not by any means recommend one against the other because each of the 3 have its uses and probably each one is better for different purposes.

For instance, if you are looking for speed, power, good brakes we recommend the 250cc apollo dirt bike because it would be better for your purpose. However, if you are looking for a starter/beginner dirt bike we recommend the 70cc for younger kids of more than 6+ years old, or the 125cc apollo for 12+ years old.

Note: Apollo bikes come with a warranty from the company, and should you need assistance in terms of operating your bike, you can access the owners' manual here.

Read our POST HERE if you are needing more information to find your perfect Beginner dirt bike! We also have the top list of electric bikes for young kids here.

We hope our guide for the best Apollo dirt bikes helped you decide on what bike to get next!

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