Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter Review [Updated 2020]

The phrase ‘sheep in wolf’s clothing’ was coined a long time ago, but today is the very essence of the Dualtron Ultra.
This electric scooter looks harmless at first glance but is a complete beast. It is a rocket ship disguised as a scooter. Such is its raw, savage power that you should not step aboard without first donning body armor and a full-face helmet. None of this is hype. 

Dualtron Ultra electric scooter review


The Dualtron Ultra is, without doubt, the most powerful electric scooter available bar none. It is a world phenomenon yet to be matched.
Come with us as we review what makes the Dualtron Ultra tick and what you can expect to unleash when you get your hand on the throttle.

First up, everything about the Dualtron Ultra is massive, from its battery to the price tag.
Powering this fiery but innocuous-looking scooter is a humongous high capacity 60-volt 2072Wh battery meshed up to two 2700W motors that pump out a combined 5400W on dual motor mode. The consequence of all this madness is a top speed well over 40 mph if you are brave enough.


  • Powerful: 5400W with a dual motor high-end technology.  
  • Off-road capacity: It can be used on mud, hills and it climbs about 25-30 º gradient.  
  • Easy to control and use. Its fat 11 inch tires keep and excellent traction and it doesnt slip.  
  • Brakes are safe and responsive. Comes with a electronically-controlled dual disc brake system.  
  • Battery lasts about 4 hours. It is a Samsung Lithium-ion 1.7kW/h 28Ah. So its range is about 80 Miles without having to recharge it.
  • Easy to gear and control.
  •  Max speed is 40MPH or even more on pavement. 


  • It is currently over 3,000 bucks. 

What to consider before you buy this product:

Though not the cheapest electric scooter on the market. You get what you pay for, ultimately. And with the Dualtron Ultra, that’s incredible speed and performance, on and off-road. If you detest half measures, then the Dualtron Ultra is the bad boy scooter you are looking for, for sure. The Dualtron Ultra is a big boy scooter; the design specification allows it to be used by riders weighing up to 330 lbs.

Weighing in itself at 80 lbs, the Dualtron Ultra has a massive 75 to 80-mile range, but clearly, this will depend on how you drive it, and where. Hills, though, should not present a problem, nor should be zipping around the city in traffic. In short, the fun is endless with this electric scooter as it is equally as capable off-road as on.

​The motors

The Brushless DC electric motors (BLDC) are something to behold. Having two gutsy motors to play with propels this electric scooter into an unrivaled territory in sheer power and torque. The acceleration and power available means that even inclines of 35 degrees will be little of a challenge.

One motor drives the front wheel while the other takes care of the rear wheel, but it is possible to engage just one motor to get the most out of your charge and to help extend your range to the maximum. If you are cruising along on the flat, one motor will be sufficient to get you where you want to get with the minimum of fuss.

The motor modes can be controlled directly via thumb-operated switches on the left-hand handlebar control panel. The first button lets you switch between turbo and eco mode. The second button engages either solo or dual-motor mode. The range will decrease if you engage the dual-motor mode for maximum performance, so keep an eye on that issue, particularly on longer journeys.

So far, we have talked about the power of the Dualtron Ultra. With power comes responsibility, they say. In this case, stopping and remaining in contact with the road surface are among the big questions that should concern you.

The brakes

With all the raw power that the Dualtron Ultra can unleash, you desperately need a way of coming to a stop quickly and safely. The makers address this fundamental truth by fitting a hefty electronically-controlled dual disc brake system. As well as ensuring you obtain the best out of the brakes, the electronic wizardry also harvests the energy of braking to top up the battery. This wizardry is the kind of braking system technology you find today in modern cars.

So too is the anti-lock braking system (ABS) that is now standard on cars. Thanks to the electronic ABS fitted to the Dualtron Ultra (a world first according to the manufacturer), you can steer and brake at the same time quite safely. ABS is a feature you will be thankful for in an emergency.

