10 Cheap Scooters Under 100$ that you would love to ride

Are you looking for a Good Cheap Scooter?

In this post, we will overview 10 budget scooters that cost less than 100$. These scooters can be used either by young kids, teens and adults. We all know that for some people (including myself), cheap means poor quality. 

However, we just added top rated scooters that have been sold and reviewed by the greatest number of customers, so you are not buying junk that you would throw away. For the price, we could only add kick scooters because they are the cheapest type.

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Kick Scooter


Although we believe that electric scooters, gas scooters, self-balancing scooters and mopeds (click for top list) can be really fun both for kids and adults, we skipped them from this list because they are more expensive. Thus, in the following list of 10 cheap scooters we only added Kick Scooters. This is it...

List of 10 Scooters For Sale Cheap

1) Razor A5 LUX (From 8+ Years)

Our Rating: 96%

​Dirt Bike Type: Gas. 

Kids Age: 8 + (For adults, too). 

Colors: Blue, Red.

Max Weight: 220 lbs


  • Can be used in rough surfaces and bumps. 
  • Can be folded. 
  • It can be used by kids and adults alike.  It is better for bigger riders. 
  • Max load weight is 220 lbs. 
  • Available in: Blue & Red.
  • No assembly required. 
  • Adjustable Handlebars. 
  • Extra-large Urethane Wheels


  • Small board. 
  • Some People stated that they needed to adjust with a wrench the folding mechanism. 

2) Razor A3 (For 5+ Years)

Our Rating: 96%

Kids Age: 5-13 . 

Colors: Red, Blue, neutral,green.

Max Riders Weight: 143lbs


  • Adjustable handlebar (higher than the A1). 
  • The handlebar and the deck are more robust to support kids of high weight (up to 143lbs). Compared to Razor A1 and kick scooters under 30 $.  
  • Comes in red, green, blue and clear. 
  • Great for 5+ kids and younger teens with low weight. (click here for top electric scooters for kids)
  • Good folding mechanism, as in all the Razor A series. 
  • It is a budget scooter: you can buy it on amazon for just 50 bucks. 
  • The max weight that it supports is 143lbs. 


  • Brake is hot after using it a while.

3) Fuzion Cityglide (Teens & Adults)

Our Rating: 95%

Kids Age: 5 + years.  BETTER FOR ADULTS AND TEENS!!!

Colors: Red, green, yellow, black.

Max Weight: 220lbs


  • It is a great alternative to the Razor A5 Lux which was reviewed above.
  • Comes in different colors to select: Red, green, yellow, black. 
  • Great folding mechanism. Better even than Razor's.
  • Great for adults. We recommend it more for adults than for kids, although teens and younger kids of 5+ can enjoy it, too. 
  • Max load weight: 220 lbs. 


  • Some people say that it is not as solid and robust as the razor, and that it breaks easily, specially the handlebar and wheel bearings.  Thus, it is not as well built as the Razor A5 Lux, which is its comparable.  

4) Globber 3 Wheel (From 2-6 Yrs )

Our Rating: 95%

Kids Age: 3 & Up. 

Colors: More than 10.

Max Weight: 110 lbs


  • Comes in more than 10 colors, for boys and girls. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 
  • Great for kids. It is a beginner scooter, and the 3 wheel mechanism is great to for the kids to start to balance their bodies. 
  • Great cheaper alternative to the micro mini scooter
  • Easy to setup. 
  • Handlebar does not turn, which is good for beginners not to fall and start scooting. 


5) Fuzion Cityglide B200 (Teens & Adults)

Our Rating: 94%

Kids Age: 13 & Up. 

Colors: Blue, Gold, Black.

Max Weight: 220 lbs.

Foldable and Adjustable HandleBar. ​


  • This is one of the top kick scooter brands. They carry a good reputation on amazon.  
  • It is being sold for just 79 bucks in some colors. 
  • 1 Year warranty
  • It has two ways to stop (hand brakes and foot brakes).
  • Lightweight - Easy to fold. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • It is adjustable to fit your height. 
  • It is easier to turn than the Razors. 


