6 Best Street Legal Mopeds Reviews 2022 [Updated]

What are the best street-legal mopeds around in 2020 is a frequently asked question these days. If you are wondering about this too, you have come to the right place. Let us introduce our buyer’s guide to street-legal mopeds and what knowledge you require to make an informed buying decision.
A good starting place is a definition of what a moped is. And what makes it street legal to drive?

Typically, a moped will have an engine no larger than 50cc though many today are electric rather than gasoline-powered. Mopeds are ideal for driving in town and zipping around the city. Due to their relative lack of power, they are not suitable for long journeys or grand tours in the countryside. They are quite rightly regarded as a tool for the city as they are fast, agile, easy to ride, cheap, and easy to park.

Starting at around $700 for a gasoline-powered moped, street-legal machines are significantly cheaper than a car. Furthermore, mopeds are practical for city driving, cause less congestion, and take up less space in the parking garage. For short journeys or daily commutes, a moped is the vehicle of choice, unless there’s a downpour of rain or snow. In these weather conditions, you will be glad of four wheels, rather than two wheels, and all the creature comforts of driving a modern car. 
Inclement weather aside, the street-legal moped is the ideal urban vehicle. This versatility is because the moped is nippy in traffic and can scythe its way through traffic jams in a way car drivers can only envy. 
But before we get too carried away, do you need a driver’s license for a moped?

Yes, and no. The proverbial rule of thumb holds that you have a driver’s license for a moped up to 50cc. At 150cc and above, you will need to hold both a driver’s license and a motorcycle license.

This is a generalization as the law differs in the US from state to state. It is a little bit of a minefield, so please, before you buy, check with your local DMV to get chapter and verse on the local regulations. There are too many variations to list here exhaustively. With regards to the registration of your moped, you may not need to do this if you solely plan to stay within private land. But to drive on the public highway, again check with your DMV for details.  But don’t let the paperwork put you off and check the list with the best 6 SL moped selection below: 

This is the Coleman Powersports JL50QT-14 49cc moped scooter. It is an inexpensive scooter of low HP made by a well-known manufacturer which specializes in motorbikes and four-wheelers. We made a review of the Coleman mini bike here! This scooter can support up to 330 pounds of weight capacity, front and rear hydraulic brakes, 4 strokes, and comes with a 49cc air-cooled,

  • It can be run at a max speed of 30MPH and its ride is smooth.
  • Max capacity is 330lbs.
  • Neat layout and trusted company. Coleman is well known.
  • Fast and very easy to put together if you follow the instructions correctly. You can find several videos online with the correct step-by-step guide.
  • It is slightly under $1,000 which is a great price for its quality.
  • They are a little more expensive than the Tao Tao or X-pro, but it is worth it paying a couple hundred more.
  • Contacting the manufacturer can be a challenge sometimes due to the high volume of customers they need to help.

TaoTao LANCER 150 is our top pick for commuting around town because we consider that traveling every day to requires a little more power than a 50cc scooter and we recommend a moped that can go faster.

TAO TAO is inexpensive and it has most of what you need on a scooter without the luxury of a high-end scooter but with a very pretty design, a trunk, and easy to ride. It has a fully automatic transmission as well. 

  • CARB Approved. Street legal scooter for California.
  • Easy to build and put together. 2 hours takes to set it up.
  • Economical scooter. You can get the Tao Tao Lancer with a 150cc engine for under $900.
  • Electric start with kick start backup
  • Fully automatic.
  • Fast: Top speed is at 45 miles per hour
  • Brings a matching trunk attached to the back. ).
  • You get a title upon purchase.
  • Some customers stated that It didn’t come with the instructions to build, so you need to either contact customer service or youtube it.

Also, it has an electric start with a kick start back up as with other TaoTao scooters. But if you’re looking for a fully electric option for commuting, check out these fastest electric scooters.

You won’t find scooters of this quality for less than $1000.  CARB approved and comes with the title.  2 people can seat in it.  

The top speed of this 50cc scooter is 50+MPH. Accelerates quickly and it is easy to assemble if you follow the instructions correctly. 

This is another full-size, 4 stroke Tao Tao 150cc engine Scooter. The engine is powerful enough since 150cc is generally the maximum engine power of a scooter. It can seat 2 adults. It is fully automatic.

  • CARB Approved. Street legal scooter for California.
  • All documents for registration are mailed to you thru USPS upon scooter delivery.
  • You can get replacement parts for this full-size scooter locally or online.
  • Great price for all the features that it comes with and its modern design.
  • The top speed of this scooter is 55-60MPH.
  • Comes with a trunk which is comfortable to carry anything you need.
  • You can build it up in about 1 hour if you know what you are doing.
  • Use: It is fun and easy to use. Ideal for town/city to commute to your work.
  • Beautiful model. Looks great.
  • Seller did not mention that you need to change oil ASAP when received. Recommended oil: 15W40.

The ATM-50 A1 is a 50cc gas-powered scooter that can also be suitable for commuting but less powerful and slower. It has been sold on Amazon for a while. Easy for beginners and slow riders.

It is a product that has been around for more than 10 years so it has been tested by many users. With just the feedback from past users, we deem it worthy to be in this selection of the best gas scooters for commuting.

This has an electric start. It is easy to assemble if you follow the videos and instructions. It has a neat design and you can select the color of your taste.

It is legal in most of the states including California (CARB approved). This 50cc gas scooter is good for fuel economy and its real max speed out of the box is 25MPH according to past buyers.

