Best Electric Bikes for Commuting

The car has been king for a long time. But today its crown is slipping due to traffic congestion and pressure to find greener alternative modes of commuter transport.

Recent technology innovations have introduced many options for the urban commute that are more efficient, convenient, and sustainable than gas guzzlers. All around the globe, commuters by the million are abandoning cars in favor of greener personal commuting transportation methods such as electric bikes.

Electric bikes for commuting are undeniably gaining ground as the green choice for even lengthy urban commutes. E-bikes can be pedaled like a regular bicycle, or their powerful electric motors can take the strain instead.

Best Fat Tire Commuter E-Bike
Super73-Z1 Jett Black
Best Commuter E-bike Under $1000
Swagtron EB12
Best Foldable Commuter E-Bike
Swagtron EB5 Foldable
Max Speed: 20MPH
Power: 500W
Max Speed: 16.5MPH
Power: 350W
Max Speed: 15MPH
Power: 250W
If you are looking for a budget fat tire electric bike, this is it. It works for commuting in cities where the hills, mud, sand, grass are present.
This is ideal if you are looking for an electric bike to ride on pavement and you have a tight budget. For less than $1,000 you can start riding this beauty and get going.
This e-bike is currently under $500 so it is a great option for those on a budget. Since it is foldable, it is great if you want to transport it in a bus or a train or you want to take it to a bus or restaurant with you. It is a great option if you want the folding feature and you you want a cheap buy good quality ebike.
Best Fat Tire Commuter E-Bike
Super73-Z1 Jett Black
Max Speed: 20MPH
Power: 500W
If you are looking for a budget fat tire electric bike, this is it. It works for commuting in cities where the hills, mud, sand, grass are present.
Best Commuter E-bike Under $1000
Swagtron EB12
Max Speed: 16.5MPH
Power: 350W
This is ideal if you are looking for an electric bike to ride on pavement and you have a tight budget. For less than $1,000 you can start riding this beauty and get going.
Best Foldable Commuter E-Bike
Swagtron EB5 Foldable
Max Speed: 15MPH
Power: 250W
This e-bike is currently under $500 so it is a great option for those on a budget. Since it is foldable, it is great if you want to transport it in a bus or a train or you want to take it to a bus or restaurant with you. It is a great option if you want the folding feature and you you want a cheap buy good quality ebike.


Unlike a standard bicycle, an electric commuter bike lets you put in as much effort as you wish and then takes over for the strenuous parts of the journey. You may, therefore, not need a change of clothes and a shower when you arrive at your destination. But will still have had some exercise en route.

Ultimately, there is no incorrect answer to determine which electric bike is best for commuting. The answer to this hinges on what best suits your personal needs and circumstances. Several factors are coming into play, such as the price, size, the length of your commute journey, and you looking for comfort on a longer ride. Or if you require a portable model or one that can fold up.

Underpinning all of these considerations, though, is power. Generally, bigger is better. A 250W motor, for instance, is a decent size for a daily commute. These typically are powered by 36v (8Ah) batteries that are good for a range of approximately 30 miles, more if you engage pedal assist mode.

By comparison, a 500W motor will typically be paired to a sturdy 48V battery. This extra oomph provides enough juice to hit a top speed of 25 mph in pedal-assist mode, as well as the capability to go 50 miles or more on a single charge.


Ancheer 500W/250W Electric Bike

Ancheer 500W:250W

As far as electric bikes go, Ancheer offers a lot of quality and stylish options for the same model. It’s convenient as it is durable. With the fork of the bike made from carbon steel and the handlebars made from aluminum alloy, it’s a lightweight yet sturdy option.

The heavy duty metals chosen for this particular Ancheer e bike can handle rough terrain and any weather conditions you can think of. It comes with an adjustable seat, and comfortable grips to give you a smooth ride. 

When riding a bike, safety should be your first concern. You no longer have the sturdy steel body of a car to shield you from impact, your bike needs a good braking system. Even the greatest electric mini bikes, which may seem safe enough, should have top-of-the-line brakes.

With rear and front disc brakes and 21 speeds, maneuver this electric bike over slopes and hills with perfect ease. Furthermore, the 250W motor will give you the performance you need.