  • The Razors are better built and seems a little sturdier. 

6) Micro Mini 3 Wheel ( 2-5 Years)

Our Rating: 94%

Kids Age: 2-5

Max Weight: 60 lbs.


  • Comes in multiple colors: green, aqua, blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, pink. 
  • They have a 2 year warranty.
  • Long lasting. Can last easily more than 5-10 years with continuous use. 
  • Has been for sale for more than 10 years with great customer experience. 
  • Designed in Switzerland. 
  • Easy to turn and maneuver. 
  • Low to the ground which is better to control and safe. 


7) Razor PowerWing  (6+ Yrs)

Our Rating: 93%

Kids Age: 6 & Up. 

Colors: Silver, Blue, Sweet pea.

Max Weight: 250 lbs


  • Good folding mechanism for transportation .  
  • Adjustable Handlebar. 
  • Comes with 120mm urethane front wheel, 64mm urethane rear wheels. It is good for hard and soft surfaces.  No maintenance. 
  • Comes with hand brakes. 
  • It is really fun to ride it. 


  • High speed is lower than in a regular 2 wheel kick scooter.  We recommend a Trikke if you look for extra power on something similar.
  • If you live around hills, I would recommend helmets and pads to avoid injuries.  It runs better on flat surfaces. 

8) Vokul Mini (From 3+ yrs)

Our Rating: 92%

Kids Age: 2-5 years

Colors: Blue, Pink.

Max Weight: 77 lbs


  • It is cheaper than the globber and Micro Mini, with similar quality and design. 
  • Light up Scooter: Front wheels light up when you ride. 
  • Rear deck has an ABS system to reinforce stability.  
  • Low-to-the-ground design. 
  • Easy to assemble and it can be carried with ease .
  • Safe Rear Brakes. 
  • Great scooter for toddlers. One of the best 3 with the Globber and the Micro Mini Original (Click to view on Amazon)


  • It is not foldable. 

9) Razor Pro XX (+5 Years)

Our Rating: 89%

Kids Age: 5 & Up. 


Colors:  Silver.

Max Weight: 220 lbs


  • It is one of the Cheapest pro scooter ready for competition out of the box.  Probably 50% less than other scooters of the same quality. 
  • Comes with rubber grips, as all the pro scooters. 
  • 90 Day Limited Warranty. 
  • Maximum durability and performance.
  • The platform can spin 360 degrees while holding the grip. 
  • Long lasting scooter with quality materials. 
  • The parts are solid so you do not need to replace any of them for a long time after years of use. 
  • It is good for intermediate or advanced users that would like to make tricks and compete. 


  • It is stolen very often, so you need to be careful where you leave it in the street. 

10) Razor Cruiser Scooter (+5 Yrs)

Our Rating: 88%

Kids Age: 5 & Up. 

Colors: Yellow/Red.

Wooden Deck. 

Max Weight: 143 lbs


  • Comes with adjustable handlebars.
  • Foldable for transportation. 
  • Comes with 140mm urethane wheels and abec-5 bearings. 
  • It has a bigger deck made of wood for extra large feet.
  • This is ideal for kids of 5 to 9 years old. 


  • If you have a bigger kid of 9-15 years old, I suggest you get the Razor A5 Lux, which has bigger wheels and platform and costs the same. 
  • The grips could be made of a resistant rubber so it does not start to rub apart. 


This list of 10 cheap scooters under $100 has been created with the idea of helping buyers select a good cheap scooter which does not cost a lot of money and has a good buying experience overall. We decided to add the Razor A5 Lux as the 1st Pick of this chart because it is an affordable scooter that has one of the best ratings on amazon and it can be used by either kids and adults alike.  

However, the Razor A5 lux is not for all ages. So, we also added cheap scooters for toddlers of 2-5 years of as the Globber, Micro Mini, and the Vokul.

If you are looking for a cheap Pro Scooter,  we recommend the Razor Pro XX.

And for adults of older teens we recommend the Fuzion Cityglide B200. But here are out other recommendations for the fastest electric scooters for adults and teens.

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