Best 10 Electric Mini Dirt Bikes For Adults

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The people worldwide are becoming more concerned about the environmental damage that certain devices cause to the planet. Given the bad habits in the last century, it is necessary to seek for new products that are environmentally friendly, which could help protect the earth's ozone layer.

As hybrid vehicles are spreading across the country, it is not surprising that the electricity world is an energy source for cycling. Unlike the gas-powered mini bikes, an electric dirt bike has no emissions and are reasonable quiet, and also easier to maintain. The electric mini bikes are simply the ideal options for consumers who always like the feel of the slopes and impressive jumps.

Adult mini dirt bikes are smaller in size than regular motorcycles. They are bigger than the top-rated dirt bikes for kids, too. Aside from being very simple to ride, the maintenance is also very easy compared to the regular bikes. Thus, a beginner can grab this advantage to learn how to ride any type of bike since the process is similar, but a little bit more advanced in the regular motorcycles.

Our #10 Top Picks for Mini Dirt Bikes for Adults


Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket

(Electric Motocross Bike)




The Mx650 dirt rocket mini electric mini bike for adult is produced by Razor offers which is one of the most trusted brands on the market. The Dirt Rocket was inspired by the style of the Supercross designs which give an on the wheel beauty. It comes with a rechargeable battery which could last about 40 minutes of continuous use when fully charged. You can go on speed as high as 17 mph. The body is stylishly designed in such a way that it can accommodate both the adults and even the younger riders.

It was designed to withstand rough environmental conditions because of the well-structured Steel construction. You rest assured of a smooth and convenient ride, in rough terrain, with its dual compression system and double crown forks. In addition, it is equipped with a dual disk brake system and a twist grip which makes it easy to control your speed and finally stop the vehicle in motion. You can also adjust the handlebars to suit your comfort.


  • It comes with a 3 month warranty.
  • Light weight: just 220 pounds. 
  • It also has a double crown fork and a dual compression system.
  • It has adjustable handlebars.
  • Top speed is about 17 mph.


  • Low Battery life: It last about 40 minutes of continuous use when fully charged.
  • It contains a fragile shock absorber. You will be required to change it often.


Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket 

(Electric Motocross Bike)


​Another dirt mini bike inspired by the award-winning motocross bike rider, Jeremy McGrath. The SX500 McGrath also designed by Razor. It comes with an electric motor that can produce up to 500 Watts of power and carry a load of about 175 pounds while moving at a speed of 15 mph. The dirt rocket SX500 comes with knobby large and wide tires which makes the mini bike to be able to navigate rough terrains easily.

The handlebars also provide that comfortable and smooth ride you dreamt of. You can depend on this piece of artwork for competitions or some simple freestyle jumps. It also comes with a rechargeable battery which, when fully charged, could last about 40 minutes of continuous usage. It contains a fast charging capability which makes the bike dependable when you need it urgently.
The braking system is a dual disk system and it is hand operated for braking accuracy. Double suspension handlebar system. Although the mini bike is designed for adults, kids above the age of 14 can also use it.


  • It suitable for both the adults and children of age 14 and above.
  • • The weight is very light: just about 112 pounds weight.
  • It also has a double crown fork and a dual suspension system.
  • • It comes with a retractable kickstand.
  • The speed of about 15 mph.
  • Has a torque of about 500 watts.


  • The braking system may fail at any time based on its construction.


Monster Moto MM-E1000-BB 

(Electric Mini Bike)


MM-E1000-BB is an American mini bike for adults produced by Monster Moto. The powerful baby can produce about 1000 watts torque with gave the adults electric mini bike its name MM-E1000-BB. It contains an E1000 inbuilt charging hook, to directly connect the mini bike to the power source. In just 6 hours, the battery pack would have been fully charged and you can monitor your battery charge level from the monitor mounted just by the handlebars of the bike. It is also easy to assemble all you have to do is to mount the handlebars and make sure you charge the battery, then you are good to go!

The mini bike is built to last longer with the high-quality alloy hollow steel frame and strong polypropylene wheel cover. The quite monster is suitable for both the city and the rugged suburbs terrains considering the large knobby and wide tires. The chain guard is well designed with safety in mind and you can stop the bike with the power button located on the handle. This makes it a great model for those who are starting to learn dirt bike riding.


  • The lightweight of about 127 pounds, a little man can handle the bike.
  • It contains a very powerful torque of about 1000 watts.
  • It comes with a warranty of 90 days.
  • Simple to handle and to ride.
  • You can monitor the charge level via the screen attached to the handlebars.
  • Durability: it was constructed to withstand several environmental conditions and last many years.
  • Safety of the rider was paramount in the mind of the designer.


  • Some of the dirt bike parts are not well protected from getting detached from the body of the mini bike. 