  • CARB Approved. California Street legal scooter
  • Best selling 50cc engine moped scooter on Amazon and other online marketplaces.
  • Easy to put together. 80% assembled.
  • Nice design. Looks more expensive than it is.
  • The max speed of this 50cc scooter is at 25MPH though it states it is 35MPH.
  • The trunk comes attached.
  • Good customer service after buying.
  • Ideal for commuting and to use it on short distances.
  • Has an electric start
  • Product reliability: Some customers complain about not being able to start it but the company seems to take care of the issue. Check their website for contact details if you need assistance.

The X-Pro Moped scooter is identical to the Lancer but it comes with gloves, glasses, and handgrip and they offer free shipping. So the price is similar, probably a little cheaper.

It is a 150cc engine scooter like the other and can reach 55 MPH on a good surface. It has a fully automatic transmission.  It brings 12″ front and rear DOT tires. You need to put this model together though it is easy. 

  • CARB Approved. Street legal for California.
  • Comes with a trunk, glasses, hand grips, and gloves.
  • Easy to put together but if you are not familiar with assembly, find someone else who can do it for you.
  • Affordable! Free shipping.
  • Powerful and fast engine: top speed 55 MPH.
  • Customer service is good.
  • Use: It is great for town/city to travel your way to work and vice versa.
  • Not many customer reviews are available online.

The X-Pro Maui 50cc Moped Adult Scooter is the second in our list.

First of all, we need to underline the fact that it includes glasses, a handgrip and gloves. It also comes with a trunk to carry small stuff you want to move. Its start is either electric or kick.  

With the 50cc engine, this provides a smooth ride and you will feel comfortable and safe with its front ABS brakes and drum brake in the back.

Furthermore, Its design is one of the strong values and you would be buying a good safe and solid scooter with a lot of stuff included for a really good price. With this scooter, you’ll be safe on your way to your destination.

  • Comes with Gloves, Goggle and Handgrip included with the scooter.
  • Street Legal. CARB approved.
  • Comes with a little trunk to store a bunch of things in it.
  • Great value for its price.
  • Very nice design.
  • Max speed: 35MPH.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Not so easy to assemble. Probably you would need help to put it together.

Street legal mopeds are the best for fun and saving money:

Most mopeds will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is good for at least six months or more, so that is a significant headache taken care of for you. However, the devil is in the detail, so please be sure to carefully read the warranty when you buy your moped. There are likely to be several exclusions in the warranty, for consumables like the battery, tires, and bulbs, and damage to bodywork. So always be sure you know where you stand to avoid any nasty and expensive surprises later on

Next, you should think about whether you want a gasoline moped or an electric moped. Both are equally effective as nifty road warriors; there are pros and cons with each. But on balance, electrics tend to be on the lighter side, making them more portable and easier to use. The big bonus point is that they do not burn gas. Their fuel source is a primary consideration as electric vehicles are offered preferential treatment. On paper, the street-legal moped that plugs into the mains electricity wins on points for most people. It is the eco-friendly reality we will all need to embrace sooner or later.

However, the killer question with electric mopeds, though, is the range.
-How many miles can you cover on a single charge (range)?
-And how long does it take to charge an electric moped?

The answer to the first question is anywhere between 15 and 40 miles depending on the battery size. Charging, unlike filling up at the gas station in minutes, takes anything from three to eight hours depending on the battery. Ultimately, it is determined by how you plan to use your street legal moped. Is it exclusively for short journeys of a couple of miles, which may be typical for many people, or is it for long daily commutes in heavy traffic? You may wish to take a note of your daily and weekly mileage, and then you can work out if an electric moped is going to work for you and your specific needs.

What, then, makes for the best street-legal moped?

Like anything you would buy, always go with the build quality. Does it look sturdy and stable? Better still, ask for a test drive on a demonstrator, and you can see for yourself. If the build quality is not there, you are only never going to feel safe and confident on the open road.

Check out the seat. Is it comfy? Are you going to be happy to sit on it for extended periods? You don’t want to be shuffling around on the seat because you are uncomfortable.

While you are at it, check the driving position. Does it feel natural? Is everything within easy reach, or are you cramped? This will depend entirely on your height and the frame size of the moped you intend to buy. And don’t forget to check the passenger seat too and the footrests. Sometimes taller passengers can feel overly restricted if the footrests are too high, leading to hip pain.

After determining that you and your passenger are going to be comfortable, what else is on the checklist? Please enquire about the storage space and ensure it is lockable. Some under the seat compartments can accommodate two crash helmets, so you may wish to clarify this with your dealer. Alternatively, some models are supplied with lockable boxes at the rear to keep your helmet and other items safe when you wish to park up. Carrying a crash helmet around everywhere you go is a real pain, especially if you need to carry bags.

When you eventually zero in on an electric moped that suits your circumstances, check online reviews from owners. These can be quite enlightening, if occasionally contradictory. If there are several reviews about a particular model, you will quickly get a consensus. If you know someone who owns the model you are interested in, do not be shy in asking them for a frank opinion.

Pro tip here is to monitor the location of those leaving feedback and bear this in mind when drawing your conclusions. For instance, if the reviewer lives on a hilly part of the country with steep inclines everywhere, their review will be somewhat different from a reviewer who lives in a landscape that’s as flat as a pancake. The extra grunt required for tackling steep inclines may not be necessary if, for example, you live on the great plains of Kansas, a territory that is widely regarded as one of the flattest states in the United States.

In short, then, the best street-legal moped is the one that is the closest match to your needs and your budget. Doing your homework will ensure you are not disappointed. Take the time to get it right, and be sure to shop around for the best deal possible.

What do we like about this scooter?

This model features a beautiful design with a low consuming 49cc motor, and it is the best for the price and quality. Its brand is well known in this industry which is a plus.
Moreover, it is a robust scooter that can be easily used by anyone with a license almost in any state for street riding.

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