With a mileage range of just a little above 30 miles per full charge, it's one of the best electric bikes under $1000.


  • It offers riders quite a comfortable ride with the adjustable seat and effortless ride with with 250w motor power from the rear hub motor. 
  • The ergonomic design is created out of aluminum alloy and carbon steel for a tough yet lightweight frame that handles weight well.
  • While it doesn’t allow you to travel at a speed much higher than 15km/hr, the rear disc brakes will keep you safe when the occasion calls for it.
  • A single full charge could take you from 25-50 km in distance.
  • You can charge the Ancheer bike on or off frame with the convenient charging port.
  • It features two working modes that makes it easy to ride
  • Quality LED lights and a horn are included on this best electric bike under a $1000 price tag.


  • The chain may slip out more easily in high gear.
  • Pedaling can be difficult due to the chain.

When you feel yourself slipping, the sensitive breaks will stop you in your tracks swiftly and safely. For electric bikes under 1000, this one is perfect because you get LED lights for night riding and a horn as well to alert oncoming traffic of your presence.

Ancheer produces high-quality products with impressive batteries and mileage. If you expect great performance, Ancheer e-bikes are the right choice for you.

With an easy charging port system, you can charge the bike on or off frame and travel anywhere from 25 to 50 km per full charge at a speed of 15km/hr. 

This Ancheer mountain bike will give you maximum speed, power, and comfort on your ride. It’s an effortless ride with the brushless 250W high speed electric motor.


Nakto 26 inch 250W Cargo-Electric Bicycle

NAKTO 26"v

The suspension fork as well as the frame of this bike under 1000 are made from carbon steel that is sturdy, light, and also features shock absorption.

Nothing is worse than to pedal through a large hole in the ground or on bumpy terrain. However, due to the carbon steel frame, it is quite a bit heavier than other options. So keep that in mind that although this can support weight well, it may be as hard to ride up a steep hill as it is a regular bike.

With front V brake and rear expansion brake and a 6-speed transmission system, you can choose the maximum speed accordingly without the fear of losing control.

The perfect and strong brakes will spring into action if and when called on. For added precaution, you get a horn and an LED headlight for a safe travel at night.


  • Easily pedal through tough terrain with the shock absorbing properties of the carbon steel frame and fork.
  • The removable 36v lithium battery can take you up to more than 30 miles of range.
  • The 250 W brushless high-speed electric motor can assist you in your ride at anywhere around 20 mph.
  • The two working modes help you at different speeds.
  • Easily coast through traffic with the V brake, rear expansion and 6-speed transmission system that keeps you safe and comfortable.
  • Cycling around town is easy when your quality product comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • It is considered heavier than other models due to the frame.
  • The bike doesn’t have a long lifespan.

The 36v lithium-ion battery is removable, should you feel the need to charge it off frame, and has a mileage range of 22-35 miles. 

No more panting while pedaling with the high-speed 250W brushless motor assisting you through traffic. 

With two working modes, you can use this e-bike as an assisted bicycle as well. Two modes are better than one as they say.

One of the best parts? The battery and the e-bike itself come with a 1-year warranty. For this Nakto e-bike, we liked the performance it gave


Swagtron Swagcycle Eb-5 Lightweight & Aluminum Folding EBike 

swagtron eb5 electric commuting bike

One of the best parts about this bike is it comes pre-assembled. So you won’t have to worry about wrestling with foreign bike parts and referring to the instruction manual.

E bikes in the UK have become increasingly popular, and with this option that features adjustable height for both adults and children, we can see why. As everyone’s body is built differently, Swagtron strives to find the best balance between customization and comfort.

The quality, air-filled rubber tires measure at 14 inches that provide better traction, mileage, and speed. They also do not require much maintenance, with just the occasional check up. Storage also won't be a problem because it's a folding bike.


  • The bike comes pre-assembled thanks to its foldable aluminum alloy frame that’s easily portable and easy to store. The frame can also carry heavier weight.
  • The high-quality electric motor and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a charging time of only 4-5 hours makes this an efficient model.
  • Charge the battery from the charging port of a 15.5 mile distance on a full charge.
  • While it may not take you at a very high speed (only 15mph), it does help with the overall control of the bike.
  • Ride in on full display for everyone to see as you travel from point A to point B on the 14-inch wheels that are sturdy and don’t require much maintenance.
  • The height is adjustable to be an electric bike for adults and children with the right measurements.


