10 Different Apollo Dirt Bike Parts/Accessories for Sale!

If you own one of the top Apollo dirt bikes, you would want to maintain and care for it with the right accessories and parts. So we tried to provide a list of the most essential dirt bike parts and accessories for your bike so we ended up selecting these 10 below.

We decided to add carburetors because many Apollo dirt bike customers complained about the apollo carburetors being defective or that they do not last too much time. We also added Apollo tires and brakes in case you want to replace them.

Hope this small list helps you find what you are looking for.    

10 Apollo Dirt Bike Parts/Accessories

Apollo Dirt Bike Part



Good for: 

Where to Buy?

1) Apollo front disk brake

Front Disc Brake


-Apollo 110cc

-Apollo 125cc 

2) Apollo Gas Tank

Gas Tank


-Apollo 50cc

-Apollo 70cc

-Apollo 90cc

-Apollo 110cc

-Apollo 125cc​

3) Apollo Black Chrome Clutch Brake Lever

Folding Brake



-Apollo 125cc

-Apollo 150cc

4) Apollo GOOFIT Foot Brake Assembly

Foot Brake assembly


-Apollo 110cc

-Apollo 125cc​

5) CNC Aluminum Folding Gear Shift

CNC Folding gear

Shifter&Shift Lever

- All Apollo Dirt bikes

6)  Apollo 4 Blue + 3 White Fairing Kits

Fairing kits


-Apollo Orion 110cc, 125cc, 150cc

7)  Apollo Jetting Carburetor

Apollo carburetor

6 Sigma

-Apollo 250 AGB

8) Apollo 24mm PD24J Carburetor Carb

Apollo Carburetor


-Apollo 125

-Apollo 150


9)  Apollo Wheel & Tire Combo  90x100-14

Wheel & Tire: Size 14


-Apollo 110

-Apollo 125

-Apollo 250

10) Apollo  Wheel & Tire Combo 80x100 -12

Wheels & Tires Size: 12


-Apollo 110

-Apollo 125


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