Best Pro Scooters & Stunt Scooters for Kids: Top Reviews (2022)

Read the top reviews of the Best Pro Scooters & Stunt Scooters, with an IMPRESSIVE selection for your kids. Discover which is the BEST from actual users!

Riding in scooters is among the favorite hobbies and activities of numerous kids of different ages. Apart from being fun, it is also beneficial in a lot of ways. For instance, riding in a scooter can be a form of exercise that can truly help you and your kids achieve your fitness goals.

Moreover, scooters are simple to use; hence you won’t have a hard time learning them. In this article, we are going to make reviews of one of the best pro scooters as well as one of the primary options for the best stunt scooter.

Carefully read the details below and decide if these best pro scooters & stunt scooters for kids are worth buying.

Deemed the masterpiece in scooters, the Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter comes with all the necessary specifications like flat sides, flat bottom, concave top, and flushed put the head tube. You can read, black, raw, and neochrome. It also features a fully integrated headset. Its deck measures 20.5” x 4.45, while its bar measures 23″ x 22″. The entire item weight eight pounds.

  • The Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter has the following traits that customers would love:
  • Great design:  The good thing about this product is that the Lucky Scooters pro riders themselves helped design and test the deck. The aim was to ensure a design that provides high quality and performance. Indeed, the involvement of pro riders helped a lot in making it happen.
  • Complete specifications: As mentioned earlier, this pro scooter comes with all the necessary specifications needed by any user. Needless to say, this is one great advantage that not all items have. As a customer, it pays to take a look at this product.
  • Sturdy: One of the qualities that buyers look for in a product is sturdiness. And yes, this scooter has it. Being something to ride in, durability is indeed a must-have when it comes to a scooter’s traits.
  • Smooth ride: Alongside sturdiness, the overall riding experience is a major factor to consider when buying a scooter. The Lucky Covenant scooter offers a smooth ride, adding more fun and safety to its users. Having this advantage prevents possible mishaps, as it lessens the users’ chance of falling or losing balance.
  • Handlebars: Meanwhile, this product has its share of disadvantages. First off, the released products have the tendency to have problematic handlebars. Some reports state customers’ dismay over handlebars that have cracks and visible weld marks.
  • Not as advertised: Moreover, some reported to have seen a scooter that looks different from the one being advertised. Such disadvantages may be a result of miscommunication between the seller and buyer. Nevertheless, any customer should observe extra care when purchasing a product.

Who is It Best for?

Based on the features this item has, we can say that it suits the needs of users who are really serious about scootering and kids who want to take scooting to a whole new level.  This scooter is best for kids who are familiar with making tricks and for competition. It is also suitable for kids who love showing off their skills.

Verdict: Should You Buy It?

More than cheap pro scooters, high-quality scooters should be your top concern when you are buying a scooter to make tricks. With all the details discussed above, we can say that the Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter can give you your money’s worth because it provides quality above all.

Just be careful when making the purchase to ask all the questions to the seller so you do not have a misrepresented product.

When it comes to stunt scooters, this product is among the best options. It comes with a four-inch flat bottomed and flat-sided aluminum deck, fork, and one-piece T Bar. This measures 26 x 4.3 x 18.5 inches. Its actual weight is eight pounds, while its shipping weight is 9.3 pounds.

  • Good price: Needless to say, price is one of the main concerns of numerous buyers. Good thing this stunt scooter has it. It is affordable enough to be enjoyed by a large number of potential users.
  • Good quality: Customers likewise value a good-quality construction. This product has it too, as it comes with reliable materials and a variety of rich features.
  • Smooth ride: When riding a scooter, the entire riding experience should be among the factors that a customer is looking for. This product provides a smooth ride to its users for their joy and safety. This is one advantage that buyers should prioritize before moving forward.
  • Sturdy and Robust: This stunt scooter is made with durable materials. It is really hard to break it, which means it is reliable for your kid to use.
  • Choking Hazard: It comes with really small parts and it is not good for kids below three years of age. Considering  this, make sure to put it away from your toddler if you have one at home.
  • Fragile for older kids: It may be durable for little kids, but the case is different for bigger ones. Buyers reported that an older kid was able to break the scooter’s handle. With this in mind, you may need to double check and look into the reviews before finally purchasing this product for your bigger kid.

Who is It Best for?

This scooter best suits the interest of kids who love outdoor activities and regularly move around with the friend gang and their skateboards, pro scooters, or bikes.

Given the smooth ride it offers, children can freely roam around a skating park with this scooter. However, it is also important to take note of the aforementioned fact stating that it might not be suitable for older kids.

Verdict: Should You Buy It?

This stunt scooter has its share of advantages described above; hence, it is safe to say that it can be a good buy.  

Sure, it has some disadvantages too (not ideal for heavy kids); but all you need to do is be alert and informed enough so as not to put the product in the wrong usage. 


You have just learned about two of the best pro scooters choices for your kids. They are both great options for your kids, and we suggested them because they have been released recently, and we know that both scooters are made by prestigious brands that have been building these types of products for a long time with success. 

Would you like to buy one of them for your kid and still can’t decide?
Just make sure you read carefully and understand everything you need to know about the products before purchasing them, and everything will go well.  Make sure you know what your kid wants and needs, then check if you can find reviews of the products on Amazon or eBay for more details of how customers found the product after purchasing.  

In order to get the best trick scooters, stunt scooters, pro scooters, or however you call them,  you will definitely get the best buy if you take your time to analyze what you are looking for in a pro scooter and what the products have to give you in return.

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