  • With only one level of speed assistance, this e-bike doesn’t offer you a lot of options.
  • There is no shock absorption.

This bike features a 250W rear hub motor with a 36v lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, you can get as far as 15.5 miles but only if you switch between power assist mode and pedaling mode.

It’s a small bike with a powerful motor and folds easily for storage, making this the best portable option. Keep it in the trunk of your car for a day out. Not only is it extremely convenient, it’s also super light at only 37 pounds!

Additionally, Swagtron combines their own Autoguard technology with V-brakes to give you all the stopping power you need, even on those wet and rainy days.


Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike

One of the fastest and safest e-bikes due to its fat tire feature, this Ecotric electric bike has a top speed of 32 km/hr, the equivalent of 20 mph!

With a range of up to 25 miles on one charge, the Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike is a somewhat light option comes with pedal assist and walk assist.

The fat tire feature give it a bit of off-road capabilities and can maneuver rough terrain much more easily than other models.


  • The frame is extra sturdy and damage resistant.
  • The fat tires are tougher and offer a better grip with off-road capabilities to maneuver through rough terrain.
  • The Shimano gear shifting system allows you to switch gears in a smooth manner
  • The rear hub electric motor is standard but decent and can get you up to 23 mph.
  • The transportable battery can be removed and charged anywhere.
  • The 36v/12ah lithium battery lasts up to 25 miles!
  • This bike under 1000 comes 90% assembled.


  • The front suspension is non-existent.
  • Very poor customer support.

It can be tough to pull the parts out of the box to assemble it on your own. This bike comes 90% preassembled.

Each piece was designed with great care, from the 26-inch aluminum alloy frame that can carry weight well, to the adjustable seat and the slip-resistant tire to build you the electric bike under 1000.

With a strong 500 W brushless rear hub motor, you can get up to great speeds of 23 mph. The removable 36v/12ah lithium cell is transportable to wherever you are to charge. The battery life lasts up to 25 miles on a single charge without pedaling!

The height is also adjustable and the Shimano 7-gear system allows you to switch gears smoothly and easily.


Cyclamatic Power Plus Cx1 EBIke

 Cyclamatic Power Plus

The Cyclamatic Power Plus Cx1 is new and improved with a gorgeous finish. Cyclamatic ebikes have an ergonomic design, made with comfort and convenience in mind. It even offers a padded saddle, to keep you comfortable on the ride.

With manual mode and pedal assist mode, you get a 250W brushless motor that kicks in when the going gets tough.

The removable 36v/8.8ah lithium ion battery is encased and sealed to avoid any damage from wear and tear as well as the elements. On a single charge, this electric bike can get you as far as 28 miles.


  • The glossy silver finish is beautiful and elegant looking.
  • Remove the portable battery for an easier time charging.
  • Get up to 28 miles on a full 4-5 hour single charge.
  • The Shimano 21-speed gear shift system makes riding easy.
  • The 250W brushless motor kicks in when the going get tough.
  • The 36v/8.8ah battery is fully sealed and protected from the elements.
  • Travel at a top speed of 15 miles per hour, and enjoy maximum protection from the sensitive brakes.


  • Unfortunately, the bike does not come with throttle  mode.

A full charge, which takes about 4-5 hours has a range of just a little under 30 miles. The Shimano 21-speed gear shift system gives you more options and more ease when riding. 

The best electric bike options will come with a suspension fork, tough and durable tires as well as a lightweight frame. 

One thing we will mention looking out for is this electric bike does not have throttle mode, which means you are going to have to medal. But that’s alright with the powerful motor helping you every step of the way.

It’s quite an affordable option that looks expensive.


Tomasar Power Electric Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery

Another option with a removable lithium battery, this can be charged on and off frame. It has a 36v/8ah battery to be more specific. As one of the best electric bike options, it provides a range of 15 to 30 miles on a single charge.

The 100% aluminum alloy frame keeps this bike lightweight while adding sturdiness to the equation. The carbon steel fork absorbs any shocks and jostles you may encounter on the road.