Sur-Ron Electric Bike

luna best-electric- mini dirt bike


Thanks to Sur-Ron and Luna for coming together to achieve this innovative design, that both the beginners and the experienced riders can enjoy. This is definitely the most amazing adult mini bike of recent time. Sur-Ron and Luna secretly developed this product to target the North American markets, and the sole exclusive distributor of this product in the northern region of America is the Luna.

You can use them as sports bikes or just as a regular bike, so when it is time for that jumps you are certain of a sturdy device. The electric mini dirt bike is a 50cc Honda killer with 110cc competitiveness. It is an ideal hill bike for young riders or beginners, but it is also suitable for almost everyone. You can decide to spoil yourself a bit by presenting this as a gift. This mini electric dirt bike is fast, reliable, and has an unprecedented quality of Chinese electric vehicles.

Although it is an off-road mini dirt bike, many users have been using it on the road without any harassment from the law enforcement officials, the quality of the mini bike gives such confidence to the users, but it is illegal to ride this bike on public roads, at least in the 50 states of the United States of America. It is equipped with a rechargeable 60v battery that you can remove and replace when the battery got damaged or upgrade the battery to a more suitable version. You can charge the battery fully in just about 3 hours via USB cable.

The dirt bike is equipped with a quality 60 volts, 10 amp charger and the battery produces 2000 watts hour of power and gigantic range. Sun-Ron has a maximum speed of 45 mph and constructed with an aluminum lightweight frame which enables optimum performance and you are guaranteed of durability. The total weight of the mini bike is about 110 pounds and the pedal system is fully customizable. The suspension system is very superb! giving you a smooth and comfortable ride in all terrains.  


  • The lightweight of about 110 pounds, you can carry your mini bike in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • It has a very powerful battery of 60 volts.
  • Simple to handle and to ride for all ages.
  • Durability: it was constructed to withstand several environmental conditions and last many years.
  • It can reach a maximum speed of 45 mph.


  • The chain is too exposed.
  • No gear or clutch, Single speed.
  • Plastic might break quickly.


Vector Vortex Electric

Off-Road Dirt Bike



Vector Vortex offers the best off-road and tough conditions riding when you seek a mini electric dirt bike. Of all the electric mini dirt bike for adult discussed on this list, this Vortex has been the only bike equipped with a gear system. You can change the gear to suit the terrain, which makes it an adequate machine for hilly and mountainous region.

You can generate a lot of torques to climb or even accelerate on mountainous terrain. The rear wheel is directly connected to the motor via a constraint tension chain, which makes it easy to respond to sudden changes, such as response to braking. What further enhance the braking system is the superb double calipers and the 4-piston hydraulic brake system which is an essential feature in situations where there is little traction in between the road and the tires of the mini bike.

It can produce up to a maximum of 10000 watts torque. A battery of 72 volts and a capacity of about 3.2 kWh. A fully charged battery life lasts for about 60 minutes of continuous usage. The battery can be charged for about 600 hours of the battery life of about three to four active years. The weight of the mini bike is about 59 kg and the frame was constructed to be able to carry three times its own weight is. e. it can carry up to 150kg load at maximum speed or 2 persons.

The frame is designed in such a manner that the body remains in a natural position thereby eliminating any form of body pains during and after the ride. The maintenance procedure is very simple: to maintain, check the air pressure, the spokes, the bolts, brakes, and the chains before you proceed on any ride. Make sure you lubricate the chain after about 10 hours ride and make sure you service the brake and the motor at least once a year or after about 50 100 hours of the ride. This servicing can be carried out at any local bike repair shop.


  • Simple to maintain and to ride.
  • Durability: it was constructed to withstand several environmental conditions and last many years.
  • The battery life is up to 60 minutes of continuous usage.
  •  Advanced braking system: 4 piston hydraulic brake design and system with front wheel calipers.
  • The gear systems: for easy climbing and acceleration in hilly regions.


  • It is quite expensive.


Cake Dirt Electric Bike

Cake Electric Mini Dirt Bike for adults


The Cake is known for producing high-quality gravity sports gears and high-performance products. The Kalk mini dirt bike by is fairly silent, you can travel quietly without disturbing those you are sharing the environment with, such as fellow riders or the animals in the jungle. Looking for optimum performance off-road? The Kalk mini dirt bike is your ideal choice in that respect.

Furnished with a 1.8 V and 50 Ah battery which can produce up to 15 kilowatts torque at maximum speed. You should expect a maximum acceleration of 50 mph. The mini dirt bike can go up to 50 miles on a full charge. The bike was constructed to suit every terrain be it in the snow or in the dirt.