If you are unfamiliar with the rationale behind ABS, it is simply an electronic means of pumping the brakes to stop the wheels from locking up and causing a skid. The beauty of the electronics is that it can pump the brakes much faster than you could manually, in fact, many times per second.

The suspension

Dualtron equally doesn’t cut corners with the suspension. A custom-designed rubber suspension system makes sure you have a comfortable and smooth ride even at higher speeds. This comfort level is accomplished through the use of a high-impact polyurethane bushing system that smooths out significant shock impacts and the smallest impacts. This high impact PU suspension is fitted to both the front and rear wheels to ensure the tires remain firmly in contact with the surface even over the roughest terrain. The result is a superior ride and comfort no matter where you go because the suspension has been tested to handle even the most extreme forces.

The tires

The Dualtron Ultra comes with stock 11-inch wheels shod with chunky ultra-wide (3.9 inches) off-road tires that offer exceptional grip on dirt back road, in the wet and on steep inclines. However, if you plan to ride exclusively on pavement, you may prefer to swap them for dedicated road tires instead. A tire swap is an option that you will need to pay for separately. Still, having a spare set of off-road tires may come in handy at a later stage.

The controls

We have already mentioned the power settings, but let’s run through the other controls to show you just how easy this electric scooter is to ride. On the right handlebar, you will find the throttle control. This ergonomically-curved bar is operated with a little downward pressure from a finger. We say throttle control here, but it’s more like a trigger in reality. A little light pressure is enough to get the Dualtron Ultra to leap into life. Apply as much pressure as you dare to take advantage of the sheer, raw class-setting performance of this electric scooter.

The throttle control is part of a cluster of controls that includes the power and mode buttons and an LCD.

The mode button does pretty much as you would expect and allows the rider to set the cruise control as does the on-off power button.

Meanwhile, the LCD provides a visual at a glance display of all the usual information you would anticipate; your speed, the distance covered, mode, time, and battery status. Some vendors fit their supplied Dualtron Ultras with proprietary LCD displays that provide more data. However, how much info do you need as you hurtle along at 40 miles per hour is something only you will know.

Depending on where you source your Dualtron Ultra, it may also be fitted with a handlebar toggle switch. This switch can be used to control the lights as turn signals to give you extra confidence in heavy traffic. Additional aftermarket LED lights can be retrofitted too.

Other Dualtron Ultra facts you should know

The battery is a Samsung Lithium-ion 1.7kW/h 28Ah battery that can be charged using a quick charger in as little as around four hours.

The handlebars are fitted with ergonomic grips to reduce fatigue on long rides. The handle post has also been beefed up on the Ultra with the addition of a cross brace to improve integrity and durability during hard braking and other impacts.

The evolution of what we know as the 3rd generation Dualtron Ultra has involved improving robustness all round, including the frame and suspension. One major area focused on by the Korean manufacturer is the swingarm. Both the front and rear swing arms are made of specially forged aircraft-grade aluminum to withstand extreme forces likely to be encountered by this model.

Maybe not the most critical aspect, arguably, but the Ultra is fitted with a side kickstand. However, it is not designed to take the rider’s weight, so it needs to be retracted before you board.

Pimp my ride

There is a thriving aftermarket supply of items to extend the usefulness and practicality of the Dualtron Ultra. Among our favorites is the wireless phone charger. This gadget lets you charge up your phone on the go. Clamped to the handlebars, you could charge up your phone and glance at Google Maps for navigation purposes, or cast your favorite tunes to Bluetooth earphones.

Another little handy addition is a lockable box. You can fit the box bracket to the rear of the Dualtron Ultra to store your valuables while en route and your helmet when you park up.

We have, however, left one of the Dualtron Ultra’s best tricks to last. It can be folded up for secure storage or transportation. A quick-release mechanism on the handle post allows it to fold flat in a matter of seconds. Despite its robust dimensions, when folded flat, the Dualtron Ultra will fit in the trunk of most cars without any drama.

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