Best Mini Dirt Bike for the Money: Top Value and Worthy Models (2022)

Get every dollar's worth with these options of the Best Mini Dirt Bike for the Money. These BEST VALUE models will keep your kids entertained and safe!

Dirt bikes are great fun for kids and adults of all ages. It is a fun and adrenaline-filled way to stay fit and enjoy the outdoors. While it may not have been the safest sport for younger kids, technology has allowed us to scale and power down these technologies so as to be accessible and safe for children. This means that dirt biking and other pursuits can be shared by the whole family with safety and ease.

Dirt bikes aren’t exactly cheap, but there are the best mini dirt bikes for the money, which we have reviewed here. We’ll give you the list and overview of mini dirt bikes with the best value below:

Razor MX350 Best Electric Mini dirt bike

Electric mini dirt bike:
For Kids of 5 Years+

Razor is a well-known and highly trusted brand of outdoor vehicle manufacturers that is best known for their electric dirt bikes, mini dirt rockets, and non-motorized scooters. They are known for making high-quality products that are safe, durable, and a great value for the money.

The MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is a battery-powered dirt bike that is a scaled-down model of a traditional motocross-style dirt bike. Since it is electric, it is incredibly quiet and puts out no fumes and, of course, there is no need for fuel mixing.

The bike is designed for kids ages 13 and up and can reach a max speed of about 12 MPH. It is operated by a twist-grip throttle control, and a hand-operated rear brake. The biggest complaint associated with this best mini dirt bike for the money is that it may not be suitable for children of larger stature.

  • Bestseller on Amazon with thousands sold for a long time.
  • Economical.
  • Great dirt bike for beginners. Not so fast and easy to ride.
  • Stable and easy to assemble.
  • Kids can start to use it as young as 5 years old. It is safe.
  • The battery lasts about 40 minutes.
  • Customers reported that the chain was coming off.

PCC Motor is a well-known brand that is best known for its parts and accessories, as well as its well-built mini dirt bikes. The 48L 49cc 2 Stroke Mini Bike is an excellent value and a top-end model of a mini dirt bike.

The bike is powered by an air-cooled, 2-stroke, 49cc engine that requires a 25:1 gas/oil ratio. The bike has front and rear disc brakes with a hand-pulled start break. The bike can handle up to 128 pounds and can reach a top speed of around 25 MPH.

The biggest complaint is something that PCC Motors tries to make very clear at every point possible: These bikes require mechanical knowledge to assemble and keep up. They do not come fully assembled and some know-how will be needed in order to put the bike together properly and keep it running at its optimal level.

  • Max speed: 25MPH. Since it is gas-powered, it goes faster than the Razor.
  • Good for kids of 7+ years old.
  • It is more advanced than the razor. If you are looking for something a little more challenging, this is a good mini dirt bike for your kid with skills.
  • 30-da warranty for parts replacement.
  • You need to have some mechanical knowledge to maintain this dirt bike. It is not so easy to assemble and keep it working.

Finally, our last review is yet another high-end offering from PCC Motor. This is another mini dirt bike best value when it comes to high-end options. The DB50X is a 49cc, 2-stroke, air-cooled bike that has a sturdy and well-machined steel frame. The bike can reach a top speed of 25 MPH and is suitable for children up to 100 pounds.

It is durably built so as to be able to handle rough terrain, hills, and even wet grass. Like the other PCC Motor mini bike we reviewed here, you need some mechanical aptitude to be able to assemble and successfully maintain this bike. It does not come assembled and it is a real machine that requires knowledge and a bit of skill to maintain it properly.

Since it is street legal, you can drive this dirt bike on every road you want. No need to mount it on your dirt bike trailer and bring it to an off-road venue each time you want to take a ride.

  • 30-day warranty for parts replacement.
  • Fast: 40MPH with a young kid.
  • Best for kids of 6-9 years old.
  • It is good for a kid who wants a mini dirt bike more challenging than a regular electric bike.
  • Customers complain about parts not working and having to replace them.
What should you consider before buying a mini dirt bike?

When it comes to choosing the best mini dirt bike for your child, there are definitely a few things that you will want to take into consideration. First and foremost, you do not want to try to put a child on a standard-sized dirt bike; you want a mini bike that is suited for smaller kids and has less power.

Next, you will need to determine the budget that you have to work with. Mini dirt bikes come in a wide range of prices, but generally speaking, you can get a decent-quality mini bike for less than $500 if you do your research.

Next, you want to look at the power output of the bike. For younger kids, you want a less powerful bike; this will still give the bike the performance and look and feel of a traditional dirt bike, but without the speed and power that a full-sized bike has.

Most often, 49cc is a good recommendation for the amount of power that most kids can handle without issue. This allows them to move along at a fast clip, but not so fast as to be prohibitively dangerous. Regardless of the power of the bike, kids need to be supervised and these are not street-legal vehicles.

Next, you will want to determine whether or not you want a gas-powered bike or an electric one. Each has its ups and downs, so this decision will depend on your preferences, needs, and budget. Two-stroke gas-powered bikes tend to be more affordable and can travel farther on a tank of gas than a comparable electric bike can on a charge.

However, with electric bikes, you get a smoother, quieter ride, and do not have to deal with stinky emissions or mixing fuel and oil to get the right mixture for the bike. Again though, they do not have the longevity between charges that a gas-powered bike has, so it really is a toss-up.

How much does a mini dirt bike cost?

The cost of a mini dirt bike starts at approx 270 bucks if you buy one of the electric mini dirt bikes which are great for beginners. Most of them are less than 500 dollars, although you can find some premium ones for about 1.000$. The gas-powered ones are usually more expensive than the electric ones. 

Where to get a mini dirt bike?

You can get a wide range of mini dirt bikes on Amazon.  You can get electric mini dirt bikes or gas-powered. 

How to start a mini dirt bike?

In this video, you will learn how to start a gas-powered mini pocket bike. It explains very well if you never started one. 

Learn what can you do with a mini dirt bike


When it comes to outdoor activities, there is nothing that beats a fun dirt bike ride in the woods; this is a fun thing that the whole family can enjoy together. What better way to spend time together outside getting a bit of physical activity than a family ride?

Now, there are scaled-down, safe dirt bikes that are suitable for younger kids. These bikes are similar in look and feel to traditional dirt bikes, but without the power and speed of a full-sized bike. The options we reviewed here do not go more than 25 MPH, which is fast enough to keep your child’s interest, but not so fast as to be prohibitively dangerous.

Any of the models we reviewed here are great minibikes (kids’ bikes top list here) that are high quality and boast good performance.

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