With durability and performance in mind, the adult mini bike was designed with a blend of carbon fiber and aluminum which gives the bike a super lightweight of approximately 115 pounds and it is expected to last for long time. This version of the adult mini dirt bike is a perfect example of simplicity and class. It is simple to maintain and very easy to operate.


  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • The bike can produce up to 15000 watts power.
  • A strong battery which can keep the mini dirt bike traveling up to 50 miles on a full charge.
  • A maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.
  • Classy and Simple.


  • No gear system.


Zero FX Electric Bike

zero fx 2019 electric mini bike for adults


This Zero FX adult mini dirt bike is designed to tackle almost every tough environmental condition which it might encounters. The off-road electric bike is powered by a battery of 7.2 kWh capacity which can allow the mini dirt bike travel, on a full charge, a distance of about 91 miles before recharging the battery.

It comes with a removable battery features, where you can move from 0% to 100% in just a few seconds allowing you to charge the battery off the board. You can enjoy double distance cruise swapping the batteries. You do not have to search for any expensive charging outlet, because every household is a charging station.

With just a 110 volts outlet you can recharge your bike. Also, the maintenance is very easy and less expensive, no messy oil nor chain lubrication all because the Zero FX Electric adult mini dirt bike is fully sealed. It makes use of a carbon fiber belt drive system which is directly connected to the handlebars throttle to the rear wheel.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the five years unlimited mileage warranty, an assurance of quality, durability and better performance. There is a headlamp to aid riding in the dark. The Zero FX Electric adult mini dirt bike is furnished with a 75-5 motor which produces up to 25 hp (20 kW) and 78 ft-lb of power at 4300 rpm. A speed top of 85 mph (137 km/h) and a weight of about 247 lbs. (112 kg).


  • Out the box and onboard charging option.
  • Top speed of 85 mph (137 km/h).
  • Five years unlimited mileage warranty.
  • Sealed motor: No need to worry about cleaning and greasing the chains because it does not transmit through chain rather it transmits through belt drive system.
  • Easy to charge: with the availability of 110v outlets everywhere, every charging location is your “fueling” arena.
  • It contains a seat height of 34.7 in (881 mm).


  • It's quite heavy when compared to other electric mini dirt bikes. A weight of almost 247 pounds.
  • No gear system.


​UBCO 2 by 2 Dual Sport Bike


Dirt bikes enthusiasts always want something unique and thrilling their fantasies. Cruising on grass, sandy, hilly, water, asphalt and so on, is one thing riders look forward to in every dirt bikes because it is well built for every type of terrain. UBCO 2 by 2 Dual sport electric mini dirt bike for adult offers such satisfying performance and you would want to have one in your garage.

It features an integrated system mobile applications and control unit, you can connect your smartphone to the machine and enable that human to machine communication. This provides the riders are also able to customize their riding experience with full-control. It comes with a strong battery which can power both your engine and also your mobile devices, great thanks to the 2 USB ports attached to it. The mini dirt bike can travel for up to 74 miles at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour on a fully charged battery.

To get the battery fully charged takes up to six to eight hours, that is a long period of time considering other mini electric dirt bikes earlier discussed, you would have to charge overnight, but you wouldn't mind that because of the rugged satisfaction this dirt bike has to offer. It has a self-weight of about 139 lbs and has the ability to haul three times its own self-weight, up to 440 lbs.

So, you can travel with another passenger at the back or use it to transport your equipment. This mini dirt bike is perfect for hunters, with its super quiet nature, you can quietly and swiftly closeup on preys. Durability is guaranteed due to the study framework and close to perfection tight fittings, you do not have to worry about losing a bolt nor breakage of your bike in rough terrain. Whether you are going on a leisure trip, hunting, fishing or even competition, this electric mini dirt motorcycle is the best choice.


  • Simple to maintain and to ride.
  • Durability: it was constructed to withstand several environmental conditions and last many years.
  • The battery provides 74 miles travel at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • Super Silent mini bike!
  • Integrated engine control unit. You can monitor and customize riding performance.
  • Two USB ports for charging your mobile phone or other mobile devices.
  • Self-weight of 139 lbs and able to haul up to 440 lbs conveniently.


  • Battery Charge time is too long. Takes the range of 6 - 8 hours to fully charge from 0% to 100%.


Zero FX Lean and Mean Electric Bike

Zero FX Lean and Mean Electric mini Bike adults


Zero FX Lean and Mean Electric Dirt Bike offers a superb combination of the electrical and mechanical system to provides you with the amazing power and comfortable ride on every type of terrain. Designed to suit both on the road and off the road navigations. It is designed mainly as a sports mini dirt bike but with its perfectly suspension system that is adjustable, you can tweak it to fit into any type of terrain offering you an edge.

