Stunt Scooters: 7 Questions Answered by “Lucky Scooters” owners

Stunt scooters are one of the most entertaining and challenging vehicles for your kids. We posted a couple of days ago, a very interesting post, with an infographic explaining some easy tricks you can do with kick scooters HERE.  Let’s face it, kids love to find something riskier than just riding scooters on the pavement, running, or riding bicycles. They love skateboards, they love to snowboard, and they also love to use pro scooters and make tricks with them. That is why we wanted to ask a specialist in this subject: the owner of, a site that is fully dedicated to building and customizing good stunt scooters. Also, they have been sponsoring professional riders and they make custom stunt scooters specially issued for them. 

These are the 7 questions about stunt scooters:​

1) How can you best describe a stunt scooter? Is it the same as a Pro or a Trick scooter?

A stunt scooter is the same thing as a pro scooter or a trick scooter. They are all scooters, no need to give them different names. Over here at Lucky, we like to call them “pro scooters”. A scooter is an object which you can ride and perform tricks and stunts. It can also be used as transportation to and from a place. What makes our pro scooters different than the scooters you see at Target is the design and quality behind them. Our scooters won’t break after one huge trick at your local skatepark.

2) When can a kid start using one? Is it better to be older (a teen) to use one?

Kids can start riding whenever! The younger the better! Just make sure they know the rules of the skatepark and have the right safety equipment on.

3) Is it safe for a kid to use it? Which accessories do you recommend to buy?

No action sport is safe. We recommend kids wear a helmet. If they want to be extra safe they can wear knee pads, elbow pads, and a mouthguard.

4) Which brands and models do you recommend?

We only sell the best over here at Lucky Scooters so we highly suggest you purchase one of our complete scooters! Check them out here:

5) How much does a good decent stunt scooter cost? is it cheap?

Our scooters range from $179 all the way up into the $500 range for a custom complete scooter. At $179 you are getting a very good quality complete scooter that should be able to withstand just about anything you throw at it.

6) Is it expensive to build your own custom stunt scooters? Do more advanced users do it?

It is more expensive however we think it’s way cooler! Building your own custom scooter is an awesome thing and it really makes you stand out at the skatepark. Granted it’s a bit more expensive but we think it is worth it!

7) What is the best stunt scooter you know?

Any of our complete scooters.

Lucky was one of the original pro scooter companies on the scene. Today, Lucky continues to support riders, retailers, and industry events to help advance our sport and attract new talent. Rider communities on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter make Lucky the most talked about scooter company in the world.

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