And as for the wheels, they are double layer aluminum alloy to hold up well under heavy weight.

At a max speed of 15 mph, the 250 W brushless motor will provide adequate assistance along with the Shimano 7-gears shifting system.


  • The 36v/8ah battery is removable and can be charged on or off frame.
  • With only 4-5 hours for a full charge, you can get a distance of 25-50 km depending on how you ride.
  • Choose from manual mode or pedal assist mode. Plus, with the 7-speed Shimano gears system, get ready for the easiest ride of your life.
  • The foldable bike is easy to transport and the front and rear disc brakes will keep your wheels steady.
  • Instead of having to switch gears with the throttle, the bike has smart buttons.
  • The carbon steel front fork absorbs shocks and bumps in the road.
  • The aluminum frame is lightweight yet sturdy.


  • It’s a mountain bike not a cyclocross bike.

The front and rear disc brakes will keep your bike controlled and you safe. With an added bright LED headlight and horn, riding at any time of the day in any weather condition will be safe.

This e-bike comes with the assistance bike mode and the e-bike mode. Get further distances without having to overexert and exhaust yourself with the assisted bike mode.

Another bonus for this product is the foldability and convenience.


          Shaofu Folding Electric Bicycle

shaofu bike

Similar to the Swagcycle, the Shaofu folding electric bike also adopts a smaller frame that’s foldable and easily transportable.

It even comes with a wireless bluetooth feature to monitor your riding habits and stats.

The rear disc brakes give you more freedom to ride knowing that they will keep you safe. Not to mention the included LED headlight and horn to alert fellow riders/drivers of your presence.


  • The small and easily foldable frame weighs only 12 kg.
  • Pair it with your device via the wireless bluetooth for settings and monitoring your smooth ride.
  • The disc brakes, LED headlight and horn are all the protection features you need.
  • 100% electric, this bike is good for you and the environment.
  • Easily customizable height.


  • No removable battery.
  • No assisted/assistance mode.

The height and is highly adjustable for riders of all sizes and ages to find the right match.

Weighing only a mere 12 kg, take the bike with you everywhere. The 100% electric bike is easy on your wallet and carbon emissions, so you’re doing good for yourself and the earth.

Great tips for purchasing an e-bike

The journey length should be the most critical consideration when choosing an electric bike. Always check the range quoted by the manufacturer, though if you cycle less than three miles each day, almost any e-bike will be okay. Get above nine miles per day, and you should invest in an electric bike with a high capacity battery; the more kilowatts, the better.

But be very aware of the law in your local area. The usage of electric bikes is regulated and based on a three-tier system. The US Product Safety Act (HR 727) defined e-bikes as having the following features:

- Two to three wheels.
- Fully operational pedals.
- 750W maximum power. 
- And a top speed under 20 mph on battery mode.

To be sure of the local regulations governing e-bikes in your region, visit the state’s motor vehicle department website. Their site will give general guidance on what is applicable state-wide, but be aware that local laws vary significantly on e-bikes. Check county, parish, town, and city by-laws to be on the safe side. And parks too as they often have specific regulations in place. There will also be safety requirements, particularly concerning the wearing of bike helmets.

Comfort is another consideration. A suspension system is fantastic, but you can forgo it. Electric bikes often have no suspension to save weight and keep the price down. Be sure to scrutinize the e-bike for build quality even if it is fitted with a solid fork rather than a suspension fork frame.

If possible, organize a test drive to find the electric bike you find most comfortable to ride. Don’t fixate too much on technical engineering issues, but rather focus on what you find comfortable and will be happy to ride.

Power is one thing. Comfort is quite another, so don’t lose sight of that.

Our Top Pick: Swagtron Swagcycle 

swagtron eb5 electric commuting bike

In our opinion, after checking out all these commuting electric bikes and comparing one by one, we decided that the Swagtron Swagcycle EB5  is the best E-Bike for commuting because it is powerful, it can be folded, and it is under $500 so everyone can buy it.

This model features a robust 250W motor and a max speed of 15MPH. Although we know it is not the most powerful nor the fastest electric bike on the market, we like the fact that it is cheap and functional since it is small & foldable and it you can put it easily in a train, bus or subway or even inside a bar without having to leave it unattended since it is small and it can be folded.  

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