The overall structural design which is aimed at achieving the best speed and agility were made possible due to the super lightweight construction and the state of art technology. In other to cut the weight down, it comes with a standalone charger which you don’t need to carry with you on your cruise.

It comes with a modular powerpack, which means you can decide to run on both or just one power pack, depending on your convenience. It offers a speed of 85 miles per hour, produced from an instant acceleration feature. Another exciting feature installed this masterpiece is the regenerative power design or system, that is, the power can be channeled back to its motor to give you an extended ride time.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Regenerative Power System.
  • Top speed of 85 miles per hour.
  • Instant acceleration.
  • It contains a standalone charger.
  • Lightweight.
  • Modular powerpack with two slots.
  • Air cooled motor.


  • Long Time to recharge.
  • The range is limited.
  • Quite Expensive


Kuberg Free Rider Electric Bike

KUBERG Freerider _ Electric mini Motorcycle for Teens and Adults


Kuberg gave its best also on this one! The Free Rider was designed with almost perfection to suit both the adults and the kids be it a professional rider or an amateur rider. The comfort they provide during cruise is intriguing. It was produced with high-quality innovative materials which makes it sport friendly and the end result is very lightweight construction.

The components such as the tires, handlebars, suspension system, wheels, and the breaks were gotten from mountain bikes, not the regular motorcycles. This makes it more suitable for every terrain. The weight is around 376 lbs and can cruise at a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour. While moving at this top speed, a fully charged battery will reach up to 60 minutes even while you carry a rider with a weight up to 165 lbs.

It also comes with a standalone charger which charges the battery from 0% to 100% in just about 2 hours 30 minutes (it gets to 80% in the first one and half hours and the 100% in the next one hour) or you can decide to even purchase an optional quicker charger. It contains hardened brake pads which are installed in both the rear and the front wheel of the mini dirt bike which ensures precise stops. The dual system of suspension provides adequate support to the rider during jumps and in the rough terrains. The bike is powered by a 48 volts motor and a strong battery whose charge can be monitored on your smartphone.


  • Suitable for every category of users.
  • Top speed of 34 miles per hour when fully loaded.
  • 48 volts motor delivering 11 horsepower.
  • Fast charging.
  • Dual suspension system.


  • Firm slippery seat.
  • Poor acceleration jolt.

Guides to Buying an Adult Mini Bike

There are four main factors you should keep in mind while buying any adult mini bikes.   

  • Period of maintenance: This is a very essential factor to always consider before purchasing an adult mini bike. You should be able to service the mini bike yourself for a long period of time before you will require the service of a technician. It would make no sense economically to spend your hard earned money on maintenance every now and then
  • Cost:This is also important, and this cost includes the cost of purchasing the mini bike and also the cost of maintaining the bike. Consider your budget and then go for the most suitable model that falls within your financial capability. Do not overspend.
  • Durability: You should consider the type of materials used in building the frame, the handlebars and other components of the mini bike. If the type of metal used is very tough, then you should expect a very rugged bike. Also, the fittings of the engine, would it be able to withstand the rigor of use over time? Your Riding
  • Space:You should ask yourself this question before embarking on the quest of shopping for a mini bike, Do I have sufficient space to ride my mini bike if I acquire one? You need a large free space to practice and enjoy your ride without any restrictions. Consider a location with no or little traffic. Although, there are mini bikes that are capable of operating on rugged terrains too.

To avoid accidents that could be caused by over speeding, the top speed of these mini bikes is limited to just 65 mph while the minimum speed is at 20 mph. While riding, the mini bike maintains a steady balance which makes it convenient to operate while on a motion. Therefore, if you seek for a bike for the purpose of hiking and catching a maximum fun, buying a mini bike is a good choice because of its ease of ride, affordability, and ease of maintainability.

This article focuses on the adult dirt bikes which utilizes only cells to power their operations. And you can also adopt this review to furnish you with all the necessary details you need to buy an adult bike in case you come across other products on the market. The mini bikes highlighted below are all electric mini bikes for adults and they are arranged in no particular order. Some are quite affordable than the others depending on the extra features attached to them. Now let us consider the top 10 electric mini bikes for adults on market at the moment.


At this point, you have been furnished with all the necessary information you require to purchase an adult electric mini bike. No matter how diverse, riding a mini bike is an incredible experience. It's worth remembering that, although, a mini bike is smaller than a regular bike; you may have to hurt yourself while riding. 

That's why you need all the necessary gears to keep yourself safe, like helmets. A controlled environment is also required and you must be willing to adhere to the rules and regulations of riding a mini bike and the local authorities (especially whether or not the dirt bike is street legal). Use the best adults mini bike reviews to get all the information you can utilize for purchasing power.

For more options for all ages, check out this review of the Best Apollo Dirt Bikes for yourself or your kid.

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